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  2. Game suggestions/ideas

    Can we have some kind of collision damage? All objects that collide incur some kind of collision damage Collisions in real life aren't elastic I'd like it if the game had some kind of collision damage The velocity of the two objects participating in the collision should be added(vector addition) if the result is more than the max velocity of the two objects the collision is additive and only 20hp should be used as damage parameter But if the result is negative, the damage should be NewVelocity*MassOfTheFastestObject/10 to the blocks nearest to the collision
  3. Though both the tiles cost the same, they consume different amounts of power A laser consumes 50 units/sec while a blaster takes 500 units/sec That means if you have 8 thrusters on the back, 2 reactors and 20 lasers, you could easily defeat the enemy despite of whatever the enemy mothership has got to offer
  4. Camera

  5. Doors are back

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  9. The Bulb

    By Melroy
  10. Warhead

    by TalinPercy and Melroy
  11. We Come in peace

  12. We Go in Pieces

  13. Game suggestions/ideas

    Good point "It's not based on the team core. It is based on a random center of whichever ship you are on, unless you aren't on a ship in which case it is the center of the map. " I just want some coordinates to communicate my position to my team
  14. Game suggestions/ideas

    If your worried about pilots having a though time navigating, you could make an infinity asteroid field at the edge of the map. This will serve two purposes: 1. It will stop people from going out of the map 2. It will provide teams to rearm with necessary resources