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  1. Nero's SpecOps Training

    SOCOM training led by NeroTheHero111 Requirement: tbd Preferred: Advanced infantry tactics or equivalent knowledge
  2. Intermediate Infantry Tactics

    Rain's Infantry 102 Class Prerequisites: None Preferred: Infantry 101 or equivalent experience
  3. Not only will AA be okay for defense if you remain hidden but we're going to implement FoB building which includes static TITAN launchers. Not only that, but the enemy will also have a jet or two... so it all balances out. Dont worry. Balance is one of, if not the current top priorities. Keep the suggestions coming. You guys have great ideas, we'll look into whether or not we can change loadouts for planes.
  4. Weekly Sunday Officer's Training

    Project Reality Arma 3 Training session created and hosted off-server by Evan Darksky
  5. Its going to be optional but me and bluedad both have plans to switch it back to RFM once we fix slingloading.
  6. yeah, we're aware, it's a bug/miscode that we can fix.
  7. I thought I fixed that. Oh well. With coming vehicle overhauls the repair specialist might not even be necessary.
  8. yeah, the sector circles are being retarded for some reason. It worked fine literally 5 minutes before we ran the server so idk why its having issues every time we have a lot of people join lmao. As for the nametags, that's a really puzzling new bug. I'll see if I can assign someone to look into it. Thanks for the feedback.
  9. basically what you're going to do is use the EDEN editor to make missions what this basically entails is placing the capture points, doing very basic coding to determine which order they go in, do very basic coding to make these capture points actual capture points, do very basic coding to make the vehicles respawn, do very basic coding to set up the crate and ammo spawns, and do very basic coding to ensure mod-related stuff loads properly.
  10. This isnt the place for ban appeals. For PRBF2 FCV ban appeals, go to the FCV discord channel and go to the Ban Appeals channel.
  11. Indeed. We want PR as a modification to be seamless and easy to deal with on its own. Servers that pick up PRA3 can of course add their own mods, but PR and the FCV for PR is and always will only be just PR.
  12. If it ended yesterday, why's it on the calendar for today? ;D
  13. pra3 Project Reality: ArmA III (Training)

    Project Reality Arma 3 Training session created and hosted off-server by Evan Darksky
  14. Thank you for your interest in becoming a developer for Project Reality: Arma 3! Please fill out the following information in a new thread in this forum: Your Name: Your Age: Desired position / area of focus (i.e. mapping, visual art, etc): Your experience developing for ArmA servers or mods: Your experience configuring ArmA mods (if applicable): Any additional mod experience: Examples of your work, if applicable: Any additional information: Once this is accomplished, your application will be reviewed and if found acceptable, you will be contacted for an interview. Thank you! -Evan Darksky Note: We are currently only looking for mission developers. While all applications at this point are open, for the time being only applications for mission developers are being taken into consideration. Thank you!
  15. It's synced with your system time.