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Anything that ads lore or background to the game, post it here!:D

This is the general setting/ history of Iron Armada that I wrote up. Feel free to ad to it, or if you have any suggestions on changing it pm me on discord

Iron Armada general Lore.docx

Iron Armada general Lore

According to Spacer 505

70 Years ago a great interstellar war took place. A lot of alliances and separate superpower countries were involved. As of now no one can fully describe what triggered the war or how it actually progressed. Only one thing is certain, during the final battle of Kranshal, a hypergiant, one of the parties involved used a weapon that caused the star to explode. For what happened after, no one has a solid explanation. The only thing that is agreed on is that the explosion, over 30,000 kelvin hot, must have hit the black hole at the center of the galaxy. This is what people think caused the impenetrable wall of radiation that separates the outer rim worlds from the center worlds of the galaxy.

5 Years ago an ancient device was discover drifting just outside of the Wall. Upon further study of the device it became evident that it could warp matter through the wall. But any probes we sent never even were able to send back a signal because of the radiation interference. After a failed attempt to try to warp the device its self, which resulted in a massive explosion killing everyone within a 500m radius, a couple of daring research teams tried warping. Although it was fairly certain that they made it they were never to be heard from again.

So about two years ago the device now dubbed the “wall warper” had the attention of every species on the outer rim. Since no species wanted to risk sparking an interstellar war over the device, all the species came to an agreement. They would assemble a joint excursion force and send it through the wall to explore the other side. An Iron Armada. But only after a short while problems began to occur. The Iron Armada project was running out of funding, so spots were sold among companies interested in exploring the galactic core. And after a year the Armada was ready to launch and was warped to the other side.

At first everything was all good and well. There were resource rich asteroids and a base was setup. But then the companies that had bought themselves into the Iron Armada got greedy. They began to accumulate resources and set out to explore and find more asteroids before the original Iron Armada, like the government part of the Iron Armada was called, stopped them.

As the first company ships left the base the original Iron Armada tried to stop them but no one would back down. And so the great unified Iron Armada, the monument of alliance and peace, broke into small factions everyone fighting for themselves, trying to get as many resources possible and securing and expanding their newly established territories.

This is the history of Iron Armada. A completely different galaxy then the outer rim.

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I think we should continue off of the lore of Cortex Command. So this would be the 2nd CORTEX COMMAND! GENIOUS!!!


Earth was over.

Once peaceful, our world was awash in bloodshed, wracked by wars backed by holy men. It was humanity's darkest hour, and the boldest decisions were simply all we had left.

Forged in the rush of war, a curious symbiosis between man and machine formed. Our numbers bleeding away, technology enabled the survivors to control robots and clones from safety. And in the end, we found our bodies an obsolete constraint, and cast them off. Brain and mind interfaced with machines, we became more spirit than flesh-- one person living through many bodies.

And in this new form we attained escape from the corpse of our world. Interstellar rocket ships for the decades-long flights to reach new worlds became common once life support for entire bodies was unnecessary.

Fleeing into the dark unknown, humanity discovered it was not alone, but also not important. Humanity struggled for acceptance in this alien community, eventually forging the Orion Spur Amalgam. Interstellar trade flourished, and with it came rapid expansion. As the era of faster-than-light dawned, humanity could live again in peace and prosperity.

But human nature wasn't cast off as easily. For every city and space station compounded the ever-growing hunger for resources. Worlds were stripped in civilized sectors where law ensured conquest by the highest bidder. So all eyes turned outward, to star systems where no law existed but what you could enforce.

As the gold rush brings commanders from several rival groups to one such world beyond the far eastern fringes of the OSA, all prepare to assume... Cortex Command.

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