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  1. Join the IA discord we can help you better there https://discord.gg/pVj4nqM
  2. Mechanoid

  3. Thanks for the support @CyranoNester
  4. Its free to play atleast for now @RodneyWiedemer check the IA forums
  5. Drifter

  6. I think you do it manually, not sure if there is a way to do it automatically.
  7. After you first support you will get a reminder email and a notice in your account on this website, It is up to you if you want to renew your subscription. There is no commitment to re-sub and you keep all the games you got for your rank.
  8. Battlecruiser

  9. Anotherone

  10. Maybe pick a name that suggests you have some intelligence and respect.
  11. Anotherone

  12. IA build

  13. R.I.P.