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  1. I've been hosting servers for the last 3 year and have a server that's ready and good to go (currently running KP liberation on Takistan..awesome game mode if the KP edit is added)....so throw those files my way
  2. Hi Skulker, Slammer asked me to do this post so he can easily keep track of this proposal. What do you think of this, is this something i can pursue cause i'd like to get a conversation going Whats the next step?
  3. Cool Freedom, playing from NZ to SA is not gonna be practical...but good luck that side
  4. ? Hi my name is Jakes, i part of two Milsim groups in South Africa, JRAS and SAEF, and i'd like to purpose a Project Reality South African server. Im willing to admin and run the server , bearing the cost aswell. I believe PR is the perfect platform for milsim groups and im planning on involving all the South African milsim groups to participate on this server as PR leans alot more to Team VS Team for milsim units and serious players than the local KOTH server. More on myself...me and the admin for another local groups, Airborne Night Stalkers (arma branch of the Band of Brother gaming group), spoke directly yo Inch from the KOTH dev group to get the local SA Koth server up and running. I acted as a mediator and facilitator and was instrumental in making this happen for our local arma 3 gaming scene. The server has since rose in popularity to be ranked as the #137 arma 3 server globally and by far the most popular server in SA and #22 out of the current 49 koth servers globally. Averaging 40-50 player over peak times. References - South African Servers (Game Tracker) Koth Global Rankings (Game Tracker) I wish to do the same for PR in SA.. if this is a real possibility i will get all the mayor Arma 3 groups to back this effort JRAS...my unit SAEF Zulu Alpha Romeo Mike Airborne night stlakers These five groups make up the majority of dedicated arma 3 playes in SA. PR dev's and admin please comment below if you have any questions.