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  1. It's certainly a possibility
  2. Come on in!
  3. Great thanks! We've had a few playtests with the community, and a pretty active Discord that you're more than welcome to come join and see what's going on!
  4. I think I jizzed over that 14. I'd love a canvas of that... Or a Harrier in similar style!
  5. I'm very disappointed in everyone's behavior in this thread.. People need to step up their game. Staff or not. Be courteous.
  6. Going to lock this before it causes yet more issues...
  7. Hey, As far as I'm aware you're just banned on the Discord, so you can play the game still. However, For now I will be leaving you banned, joining our server and trolling/whatever doesn't really sit well with us especially with a name like that. Cheers.
  8. I swear I love you dude...
  9. Hey guys, So you want to create some mods for IA? Awesome! You want to upload to our forums?! Even better! All we ask is you follow some simple guidelines: If you are creating (or installing) mods: Delete the mod's 'bin' and 'lib' folders, if any. Use only the original start scripts in the 'bin' folder to run the game. These files are executable files that may contain viruses, currently there is no reason to edit them. We're not responsible for damage caused by any mods you do download and install.
  10. I came here for the crazy tag


    1. Reaper1526


      Join the Iron Armada forum section :D


    2. Tilio


      I joined. What now?

    3. Reaper1526


      You should have them now dude <3


  11. Nice! You're just pumping out stuff, it's epic! <3
  12. As I said on Discord, I'm wanting a full SW pack.. Death Star attack? <3
  13. Updated - 02/02/2017
  14. Looking good man <3