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  2. Sure thing, however im not involved in the decision on this, im just processing your report. So I cannot promise anything, I will direct the person responsible to your comment if he hasn't already seen it. He may consider it, but the outcome also depends on previous behavior and what our team has gathered from other communities/incidents.
  3. Thank you for your report brozef, please know we will take this seriously and process it as soon as possible. This may require some internal discussion amongst the admins so please give us at least 7 days before expecting a response. As for discord, since enough evidence is provided within the report, no further meeting is required..
  4. Please, if you wish to file a complaint about a player, admin, or the server use the correct format below in your report. Please fill in all the lines so we can document your report, even if a verbal discussion is required. Colors are not required. Thread name should be <your name> <type of report> Report If your report Involves an admin on FCV, a verbal discussion regarding the situation is required with a moderator in Discord as soon as possible once posting this. They will send you a personal message regarding a time. Player or Admin reports - Are for cases of griefers, hackers, admin abusing power, admin wrong doing etc. Server reports are for issues regarding server performance, rules, feedback and otherwise not focused on a specific person(s) or group. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Player or Admin report: Your In game Name: Reported Player(s) Name: Approximate time of incident (PRT): What happened: Do you have any witnesses, screenshots, or video's to support your claim: Were there any admins on, and did they do anything about the situation: What sort of punishments/changes are you expecting: Additional Information: By filing this report, you agree to organize a meeting with you and a moderator to talk about the incident in FCV discord if required. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Server Report Your In game Name: Time of incident (PRT): What happened: Would you prefer a verbal discussion as well: Do you have any witnesses, screenshots, or video's to support your claim: Were there any admins on, and did they do anything about the incident: How do you think we can better this: Additional Information: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. resolved

    @JGWentworth, I've read your report and during our meeting yesterday that was our main focal point at which we discussed some of the topics you brought up. Please know that we are aware of balancing issues and are working on ways to improve it on the server. I can say we came up with some ideas and talked about how in the future we should be more prepared to deal with it, so please allow a few weeks from now to pass and if you still notice this problem please let us know. You also mentioned about some admins being too hasty and not investigating reports some of the time. I agree, admins should always investigate reports to the best of their ability, however the majority the time the reports are about things that are spur of the moment and cannot be confirmed or denied without BR or tracker footage. Ontop of that, the time it takes to see what that person is doing along with the possibility of multiple other reports at the same time, thats too long and almost impossible to do. We cannot investigate every report, we do rely alot on people telling the truth in reports, however to combat false reporting, we issue the kick command rather then just banning. That way, worst case you have to rejoin the server, instead of appealing. I'm not trying to justify that its ok to kick the wrong people, im saying that sometimes it happens and its unavoidable, but thats why we only use kicks. We can strive to be perfect in every aspect, however we will never achieve it. As for your concern about admins worrying about their K/D. It's hard to base a claim off of "what he said, she said.". Now i'm not discrediting your complaint, but unless we got solid evidence, then im afraid its going to be hard to fix that problem, if we dont know who the cause is. Feel free to PM me with the evidence or even just names and they can go on a watch list and we can keep an eye on them, then if you still see the problem in the future, we can cross reference them with what we've seen and your names and fix that problem. @B/canada I'm not sure that we can do anything about that, I would just recommend reporting the offenders and if nothing gets done, visit us on discord and we can sort it out. Thanks for your report, the thread will be open for three more days before being considered resolved, closed, and locked. So, if you have any other questions/concerns about this report you have till then to post about them.
  6. Hello, In-Game Name:Mattytoosack CD Hash: 12015505a41938c5fecdee9a60028c0a Date of Birth: 2/12/96 Country: United States Time Zone: GMT-4 Spoken Language: English How long I have been playing PR: 4-5 years? Additional Info: 21 years old, have been playing PR upwards of 5 years. I've been in 2 PRT's I started off in the early FCV when bren was around, then thats when I first became an admin. After the PRTA/FCV merge I became senior admin for the NA server which was for about a year and a half. I maintained that position from when Based left PRTA until Based got rid of their NA server pre 1.4.