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  1. Competitive Mirror Matches

    Meet in TS at
  2. hey there! we are trying to figure out what may be causing this issue. would you be able to come on to teamspeak at so we can figure this out?
  3. this was beautiful
  4. I personally like this idea. i would be interested in seeing how the community responds to this proposed idea.
  5. that link is for Teamspeak buddy for discord
  6. are you downloading from here? if so, are you making sure to download and install the 0.8.0 community edition BEFORE downloading and running the 0.8.2 patch? i would check your version. if you downloaded 0.7.3 then unfortunately that is the wrong download and you will have to uninstall before reinstalling 0.8.0 and so on. If you are still having problems, please come see me in TS at
  7. For MWLL, there are two downloads that are needed. Both are on the home page linked by bluedrake. First, you download and install the ver. 0.8.0 community edition. Once that is installed you run the ver. 0.8.2 patch. In the bottom right of your launcher it should say crysis ver. 1.5 i believe and MWLL ver. 0.8.2. If you have any other questions, i will be on our teamspeak at in roughly an hour from this post.
  8. The "normal" schedule has been posted on the calender. Due to the holidays, the chaos march event dates and times had to be altered.
  9. The event ended yesterday sadly, but i personally stream whenever possible on twitch. Chaos march will resume this upcoming sat. And sunday if you are interested in joining
  10. Hey talin, check our forums on this page for TS and discord. We had to switch to our backup TS chanel yesterday after the american servers went down
  11. Who all showed up for chaos march this weekend!? What were your thoughts? For anyone wondering why we are having issues with the teamspeak server/ huntress servers in game. Our server was damaged during a snowstorm. We are contacting the provider soon to get an ETA on service stability. Thank you all for being so patient with the game while these issues get sorted out!
  12. Event will start around 1300 PST. I recomend that new players hop into our teamspeak at around noon PST. I will be on around 11AM PST to help anyone who has questions about game instalation along with teaching players the basics of the game
  13. Love it! This is such a good shot!
  14. Cryengine 2
  15. Living legends is always looking for more support. Right now the game needs someone who can 3D model and someone who knows cryengine