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  1. Frogman315 ban appeal

    This isnt the place for ban appeals. For PRBF2 FCV ban appeals, go to the FCV discord channel and go to the Ban Appeals channel.
  2. Communication Radio mod

    Indeed. We want PR as a modification to be seamless and easy to deal with on its own. Servers that pick up PRA3 can of course add their own mods, but PR and the FCV for PR is and always will only be just PR.
  3. What timezone is calendar times in?

    It's synced with your system time.
  4. Project Reality Battlefield 1942 Servers?

    Well yeah, I meant discontinued more in that sense. "We arent actively doing anything with it and i never see any servers for it".
  5. Project Reality Battlefield 1942 Servers?

    PR1942 is discontinued. You wont find any game servers running it.
  6. Introduce Yo'self!

    Evan Darksky. General-use DRK developer. Bluedad's my boss, meaning I work on whatever he wants me to do. That includes sucking him off. It's great. I also am (the only?) Administrator for the FCV server for PRA3 and one of the many, many moderators on PRBF2. Do not ask for cuddles just because i'm a furry. I'll rip your head off.
  7. Page to become a supporter does not exist

    The supporter (and store page in general) is currently undergoing design and maintenance so that it works and looks decent enough.
  8. Cool new Forum

    I figured the explanation was sufficient. But, the gist is, the hash key is what we use to figure out that it's you and assign bonuses (if any) to your session, be it thrusting you into a supporter reserve slot or identify you as a server admin.
  9. Should we be more open ?

    Im pretty sure the fact we're a PC based community is because that's... the point? I understand where you're coming from but console games arent really the focus of this community.
  10. Our community's mini-mod for Project Reality. This modification adds in new content, and a new launcher for our community.
  11. Cool new Forum

    I like it because I helped make something on it. Technically.
  12. what how am maek connect server candy fee fan pls

    is you look at teh pinnid mseges