Introducing Hostile Intent

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Hello everyone, its been a long time.


I'd like to show you my new job.



Introducing Hostile Intent

Youtube demonetizing military simulation related content has hit our community hard. Many of our projects have been forced to be put on hold, and many of us have had to find new lines of work. For myself, I am lucky enough to have found employment in late 2016 before Youtube implemented its new drastic changes... and I'm ready to finally show you what I've been working on with our team.




What is Hostile Intent?

Hostile intent is a combined arms, multiplayer, team-oriented shooter, and will be one of our first original games built on Unreal Engine 4. Our original work in Unreal Engine 4 with Harsh Doorstop attracted a number of investors to our small studio, and offered a few of us an opportunity to work on this upcoming game. Over the past six months we have been building the foundation of this game, which will be ultimately released on Steam under Drakeling Labs.




What is your relationship with Hostile Intent?

I have been employed as a creative director and part-owner of Hostile Intent since late 2016. Hostile Intent is currently planned to be released under our company name on Steam, with a release date that has yet to be decided.




How does Hostile Intent affect other projects such as Harsh Doorstop, and Project Reality: ArmA III?

Unfortunately Youtube's demonetization of our community's content has forced me to shelve development on certain projects and seek employment elsewhere (with Hostile Intent) at least until the surrounding circumstances have changed. Advertisement revenue is unfortunately no longer a reliable means of income, and as such... many projects (including Harsh Doorstop and Project Reality: ArmA III) have suffered. Project Reality: ArmA III will still be released to the public on our development repository page here. Harsh Doorstop will unfortunately be archived until we are able to continue developing it at a later date.

I wish things could have been different, and that I wouldn't have needed to to seek employment elsewhere... but the world does not bend to my will. Either way, I have appreciated everyone's support and patience with me during these trying times. I loved our work on Project Reality: 1942, Project Reality: ArmA III, and Harsh Doorstop... and I still would love to continue them as soon as circumstance and financial stability allow.

Iron Armada will luckily not be affected, as it is a commercial project that can financially sustain itself. It will still be released on schedule through Steam. We are lucky to have a vibrant team of motivated and talented developers working on it, and I hope it will still have your support when it officially releases.




Thank you for your support, and I look forward to talking to you again.

Hostile Intent is a new chapter for me and our community, and it is my hope that the success of Hostile Intent will power all our community projects in the future. I will be writing more development blogs on our game very soon, and will be working my hardest to keep everyone informed of new developments within both our community... and the development of our games (including Hostile Intent.)

If you would like to keep in touch with development directly, be sure to join our project pages below.


SuperButtons.png SuperButton2s.png


See you soon!

- The Hostile Intent Team


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Cool shit, Bluecake's. Keep up the great work, good luck to the whole team with this awesome project and we all can not wait till this work is released to the public.

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Sounds awesome, can't wait to try it <3

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OK so basically this is a game we have to pay for... No problem make it good!

What type of game?  Is it Like PR?

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TL:DR BD42 forced Harsh Doorstop and battlefield 4 to have sex and this is the off spring.

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