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  1. approved
  2. Hey! Get on discord soon so we can talk about your application! https://discord.gg/7fcbWXb
  3. Hey, could you jump on our discord for an interview? https://discord.gg/7fcbWXb We can find a time we both are online this week.
  4. Until we are sure that you mean no ill will or negative action towards FCV, you will remain banned. This will be observed via the PMs you have sent me, aswell as any public statments you may give.
  5. resolved

    Isnt this the moderator and report teams job? @Slammed
  6. Hey I am starting a server for SQUAD, called Free Candy Van, here is the discord link bruh! https://discord.gg/7fcbWXb JOIN IT NOW!
  7. Tell him to appeal himself.
  8. Who is banned, AirB or Jotads?
  9. So you admit that you were targeting squid with this strike 4 joke? And that it went overboard? The tag is a funny coincidence. And regardless of it being true or not doesn't matter. What matters to me, and this admin team is that you will not seek mistakes for admins for our ridicule or your own amusement, but instead take those mistakes and properly inform us, so that this team can maintain the best admins in PR. Through the use of the correct channels and people. instead of comments and baits being thrown out on allchat in our server, or indeed in our discord shoutbox.
  10. Little squid resigned.
  11. Approved
  12. The amount of people that come from different places in the world is so large that having a clear set of rules and agreed words that are considered offensive is required to ensure people feel at home in our server. Even if that means that a few that wish to use these words don't.