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  1. When you are in the pilot seat for a helicopter and you are bleeding out, you can still fully control the helicopter till you are permadead.
  2. I have been thinking for a bit about the sling load problem with AFM and just wanted to put in my idea on why it might be having issues. So as far as I can tell the current sling load system changes the weight of the vehicle once you start taking off with it, leaving it in its original state while attached. This leads to the initial shock of the vehicle before it changing weight values hurtling down the helicopter and leading to a glorious death. My idea is that if you had the vehicles weight change right when you connect the rope instead of while it is taking off. This will lead to less jerk and more of a gentle takeoff when transporting your vehicles. (I personally do not entirely know how the extension works but this is just an idea I thought I would throw out there.)
  3. Can you Please make it so that regular infantry can get onto the side of the hummingbird so it has a purpose as a low capacity transport helicopter? Atm only crewman can get on the sides and it makes the chopper pretty much just a reconnaissance vehicle at best.
  4. I blame the landing gear saying it was there but it really wasn't
  5. The Repair Specialist still does not get any repair kit or anything elts with means to repair.
  6. During one of our incursions, for some reason our medic was able to place down a usable rp when we had 2 people nearby even though I was the squad leader and had a rp down already.
  7. There was an issue where enemy players had Orange? (I am colorblind so idk) name tags instead of none which was the same name tags as allied squads. This led to multiple events of friendly fire and miss identification leading to lots of arguing and complaining.
  8. https://forum.bluedrake42.com/index.php?/forum/42-development-applications/ is where you apply =P
  9. Your Steam name:Thelegend27™Your Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:44147452Your age:16Your time playing ArmA:117 hoursYour experience running/admining ArmA servers:NadaYour experience configuring/system admining ArmA servers (if applicable):I know how to change map but am willing to learn all the other mechanics as wellAny additional information: I really enjoy this community and want to do everything I can to help it.