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  1. but what's the point in removing missiles if you can't add rockets in their place? I can't understand this BI shit with loadout restriction from the start honestly. Hope they'll fix it somehow in Jets DLC.
  2. but you cannot put a rocket pod in their place
  3. I do believe that there is some key points placed like markers on map, and may be some other assets like fortifications, spawned with them. and on mission loading, there just two of them selected quasi-randomly for main bases. And then mission scripts just build a chain of such keypoints between them to cap. I hope I'm correct about this.
  4. Right now you can't - on vanilla planes and choppers.
  5. I mean it depends if BI make possible to edit loadout for vanilla air assets.
  6. afaik this project made to work on the vanilla game. so no alternate set will be available I believe. They probably can limit air CAS to guns, rockets and bombs only but that depends on air assets they will use. if they use - apart from helicopters, I mean.
  7. nope. A-10 still can whack them for good, and that chinese attack hover too. Seen that in KotH too many times.
  8. Why would you need gunship here? It's would be too OP, and require some triple-A for counter. And this is way to shit out the balance for sure.
  9. <sarcasm> tags?
  10. they want to do PR:A3 less buggy, not more, I believe.
  11. nah, that was lame, sorry. this is not just some scripts, there is models too.
  12. may be integrate MELB too?
  13. Problem is - no one wants to write Arma voicecom mod for Mumble. Somehow PR (BF2)is one and only game that I know of that using it for ingame communications.