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  1. A signin/up thread for the ww2online group our community has.
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  3. Moderator Application Form

    Sorry Kyle, we have reached our quota on new Moderators. Feel free to apply next time. For now this application is denied.
  4. Partner Application Form https://forum.bluedrake42.com/index.php?/clients/referrals/ Nick How are you planning on getting sales? What brought you here?
  5. WW2 Online Allies group Application/sign in thread Nick: Discord nick: Do you have the game? Are you registered on our discord? Are you a WW2Online Subscriber?
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  7. Moderator Application Form

    Ok, maybe we can catch eachother sunday.
  8. Moderation Application

    Hey miss toxic, can you get in touch with me as soon as you can. Thank you!
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    Hey jester, I want to talk to you as soon as you are free.
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    We have spoken in discord, and we are now waiting for the rest of the team to vet you. Get ready!
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    Hey there handsome! I will try to find you on discord when I have the time
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    Hey kyle, what is your discord username? Are you on our discord?