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  1. Island War 2017

    Hello Everyone! I have been busy these last few days improving Island War and OFDR, fixing bugs and game related issues and just polishing everything off! Here is a list of changes so far : Vehicles All vehicles have been completely reconfigured using my experience with Dirt Rally. This includes engines, weight, balance, grip, torque and gears on Jeeps, Tanks, APC's and Multi-Wheel! Here are a few videos of me hooning around the island rally-style All vehicle weapon positions have also had a serious overhaul. While I still have not figured out how to make it so can can NOT aim, I have made the best of aiming! Ive made some slight adjustments to the exterior camera to help with visibility, and a special landing mode for the helicopters to help with choosing a clear landing spot! Finally a few more vehicle variations are available. The Desert Patrol Vehicle and Fast Attack Vehicle now have a Auto-Grenade / medium MG combination, and the Humvee and BJS22 come in light and medium MG variations. Weapon Handling Characteristics I have overhauled all the weapon entities within the game to streamline them and make them consistent between variations. Before, each weapon (such as the M4A1) existed once for each variation (such as M4A1a, M4A1m, M4A1CQB etc), each with their own complete weapon setup. Now each base weapon (such as the M4A1 or the QBZ95) is configured once, with each variation a "child" of that base weapon. This ensures all the variations on a weapon have the same statistics, with variations only coming in weight, special features (such as scope, silencer, torch) and for silencers, round velocity. These changes are directly inherited by the AI, and as a result their weapon fire is alot more realistic, with less laser shots from MG's and other silliness! The SMAW, the QueenBee, and the AA Launchers no longer require you to load them when you pull them out. They are "preloaded" (like you see on their backs) and only need reloading (this goes for the AI too!). Note the Javelin is not included as its literally in 2 pieces Ultimate AI 2017 Update Balancing of several weapons (I'm looking at you M32 Multiple Grenade Launcher) to reduce friendly fire AI now experience 100% of weapon recoil mechanics (just watch them fire the MK48 standing up :P) Grass, Bushes and Tree Foliage restrict vision significantly more, allowing you to break line of sight more readily Further reductions in critical detection and general detection tweaks to reduce phantom 0,0,0 units showing up Visual Effects Update Tank Weapon hit effects adjusted to me more explodey Island War Speech System Nearby allies will now call out unit types and their direction (relative to you) when they spot them to help with situational awareness Island War AI Fixes to a few behaviors that had them flicking backwards and forwards Bug fixes in a few behaviors that had them taking off and then doing nothing in helicopters Island War Spawn Control Huge update to the way in which units are spawned in and removed from the game. A new system to teleport far-off units into friendly locations (not too close and into buildings) instead of despawning them is now active, and the value of a location now plays a strong role in the choice of location. All this means more enemy and allies in more locations as you explore Skira, even at the higher speeds of helicopters the teleport system will help ensure someone is there! (I still recommend going slower if you can, its more fun if you give them time to setup!) System Settings Update Removed a change that was causing instability in the game What's Coming and When! Now the weapons are streamlined and can be easily modified, they need a serious balancing to make them work and feel like the real thing. Bullet Penetration and armor effectiveness is also in the crosshairs. Island War is running awesome, and itself needs serious balancing now its all functioning, as well as some features need to be made more robust and fleshed out. Everything already complete, and the above in-progress will hopefully be done within the week, and then you and your friends will be able to mount up in a rally DPV and drift down the Putoran Mountain Pass while shooting at the PLA in the bunkers! (I am actually serious!!)
  2. Island War 2017

    ha! friendly fire hey? I can run you through how to modify your files to stop them using the M32 grenade launcher, its pretty easy. Head to Data_Win\AI\GlobalKnowledge\ and open weapon_target_selection_generated . xml search for M32 (its only in there once) change this : <mycategory id='0'> <!-- Weapon Effectiveness --> <value id='0' data='750'/> <!-- Infantry --> <value id='1' data='3000'/> <!-- light vehicle --> <value id='2' data='-3000'/> <!-- light armour --> <value id='3' data='-10000'/> <!-- heavy armour --> <value id='4' data='40'/> <!-- air vehicle --> </mycategory> to this : <mycategory id='0'> <!-- Weapon Effectiveness --> <value id='0' data='-10000'/> <!-- Infantry --> <value id='1' data='-10000'/> <!-- light vehicle --> <value id='2' data='-10000'/> <!-- light armour --> <value id='3' data='-10000'/> <!-- heavy armour --> <value id='4' data='-10000'/> <!-- air vehicle --> </mycategory> They will just use their rifle in combat. Underslung launchers will still be used, but these are not used in the same fashion as the area effect M32
  3. Island War 2017

    This is great news! Hope your having fun!
  4. Multiplayer Online

    dewi36 Add to me on steam and we can test together. My alias is "Melancholymastermind"
  5. Island War 2017

    Let me know how you go, a friend of mine had this issue and eventually fixed it his end but never told me what he did. I assume he had not copied all the files over or installed the 1.02 patch
  6. Island War 2017

    It sounds like you are experiencing one of the following : You have not installed the files correctly and Island War cannot find its compiled data Your Operation Flashpoint is version 1.0 or 1.01
  7. Island War 2017

    Island War 2017 is now available! Full details and download at ModDB : http://www.moddb.com/mods/island-war-2017
  8. Island War 2017

    I am uploading and writing the ModDB page right this very moment!
  9. Island War 2017

    That is a known issue with 2.8, IW2017 fixes that completely
  10. Island War 2017

    Just doing some final MP play testing today with a friend (so far so good) then its upload to Moddb for everyone!
  11. Taming the Dragon

    Hi Dewi! Sorry I haven't created that modding post yet, I want to get IW2017 finished up before I focus on the forums However, here is a quick rundown of what can be done, and what might be possible : CAN be done : Retexturing most things Adding new textures and creating new entity definitions for separate in-game objects (like retexturing units and adding a new army, however there are only 3 army types available to the AI) Modifying current ingame entities and mix/match objects/textures/attachments etc to create new object variations Tweaking engine settings MAY be possible : Adding new objects (static objects and attachments much more likely, anything with animations depends on how they are animated) Adding new maps (generating the nav-grid would be the real issue) Adding new vehicles (again the animations are the key, as obviously a vehicle is quite animated) Fixing / Updating the campaing Main Hurdle(s) : Unpacking the games files is still not working correctly after all this time, someone in-the-know needs to figure out and fix the issue where the extraction corrupts large files. Due to this most of the larger textures and more complex models are currently corrupted when you extract. Mostly due to the above, not alot of people have bothered looking at the file formats for OFDR. Textures are just DDS with a funny channel layout, so thats no problem, but models are in 3 files and animations are havok I think. How to get them from game-format -> editable-format -> back is the big hurdle here.
  12. Island War 2017

    Hi Auron, I will do you a post on "introduction to modding OFDR" this evenening for you and anyone else
  13. Island War 2017

    From the other side, mission restarted.
  14. Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Revival

    I remember that! very clever little program. You just run OFDR set up a normal server and then go. Not proper Dedicated, but you can just leave your machine running and walk away
  15. Island War 2017

    Island War 2017 is now available! Full details and download at ModDB : http://www.moddb.com/mods/island-war-2017 Everything in these videos is dynamically generated by artificial intelligence. There are no paths or scripted sequences or other tricks used. Other than an initial landing sequence near a chosen location on the island, only those echelons under the players direct control (upper left) are not Island War Ai. I apologize for the performance, my computer is still the one I built with the I7 I won entering the "Intel grab-and-dash" competition held at OFDR's release! Yep, this is on an 8 year old computer! Without the video recording software IW2017 runs at 50-60 fps with dips to 35 fps in larger towns (because of the visual object upgrade IW2017 gives them). Better machines will not have a problem! Island War 2017 is full rebuild of the original Island War mission for Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising I produced back in 2009. I worked on the original version for 2 years full time, and a further 2 years before shelving the project. With much more experience coding, and a revival of the Multiplayer aspect of Dragon Rising I decided to finish Island War once and for all. It is 95% complete Island War is essentially an Artificial Intelligence. The goal from the beginning was to take the already incredible Ai built into OFDR and layer a third, as-complex Ai on top to control what each group of soldiers does on the Island as a whole. The result is Ai controlled enemy and ally armies that move and act with purpose and individuality. Every play-through is completely different and with 23 invasion points, 97 Capture-able locations, 700 defend points and a 200 km/2 Island to conquer, game-play is expected at around 400+ hours. Each of the 23 starting missions can be played in "quick" mode which is just the initial invasion landing if your looking for a shorter goal and all of it is 4 player COOP compatible! Each soldier is provided a complex reactive Ai by the core game itself. This as is extremely good at reacting to a situation by using what are called "playbooks" these are lists of orders to give themselves depending on the type of soldier they are, and the situation they are in. Each Echelon (group of soldiers) also has a "playbook" which in a similar manner, tells the group they should do in what situation depending on who is in the squad. This is where the Ai built into Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising Ends. And it is, in my opinion, some of the most impressive Ai written for a first person shooter. When the game came out however it is important to stress that development issues and a rushed release meant it was configured very badly, and did not work well. I fixed this myself with a modification called Ultimate AI in 2009. Island War creates a final additional Ai for each echelon that is in play and is designed as a goal oriented situation-ally aware behavior system. At all times each echelon remembers what it was doing last "update", what it is doing now and what it plans to do in the future. It takes this information each update along with all the information it can grab from the game engine about the current situation around it, and runs this data through an extremely complex logic system which shuffles information between past/current/future to come to a final decision as what to do at that very moment. Rather than having the goal "capture the Skarinka Island", each Ai has a "home" and a "goal". Locations that are under enemy control nearby effect the behavior of defenders for example, and naturally creates a situation where defenders gather and eventually attack that location (safest defense is a good offense!) There are 13 goals that can be chosen from by each Island War Echelon AI : Defend, Patrol, Roam, Travel, Advance, Attack, Defend Unit, Defend Player, Helicopter Attack, Passenger and Wait Until Bored. Each goal is associated to another, so a Defender may go Patrol, but not Roam, unless it decides to not defend home for example. Please Note that while almost complete, Island War 2017 is still in progress and not yet complete. There are still in a few odd behaviors that need fixing! More details to come