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  1. Hi Freedom welcome , join the discord channels we are looking for some admins on the Squad servers and there is also training events held. https://discord.gg/Fgmm4Fw
  2. You will still get free games per week for that month but you will loose your supporter status on discord after it runs out or you could just downrank i guess. Hope this helps Thx for supporting.
  3. update

    Visit our Discord channel @Kurzak https://discord.gg/pVj4nqM
  4. Hoops? it's just another way to post vids If you are a 'fan' then it shouldn't be so hard. It's all gunna be OK Snowflake
  5. Great Idea
  6. Co-builder Spacer V 0.2.0r7
  7. Interesting
  8. Unbanned,
  9. Testing
  10. Crash on start 0.2.0r7
  11. Game closed after entering my name and trying to join , Usually i can join on restart and it doesn't happen very often. V 0.2.0r7