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  1. (brief) Game Manual + Key Bindings (v3)

    Nice work Ged Just a couple things i would add *Holding down spacebar while pressing A or D will let you strafe if you have side thrust * R will mirror Gatling turrets and help out the OCD peeps *Don't use F2 it sometimes crashes the client and is a known bug *From a Bridge or Cockpit you can toggle ship tiles power by hovering your cursor over the tile and hitting T *The miner class requires you to hit right click to ready the mining tool then left click to mine
  2. "Free"

    I know
  3. "Free"

    They are free for the first week or two , if you want to watch older vids there is a $1 a month sub option that will let you watch all of them.
  4. Moderator application

    It's just that we don't need many mods right now , but i will keep you in mind, And please be honest when filling out applications.
  5. Ban appeal

    Ban removed , Squad responsibly sir .
  6. Ban Appeal

    In-Game Name: STEAM 64 (Identifier): Date of Appeal: Date of Infraction: Administrator on Duty (if Applicable): Additional Information IF POST IS NOT COMPLETED WITH THIS TEMPLATE IT WILL NOT BE REVIEWED!
  7. Moderator application

    All good we will catch up sometime
  8. Moderator application

    Ok i will try and get in contact with you then
  9. Moderator application

    We will have to set up a good time for an interview on discord
  10. Moderator Application Form

    We will organise an interview soon
  11. FCV Application - Pvt. Max

    We will need to set up a time for an interview on discord when you are free , Talk soon
  12. Iron Aramada Lore

    Nice thinking of writing something of my own
  13. raginreefer JOIN DRK Application

    Welcome Reef
  14. Is Iron Armada crashing when you start it? If so, this short guide will help give you an idea as to why it’s crashing and allow you to send an error log to the developers if need be. This guide is only for Windows users. Make sure Iron Armada is extracted from the .zip and you are running it in a normal folder. Make sure you have the latest version of java installed Opening in CMD Hold Shift and Right-click on the folder Iron Armada is in. Click ‘Open command window here’. You should now see a Command Prompt (aka CMD or DOS). Type `IronArmada.bat` and hit Enter. You should see a bunch of text appear in the window. You may be able to identify the problem yourself if it shows the error near the top of the screen, such as an “Out of Memory” error. However, if the error log doesn’t make as much sense as it should, copy all of the text and upload it to something like Pastebin. Send the link to the developers in the #help channel of the Discord server. Thank you for trying Iron Armada and sorry for any troubles! The issues from the current public build have, for the most part, been hammered out. Credit 2 Solar for the work.
  15. Introduce Yo'self!

    Hi Freedom welcome , join the discord channels we are looking for some admins on the Squad servers and there is also training events held. https://discord.gg/Fgmm4Fw