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  1. Commander Signup 16th of September 1800 UTC Join Discord, and signup there! https://discord.gg/Y7UY3cX
  2. ‘FCV Task Force’ Free Candy Van Squad Competitive team Overview Document General Plan This plan will follow simple weekly goals that are easily accomplished. The emphasis will be the use of the training team to ensure autonomy and retain activity on lower levels while the higher levels of the organization are being developed. The teams will be organized in the FCV discord, with squad members, squad leaders and commanders being represented and sorted as a function under the admin team, but their focus will not overlap. We will encourage interaction and exchange of manpower in the two teams, as well as our propaganda team etc. There will eventually be two teams which will rotate players in and out depending on their activity or skill level, they will be named Active and Backup teams respectively, but should be indistinguishable in terms of their accomplishments. Each team will mirror their equivalent perfectly and each Backup squad will attend trainings with their active equivalent. The structure will aim to reach a 40 player active roster, with another 40 in backup and hopefully a good number more people wishing to join to replace inactive players. Media 1000x1000 http://i.imgur.com/AeSDI1v.png 500x500 http://i.imgur.com/zWJrNGD.png 300x300 http://i.imgur.com/LsNIKjd.png Recruitment Places: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/28917-fcv-task-force-join-now/?tab=comments#comment-304528 discord.me/fcvsquad https://forum.bluedrake42.com/index.php?/forums/forum/156-fcv-task-force-application/ Task Force Training at 1800 UTC SUNDAY Allies If your clan wishes to play with the FCV team, they will be subject to the same structure and training schedule as the other members, you will be contained in your own squad, with your own members rotating into and out of the active and backup squad, depending on the activity level of the members. Further you can be mixed up with FCV players that are unaffiliated, if you do not have the numbers to maintain both an active and backup squad. If you wish to participate in another Clan's battle, or tournament, please make sure you disclose this information to the FCV Task Force Leadership if it is an ongoing commitment when you join, or before committing to it. We also want to know of any other light weight commitment if there are friendly battles or other affiliations, to ensure we are all on the same page. Team Prefix When you play for FCV, you can place the prefix [FCV] in front of your username/Nickname ingame. If you are allied with FCV, you can keep using your own prefix. Team Structure The Active team will require a base activity of attending a team wide training once per week. The Backup team will require a base activity of attending a team wide training once per month. These squads will maintain an internal active and backup team,which will function as their primary force and reserves in matches and trainings, they will play together, and the most active squad leader is in charge of the entire squad including the backup, with the backup squad leader functioning either as an NCO or backup squad leader. Command Commander @Wicca#3596 Commander @MiSs ToX1c#3996 Chief of Staff @brotherrrrrrr#7260 Boot Camp Trainer Intel Gatherer Deployment Planner Battle Planner
  3. Warrior Slot Request

  4. Admin Abuse Of Power Report

    I saw in the discord chat there were some videos of this, I would love to see it Feel free to post them here!
  5. [FCV] Task Force Application

    Denied due to us not trusting your age statement.
  6. Task Force App

    I saw you added him, so I will add the tag Approved. and approve this application.
  7. [FCV] Task Force Application

    Like we discussed, find me, miss toxic or brother in discord
  8. [FCV] Task Force Application

    Like we discussed, find me, miss toxic or brother in discord
  9. [FCV] application

    Hey, get on discord and find me.