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  1. BTW did you at least ban the person that teamkilled the cache??
  2. The "never play here again" was refered to the person that teamkilled the cache. I told him to never play on the server again so that he couldn't ruin game for other ppl on FCV server ever again. I was not saying I'm not gonna play on the server.. I don't know why did you interpreted it different.. I wrote "you" not "I". I didn't say "Now I never play again on this server"... Good thing it's only a temp ban..
  3. 2fb6166be528c8fc7caba0f8e961c149 That's what I got from the PR Launcher, don't know if that's what you are looking for
  4. In-Game Name: Hadas CD Hash (Identifier): Date of Appeal: 2017.02.17 around 00:00 (UTC+2) Date of Infraction: 2017.02.17 around 00:00 (UTC+2) Laskhar Valley Administrator on Duty (if Applicable): didn't see Additional Information I don't even know why I got banned, a dude teamkilled cache, I commented on it (not a racist comment or anything like that) in team chat and got banned while walking from main base.