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  1. Reply if u can read this

  2. Reply if u can read this

  3. Free Candy Van's ''Independence Day'' Event In celebration of the holiday we'll be presenting 4 maps with USMC's forces. The objective of the event is not only to celebrate Independence day but also to provide realistic and competitive gameplay. In order to maintain such gameplay we need players to follow the rules, so make sure you brush up on them. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jhDGqsfb7QVkugGOHzK7DnLmKMXFiGfA0qb9srnCKIw/edit If you have any suggestions for future events share your ideas on our discord or on our website. The event will begin on 4th of July 1500 PRT (GMT) We hope you have a great time on our server. Feel free to visit any of our pages or servers as they are open to the public. Credits Credits development: Project Reality Development Team Credit: Admin team FCV & FCV 2 Credit event: Rigbey,Wicca WEBSITE | STEAM | FACEBOOK | YOUTUBE Free Candy Van is focused on providing an accepting, non-intimidating, and enjoyable environment to both new and veteran players of Project Reality. Our server boasts a dedicated administration team composed of members from multiple well known communities... including Project Reality Teamwork Alliance, =DRK= Drakelings, =]H[= Hardcore, & more.
  4. Hello,I'm Rigbey,one of the administrators on FCV. Myself along side the staff members are happy to announce that on 20th of May 2017 in celebration of "Armed Forces Day" we will be conducting an event that aims to re-create some of USMC's most notable battles. The event will be brought to you this Saturday at 2200 PRT. If you have any ideas for other "theme"/ "scenario" events please create a topic on our project reality forums or post your ideas on our discord: https://discord.gg/BCENPj See you on the battlefield.
  5. Hello,I'm Rigbey and I'm an administrator on FCV PR.Recently myself along side some =DRK= members have had the idea of oganising project reality scenario events that aim to create an immersive gameplay and introduce new players to the game.We're curious to what you think of this idea,and if you want to contribute with the organisation of the event please post your ideas either here or on https://discord.gg/ABdp5 Thank you.