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Project Reality Rules

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Official Rule & Guidebook
to the Project Reality FCV Server


Free Candy Van - Server Ruleset


Section 1. Admin & Server Overview


1.1 - Admin Orders

You must follow all admin orders while playing on the server. If you fail to comply with an admin’s order, or complain about an admin’s decision, you may be kicked and/or banned from the server. If you have an issue, bring it to our attention on our forums or on our Discord.

1.2 - Admin Mistakes

The admin team is prone to mistakes, and as such we have an elaborate system for players to appeal bans or report incidents by admins in our servers. There, you may confer with the manager of the server to appeal your ban, fix a server issue, and/or report an admin.

We take your concerns seriously and will respond to them as soon as possible.

1.3 - Community Relations

Our community uses a Discord server to display information, organize events, coordinate admin efforts, as well as a direct connection with our player base. We have open suggestions to changes in our maplist, as well as a list of bans lifted or placed with reasons, and much more. This can be used for direct private communication with admins to ensure a more focused effort on your issue.

FCV Battlerecorder & Tracker:


It takes time to investigate each ban, so please be patient when waiting for a response.

1.3.1 Admin Applications

Admins play an important role in keeping the server running smoothly and ensuring that everyone has a fun time while playing. If you wish to apply to become an admin on FCV, you must be 18 or older, speak English, have the ability to make good judgements and quick decisions, and be someone who understands the game mechanics. All admins must be approved by the server manager.

During the approval process, you may be asked to join Discord for a short interview.

1.3.2 Team Balance
Admins may utilize the switch command to manually balance teams when one team in particular appears to be in the winning favor in the majority of the time of the particular set of games being played. Admins must do this gradually, switching bad squads with good squads to help the overall players on either team work well with one another, and facilitate a healthy gameplay environment.
Section 2: Player Conduct

2.1 - Trolling & Disruptive Behaviour

Any player who intentionally disrupts their own team through team killing, verbal or textual abuse, or destroys friendly assets, among other behaviors (as listed below) so determined by the active admins, may be kicked or banned.

2.1.1a Trolling

The use of offensive words, taunting behaviour, or racism is considered a negative impact on the atmosphere of the server will be responded with a kick or ban. Similarly, calling people by derogatory terms without knowing them is a kick worthy offense. Both in mumble and in chat.

2.1.1b Disagreeing With an Admin Ingame.

Any player who openly disagrees with an admin ingame may be kicked at the admin’s discretion. This includes vocally disagreeing over Mumble, as well as expressing your complaints in All Chat. Any such behaviour will be responded with a kick or ban.

2.1.1c Racial, Taboo & Discriminatory Terms

Any player who uses racist words or comments, historically controversial words or names or discriminating wording of players that is deemed offensive will be kicked or banned. This means the “N word,” any mention of 1940’s Germany, or similarly derogatory terms of any certain group of people in the world.

2.1.1d Spamming

Any player who spams Mumble before the game begins, during squad briefing, or after the game during the debrief will be kicked or banned.

2.1.1e Teamkilling

Killing members of your own team, whether it be “intentionally”, or “accidentally over many instances” (ie. carelessness, failing to properly identify targets, etc.), will be kicked or banned.

2.1.1f Ghosting

Any player sharing or using knowledge they should not have about the enemy team, by either having been switched from it, or having duplicate accounts on the server will be banned.

This includes asking for tickets the enemy team has as well as getting information from another player and acting on it.

2.1.1g Cheating

Any player caught cheating, or using advantages unattainable by other players ingame due to engine limitations or knowledge of bugs in the game will be banned.

2.2 - Basic Obligations of the Player

Any player that joins the server has a basic obligation of reading our rules and following certain standards that should be adhered to.

2.2.1 Microphones

Any player found to not have a microphone after the player count is 40v40, will be kicked from the server to make room for players with microphones.

2.2.2 English

Players in the following roles must be able to have a good understanding and expression in english. Pilots, Crewmen, Commander & Squad Leader. Failure to comply will result in being resigned from the squad, or kicked from the server if such behavior persists.

2.2.3 Reading the Rules

All players must read our rules and understand the way we administrate the server. Fail to know our policies at your own risk, as it may result in being kicked from the server.

2.2.4 Gameplay

All players must follow the gameplay objectives in an acceptable manner, this means following the AAS and not taking a large portion of the team's assets and players into AWOL territory on side missions. Any player found doing this will be kicked.

2.2.5 Knowing How to Use the Assets

Any player who wishes to man any of the following vehicle assets must have used them in a reasonable capacity on a training server or in local. They include but aren’t limited to:
Aircraft: Airplanes, Jets, and Helicopters
Armor: Tanks, IFVs, APC’s, Rocket & SPG Technicals.
Assets: Mortar Squads & the Commander Role
If you do not have the required training for these listed items, you may not man them; failure to comply could result in being resigned from the squad or kicked from the server.

2.2.6 Teamwork, Snipers & Lone Wolfing

Any player alone in a squad or one with very few players in it will be placed in another squad or be kicked.

Any player who does not comply with squad leader orders will be kicked.

Any player using the sniper kit alone will be kicked.

2.2.6a Squad Requirement

All players are required to be in squads. There is a script that we have disabled, which automatically kicks players out of the server for not being in a squad. For now admins will be in charge of checking players not in squads, and kicking them.


Section 3: Squad Conduct

3.1 - How to Use Your squad

The basic building block of any team, and the core feature of project reality is the squad. Our server requires you to know how to properly name & manage your squad if you are the squad leader, failure to do so will result in a kick or ban.

3.1.1  Squad Creation

Free Candy Van has set the squad timer at 2.00 minutes, any squad created before then will automatically be resigned by a script. If any player attempts to create squads before the timer, they may be kicked.

3.1.2 Free-Kit Squads

Squads formed with the intention of providing free kits to players violate the sanctity of

the game by preventing other squads from utilizing those kits effectively. They also do not contribute to the gameplay we wish to see on our server, and as such any player found doing this will be kicked or banned.

3.1.3 Squad Locking Rule

We permit all squads to lock at 3 players, including assets and special squads. Failure to follow this rule per admin instructions may result in having your squad resigned.

3.1.4 Recon & Sabotage

Each team may have 1 Recon & Sabotage squad that can alternate their roles or play both, with a maximum of 4 players. This is the only squad allowed to operate behind enemy lines. Violation of this rule results in a kick.

3.1.5 Infantry

All infantry squads must work within the objective of their team. In AAS they should either move to the attack flag, or defend flag. Squads too far away from the objective will be kicked.

3.1.6 Mortars

A mortar squad can only have a maximum of 6 players. They must actively use the mortars, there may only be one mortar squad, and they claim the mortars. Failure to follow this rule may result in a kick.

3.2 - Strategic & Tactical Overviews

There are other objectives in the games other than flags or caches, such as bridges, choke points, and large open areas that are easy to, and that you are permitted to defend. In similar style working around this objective is also permitted, but you as a squad leader must have a clear idea of your objective. If you don't know what you are doing, you may be kicked or have your squad resigned from you.

3.2.1 Team Deployment

During the starting phase of the game, ensure there is a coordinated effort to either block the enemy from capping a flag in a permitted cap order, and ensure your first and second flags have enough players on them to capture or defend against enemy rushing.

3.2.2 Coordination

Ensure there is always someone defending and attacking, and make sure you report contacts using the ingame radio as well as mumble channels.

3.2.3 Squad Leader Mumble

Do not spam the squad Leader mumble channel, use direct Squad to Squad communications to ensure the other squads can focus on their objectives without being interrupted.

Section 4: Vehicle Squads

4.1. - Asset Squads

We have vehicle squad rules that relate to the distribution and command of the vehicles on the maps we play. We have these rules so squad leaders have, in their hands, the ability to siphon out and screen any bad operators of their vehicles to ensure the maximum efficiency such assets in the service of the team.

4.1.1 Multiple Asset Squads

Multiple squads claiming the same Heavy Asset are forbidden. The first squad to claim the asset has priority. If you violate this rule you will be kicked.

4.1.3 Stealing Assets

Stealing assets that do not belong to your squad, or without permission from the original operator(s), is forbidden. Such assets must be returned to the main base for reclamation or surrendered to the original operator upon demand. Subcategories of Heavy Asset squads are not allowed.

4.1.4 Crew

If any asset requires a specialized crewman or pilot kit to operate in any seat, that vehicle must be properly manned by a minimum of two (2) players, a driver and a gunner, to be put into play. This includes vehicles that only require a crewman kit for the driver, and specifically prohibits players from “seat-switching” and one-manning vehicles that are essentially “crewed” vehicles in this manner.

4.2 - Non-Claimable Vehicles

These vehicles are non claimable and may be taken by any squad. Note, if you use a vehicle and drop it without properly manning it or using it to support the team, you are wasting assets and you will be kicked.

4.2a Stealing

Additionally if you steal someone's vehicle you will be kicked.

4.2b First-Come / First-Serve

Whomever enters the vehicles first has the right and claim to that vehicle.

Here are a list of the symbols used that represent the unclaimable vehicles:

4.2.1 Transport Trucks & Logistic Trucks xtbc6by8gJ3qBkvpFvbf4lastlDdUw_55-d1hRaqW0v5Ei8tQlg_26RH13m34UuOA6VJAULS3ibW0FDctVXTDRUwpBDwA5yBDlTxYzCOFM3es37Syiy8Lgxn4sU3V-hrfJmYj9SWoKvBwgf-ml7gACArkknzZVAUXsyEWDHtxGA10Gbve1tPGNeDAK2D3JYzSTcRUamhwW5aWWRj4VyPOkNnbPfB4j7Pia7BDsCJcVOGOtNrDJZOfqC4-4Lcn7Ls3oXQdovFiPB4LLyOJiJEkucsnUwjHECgkDdFN8hlsB6em3HUh1qRUhIpVtzqVRKKKGaqx1OyhSrpcLDvd4jCBXGaoPLxlj9-6HgYkNJlWq9h35RHTWVYdA1KqNTVbLI5bnlQ17-IetRxNancBQPoHyU-

4.2.2 Vehicle w/ Gun, Ammo Vehicle, & Transport Vehicles ckXczBEl9M-98LO6tf1o_yFfuG_x8GDeDxB2Ruz0hvJ_EmPb_1O2xPqg7umOnqY70TF0nqH4BcyROs4UG-m_LcPGImfvCzUGEPPCtFeUpAE7pmqMACDkI19ptiOH043ENsM069eJzxoYZFERwJuqi2ZyKSVbugvEtgEkrznaerrBHKQSkpSQ6f-zUxJqMGBUgj9jKIkZvMLWoPbH_lz_zi_RIU7QpTA0bCLJywrGOkHjTWfE2MLkXPL_k1iSs42J4IQm0ZT_fwzyuMAXHvDvBPvh1Q_Lf22mioaOfrKN8UnfoNRzIQyaV8lGYHNKPn9CmNOpVYic1X2AlByWoLl8hpbIqfkescBtPgxtvY3I29-AcAMkbEr55xdn3JuVSogaHnoapJpsd96WIWhT_W6rappD0qMcGaxH7Oj1xLmRLWNkj_frQauDM9jLswP849-E5wp_DATgYE1_AT3apNeyvtMxMBfJIo7sLKxm0C5TmBtOX769AJDfBvs-0bViu85Xb-4PaO7peJZAOI9QLOhzYWvR4AooA8ip

4.2.3 Civilian Cars & Misc. Vehicles KY1UK5w8kj4q7zO_PgFiJbTj7xGFeW1WqwKxnyKdeTyv89ihVsDkRiD9t6WN3fw0HrG_toX_bM08JjfvDiAsQ1N_X8Ts0svNDNRkqnY4FRtkEwOCnJ-CCO1O6cp8rnM9vfk8juvqJ34C2w2yUaxluawjJs3brrvoNGeXBv-tDx9lTomcg8GDBBSELosA41yKbe-53TtZDa2d0JMFPXwpVKUmh4n7FUHX2Q-4Pxr9FVo38rtl116f8h4w0rug2-pO_AzslpaNsc77cu6-wBB53yIn9tJrPs9zqkeqpfv6JqGNTsW2dbwNShLlCw0TvY-rSRR_QCktYK5U9LWijOrXPenXA9VyNovFa1O4Iwc3GLdQWu5JuUb3DljIVyB1V01hdXvx0Zy_vRt8safHNkeySmbMKUKS8QdzuoEMN5sfVjv1npzAfSiTeujGZCCt8lSyIIHeNYmMp_CW6XZlvAMV-_h-PHcq_sdQtk0l2P_2fvP2vEBD5Dgisg0tz3xygxxYkoQgQKlu0rbuGbpFw-Wk0000nbmwSabiAioQDqGtmy3OrFIcr6eWkMjLPBX2noYo1TI5r-5h6PXctGNA2sbFr_AhyQHSzphSFI-kr2IzTN1N125YqkTtRUKMerC4GEfXDH-UKaIRW-OOXGjPoL_eBroGGqR-SWvxdJeRitdL


4.3 - APC Squad or “APC”

The APC squad is tasked with supporting the infantry, with firepower, ammunition, cover and transportation. Any APC squad that try to use their vehicles as light tanks taking them away from the front will be kicked.


Here are the symbols of the vehicles the APC squad can claim:

4.3.1 Recon Vehicles nPNFVR18fHc82uIyjZJF4EeIKYnx0NtWqzKSIzarm5DSvmRtMDy6HOvTZiHwjX1Q9dNL8oYg57wZIAIq30fbwyWSKqZ7KDlqBGTlf2un7HQE1cNDbFw5Uo0y0BTPlILNOxWlsJj_Fr9XHRUVx3Brlq0AcZSv6tabmqEwiVEm4GaFjr4kr2g5p8CUFXUA7cud3xIpnOb3xfJNS4lKe8dix4hlYXtl7jVhsVXqVi-nxkaAZjeHqeo38Y3a9iCMMVmXpQENZMrqURFOC5ouk_ELxCxeEMogBen7wPLxtTSTSqMJN83EmDoqHmHPNEWj1KrvNOEnql6YqQTYV5h4h_6RilKfpMKDvt2LsKCj_dnNAkT_i76dV50VserfHcJJ4yrPNWc9Byv7O4wE3eOGRfNgn4ha

4.3.2 Light & Medium APCs M10ErxNWLRBFYQ_m1iuXMCexf781jpFnuFOH7QV6jfTnsVTGZbLSJKUHFo6PyeegrP_v3XghgJcM_tBPobMyGB7QtGlUa1Hgun0aYaQ76mhHSm49CUbl2vTBauKGlM3DfHjPvDvv50D_XfoxEziY-3Uo5RyEvxfZ8sy0VHIQPrMt9pIZdUTPQbNjBcCpkBwcAqcOjhpUD9fjokMefd__XJcPKf7yX4sGf4bZg7y_nfn-436SjXiB4DHR_0FZbc75WT3lrwqICqdqGrZwv79vtAE2k1DilqVI78H3omI1v4X2QQxlHb9-QYrrYdKmJ7RLKXo36xeUQk1cB9GLq-nUNvQbvvzovJ2KHosvuUcbVfdtbRx1IvY2rSbsO-DZ8b9PsMea2m5aCesAEfKxI_dz9IBuQtnqlmMqFe1qC3b2r3EjQF6CfBtO5__ClVILh2znWDX-twWeJUKIQf-Hry0ici4AOaSTWL7Exq7laoUBQT8pYu5DsgZmObLBO8xXTPZ78PmtAPgJFxHh0-fA7SvFN5-FLzZT1i_2

4.3.3 Infantry Fighting Vehicles 41DPS4hdtqdDLbBTLhLbBv_-t32AhLGXSqaBqLojfCy9kjmWChvvHpitjCUrn2qPtZOTX4wJk7uZga9Zj4m-K1KzKRJDx7-5qyc2Akk8DeBlzrIysepXTSTBn0gDgnB_-tSLQEZ5

4.3a - Open top .50cal/7.62mm APC's are excluded from claim, such as Humvees, G-Wagons, etc. This also includes open top vehicles with 12.7mm cannons.


4.4 - Tank Squad or “TANK”

The Tank squad should support the team in their strategic advance, engaging enemy assets by outflanking them and penetrating deep into enemy territory, to either surprise enemy vehicles or engage an enemy strong position from an unexpected position. Failure to manage these vehicles will result in a kick.


Here are the symbols the tank squad can claim:

4.4.1 Medium & Main Battle Tanks gAjkdjtUyKmSW0gjhKzce8xawWC8XIwT7MDK_tC8lKiPF046CjyOoPLi9HYiSP1L7jUMoyoYnShz_pZiy0dUOMjz8J_Rbfzwt-P_VguXysRkITbVIcb7813wkOYWfKEAVIJ3KsR4BQ8i5P4Oqb9XCpDisl4Pqz3lUC2dlNNjGgWi_Vo-MYcTTps8ckCqgrJdy4dSD6YKJ0USMbUvaMHZYHSfzL-2zZph4wnSRINoGZ6LDbwuVgVTAu_aPOOk6ePw_qqL5Lbb2Gvd0Wiv

4.4.2 Light, Medium and Heavy Anti-Air Vehicles srXPh7RKCrgnZz41r52wu9Xy-fkhCI_M-fYDAzDnyIcgKGPr4W5b3xKSFo6YZDoM1FCpiuk6uJ6n0rjDKHNYChvHawPDm4UAHWaCmix50V-8U9l3gvTAFXcgfIs1c_TiyW4bYtEyY4i0U5B7FQtkHc7oOp2k-aY6OBrnWs7XZ0KdFowfKvQnZdai7cNuoUKhBY2l2caQpf9m8S2SawUrp9SYuFp_2MAQBxxJK2xkwGASpX7_IBlwxJTA3K-ti-H4t7nJ8942RcrjA3LowzanyWVbQmlozxkE_EIACwqHE1sjfnanld4ZwpmcMIhU2VINA787xi9pXjDQs9cOD5V9UmiGXFRev36ixXPy_lFqLTrWMQnljNxzPw8KRg5TMRK5ORElksRQr7qfHl_wPi-RH5LA


4.5 - Transport Squad or “TRANS”

The transport squad is tasked with ferrying troops to their desired destination, as well as giving supply crates and ammunition to front line troops, this is their primary role and any failure to comply or do this is a kickable offense. They may also include a contingent of infantry that MUST work together on objectives, and function as something akin to a QRF force.


Here are the symbols that represent the vehicles the transport squad may claim:

4.5.1 Light, Medium and Heavy Helicopters --arv4BtpDbuxbbLWafiaFBS8MyMQD8C2-Bpym2wL32YNQGAcC4kd-QUzd9HAJPuNMkec0jBpLXHqGyOA0LZxp2ucmad3wdJm8xhtUX9Umq9fyR6OhXOsA8jMcgJPUZ6-YtjRX09_H8hbaRCSNb9oqQ3EuewlMGuwl7Bf1nDV_vXQkQ388TYK9Il2N4Z03OKkIkiQMTfYG7veJHYqcSkiikppbBVDdWW_kMzIz_ZefcpgySzjlf_0lbbKogI_PaerEk2QbN3gl1Kz_M8jz2VfKtjklHyCeYLQSYmihc7ihr1MY4oIrVXkZtJ4zyFQE6IviyYc6MCkP6JySzKunH5q-5EV6TwvWLwQRxYcD_whnyh1BoZtA3HrwR0OnzOngRbDhxw2oTIY9S6bW4DWFH-rSMRrgjPcBhqt1SWCrcoSVqP4znAU5OzKKUWilAQhBu6xV6aeHh2c5FLCJJMGig8PErgIizeXRyh29sN7ZUcgYdwvnxwg7iGEYLRUdrwqedNh9oTjFAC32mHHqOCxQmxX3J1OvWzJCdvz_i0w8Ow2vjwKqAnhf2kJnet9E_1AmOlKdJz8U_wFcyFiegb2yud_jl8IKJuRFW7JGYNAW1EPGDDObBvz3TG3sn5RjrtT6a7SzKrkBzs9QmkfR7ppAq_YQJQCSggdp5WwZAJMFKs


4.6 - Close Air Support or “CAS”

Although the name suggest their primary mission is ground support, they should focus first on engaging any enemy air units that may loiter the map, secondly observe any enemy anti air units, and potentially engage in SEAD missions before committing to their ground support role.


Here are the vehicle symbols that the CAS squad may claim:

4.6.1 Light, Medium and Heavy Attack Helicopters gKi7m2azb_3MebpXw6JhSPl69O-TJcA6syqaEqY1T234hSCcdwQpzDpUxcN-SNPPfHC9z4F_9o8aRxPWXB50MM5oeBE_g5yG2uMmuFiaB8Cn_Z1-2BtT0VdSfEbcODZ6mOHQqFFZ4J-g4xs3p5cIAmk-MmdUjLkC7NaXj7L0N3Vq2f-NWulKa-JrYw2aUuLygOb1WISQOSdWIuFqlJQDuiratXdrj8IZ2q-CfYZIYVvBQTQu7dpshVuUj0WLM7k0HV2J0tEHxbgWuIcxqy7krcAVA9CDfoefgFgIZrDYAnsZo_63IPUCxloZ_V62Pq8uuqckFfNCk7_7mXzTZkxN95YmLtp4tQYtekv0poglbtUpKWpXzvMcorrHT_KgGQudNk6FFiOE-fp9d7H4xxdoXnl9

4.6.2 Jet Fighters and Ground attack planes S_FMeWstrJKPYZtxbCYfmet7-wOrr6aF0BTDWcjxeQWCMkQbFhg7zZmL3v0BnG6Vp60zns9qjs23bMo1klclqsyaSsJsHrQOPRi_aAEWYVRpEEBuB6ySno8W-2Q-kkOdWd0AmXdL3ZKSXzW2RRZgJvi7jZz3hg82tyVOOTsgIpWxRNFniMFryXf4AMmRjWi_fPfIe47mJQ12-yWmG59kJF3WxIIMhFj0CCPiKfwYM6ctD4MWMt3tGb4afOrVBXRJ9Eu-i55mR-7d4iO9s3SpIMghVurftz7I1vZVu4-BEqDGp8amZWKxefgKWk_FVwaWwYVpEfYqyEU3R7FxePLWfgPO6r1drPOaX-5Ml59J-chMIGuxGpCxReWOor-p_9-ZkbaLcOWiSKBmFjmx6l3wKZuufJQ_PxJcd6_1l3EtgYNpLEYUf7_Q8EF2cck2YCvG-pL19LblRETvyRQYXcWqtGtKppCjdNI7LsjRRyWxMc8gYFg647wLpdMlwANXQFQX9vovyK9Q0SJpY1nTccLQsiNNJF4HoS5W9I23lyIsEEoZ1Gfg9uzVCYs6Uz456vm5gcjmtykFpAn1xPDldKhd6apOzG6x4QXDmqn8sTGc2Ipmz0v-6z4c7UjaVshD_TbjUnX3HvsDHrZLzbXmwJqW75dK8OcF4W1V2DYoeJ1LCDMp2amjHlk8ntWu2iFEYfnl7A_IaPRvouH-FR7NQsrd509EGFd3CV-9zsWFveiskR631skFM1-AXlzTdLBlp1zy0umTdlGmsMIrofwl4_5yK2sCVZtQWyL8fDaiWu6NB570pVIqyVX9bp960WdLgdl8-8n2DUfg8eFl6Xmrb9E7vL8gZzN_NoS-hL1Xn52WkgmMM5_xKVoS5AmLs_WSdGkFtWMPGVgoKnrv3rjGpcvVn-0aB3CIQpFKJjXULGtSMtd8zkE1x3Dpf4xMZZZZHU7HS5i7wTclUaGFNg9G03qn9kVkOw50rK5IACI9w-TIgIlTZYOzWKEJqxpFNCrMCKAECYfADWQm_GAmtoHcrfPqgdp2Mn-xOxfA-KqJ4KhVgzakmHbwtI9CjG2paC88tJeZGl-Yfe-Ikqe7uuxSmvDsNjIV31n9_EDLGwAdqJLti15RLhpyxH47X2n5DJNGfdXDq1gk54pSn7nLs_36FiMy3Zq51LpYQTbB922H-EsaWAfwY9X7fPRDNdERkYJPFCeFQ1rffxTQ

4.7 - Mechanized Infantry or “MECH INF”

Any squad that wishes to combine infantry with an APC or IFV may create a mechanized infantry squad. The Mechanized infantry squad should use their infantry as a screen to protect the vehicle, and use the vehicle in conjunction with the APC squad or other infantry squads to ensure they have as much information about enemy targets as possible.


Here is the symbols for the assets the Mechanized Infantry squad can claim.

4.7.1 Light & Medium APCs M10ErxNWLRBFYQ_m1iuXMCexf781jpFnuFOH7QV6jfTnsVTGZbLSJKUHFo6PyeegrP_v3XghgJcM_tBPobMyGB7QtGlUa1Hgun0aYaQ76mhHSm49CUbl2vTBauKGlM3DfHjPvDvv50D_XfoxEziY-3Uo5RyEvxfZ8sy0VHIQPrMt9pIZdUTPQbNjBcCpkBwcAqcOjhpUD9fjokMefd__XJcPKf7yX4sGf4bZg7y_nfn-436SjXiB4DHR_0FZbc75WT3lrwqICqdqGrZwv79vtAE2k1DilqVI78H3omI1v4X2QQxlHb9-QYrrYdKmJ7RLKXo36xeUQk1cB9GLq-nUNvQbvvzovJ2KHosvuUcbVfdtbRx1IvY2rSbsO-DZ8b9PsMea2m5aCesAEfKxI_dz9IBuQtnqlmMqFe1qC3b2r3EjQF6CfBtO5__ClVILh2znWDX-twWeJUKIQf-Hry0ici4AOaSTWL7Exq7laoUBQT8pYu5DsgZmObLBO8xXTPZ78PmtAPgJFxHh0-fA7SvFN5-FLzZT1i_2

4.7.2 Infantry Fighting Vehicles 41DPS4hdtqdDLbBTLhLbBv_-t32AhLGXSqaBqLojfCy9kjmWChvvHpitjCUrn2qPtZOTX4wJk7uZga9Zj4m-K1KzKRJDx7-5qyc2Akk8DeBlzrIysepXTSTBn0gDgnB_-tSLQEZ5

4.7a Size

The Mechanized squad has to have a minimum of 6 players to claim a vehicle. If they lose their player count they will lose their permission to use the vehicle until their numbers are back, and regain their permissions as per 4.7b or 4.7c


4.7b “Before-APC” Rule

If the Mechanized Infantry squad was created before the APC squad, and gained the numbers before the timer ends before the game, they have the first right to select what vehicle to pick.

The chosen vehicle must have a capacity of at least 6.


4.7c “One-Per” Rule

They may only claim 1 vehicle.


4.7d “After-APC” Rule

If they create their squad after the APC squad, they must ask for permission of the APC squad to take any vehicle. As such, the Mechanized Infantry squad will have no claim unless permission is given by the APC squad.


4.8 SPG

Name the squad “SPG” or “ROCKET” squad in Insurgency to be permitted to use the following vehicles:

4.8.1 SPG Techies & Rocket Techies fnrHkzWFp_YWWKoDT-Zur6qU0oQAgeb3BwQMYLSchUcFZ20SqQIA3uclm4_MbdJG0XUv9tOngOxycWtgpbhmyyQWbG1F74ZCIZWcUuMkb1RCdfO1NMJsgeFaY35Kt8p2oZXYaXZK

4.9 Asset Limits During Seeding
Players are forbidden from using heavy assets until there is a minimum of 40 players on the server (20 vs. 20). The only vehicles that should be used during this time are humvees/technicals, logistic trucks, boats, and bikes. If you see a player use a heavy asset during this time, warn them and ask them to return the vehicle to their base. If they ignore your warning, kick them from the server.

Section 5: Prohibited Tactics

5.1 - The Dome of Death

The Dome of Death (A.K.A. the DoD) is defined as the area surrounding any of the


5.1a Main “Uncapturable” Base

5.1b Immediate Areas Surrounding the Main “Uncapturable” Base

5.1c Vehicle Repair/Resupply Station

5.1d Airfield and/or Runway

5.1e Aircraft Carriers


5.2 - Base-Raping

Shooting and/or moving into an Enemy Team’s DoD is dependent on gamemode, but is otherwise forbidden:

5.2.1 Insurgency

Cannot be attacked under ANY circumstances.

5.2.2 Assault And Secure

Can ONLY be attacked if either:

5.2.2a The DoD is represented as a “capturable” point in the current level’s layout.

5.2.2b The final Capture Point proceeding to the DoD has been captured, and a presiding

admin permits the dominating team to continue.


5.3 - Base-Camping

Camping from within the Dome of Death is universally forbidden. This is further defined as:

5.3.1 Shooting at enemies from within your team’s DoD zone.

5.3.2 Deployment of FOBs and/or related FOB assets inside the DoD zone.

5.3.3 Usage of fixed main base Anti-Tank or Anti-Air positions are forbidden.


5.4 - Runway Camping

Camping another team’s airbase or runway is forbidden, and is defined as:

5.4.1 Intentionally placing anti-aircraft weaponry near the flightpath to the runway of the enemy Main Base.

5.4.2 Attempting to shoot down enemy aircrafts as they take-off within their air corridor.


5.5 - Flag Rushing

Flag Rushing is forbidden, and is defined as:

5.5.1 Attacking the first capturable point of the opposing team before it has been claimed.

5.5.2 Attempting in any way to prevent the opposing team from advancing to their first capturable point.

Rule 5.5 shall be invalidated if and only if:

5.5a The capture point has been claimed by the opposing team.

5.5b Your team has ownership of the flag leading to the first capture point of the opposing team.
Both conditions must be met for the flag to be attacked. If only one applies, attacks are illegal.

5.6 - Emplacement Demolishing-Rebuilding

The demolishing and reconstruction of FOB Assets is forbidden, and is defined as:

5.6.1 Injuring a FOB asset until it reverts to its “husk” form, then rebuilding that asset

so as to gain instant ammunition replenishment.


5.7 - Dogfight Evasion

If a jet is engaged in a dogfight, it must either lose the hostile jet or complete the dogfight before attempting to land. If the engaged jet attempts to land during a dogfight, it may be engaged freely by the enemy jet with no ramifications held towards that player.


5.7.1 “30 Seconds” Rule

To escape an engagement, you need a lull in combat of at least 30 seconds, during

which you may not receive or return fire from/against the enemy jet.


5.8 - Vehicle Ramming or “Kamikaze”

Non-Insurgent factions may not use vehicles to intentionally ram other vehicles.

5.8.1 Even if your vehicle is burning and is about to blow up.

FCV Administration

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