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  1. Steam Name: Bullrover Steam 64 ID:76561198048560633 Country: USA Time Zone: EST Experience with ArmA (How long have you played): 159 hours Experience Admining in ArmA: I was an admin on PRA3 during the reign of Evan. Additional Information: I was heavily involved in PRA3 and Iron Armada until the final quarter of school when finals and other curricular exams/projects were going on and I had to pull back. But now school has ended for the summer and I would like to try and re-integrate into the community. (as a side note this was made at 3:32 AM and I have no idea how many errors there may be but ehh, i'll sort them out later once I get some sleep. Also I would add more but same problem, maybe once I get some rest so this post might be updated. Just wanted to get this down now while I still remembered.)
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