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  1. There is a game soundtrack being made , but would still like to hear your stuff, post your work on discord and link a page on the forums if you want,
  2. IA Station

  3. Destroyers

  4. Go to the homepage and select Iron Armada download link.
  5. Devblog-Template

    Latest post from the Iron Armada development team.
  6. Serenity

  7. Using the latest version is always best , You will have to update manually for now. link is in forums for the latest version .
  8. Squid

  9. The Battle-Axe

  10. Thanks for replying Cubba, I trust you guys will make a great game. Just had to write it down had an inspired moment. BTW I also love walls of text .
  11. just some random thoughts on the character class system. If all the player's characters spawned in with a basic inventory (pistol, small welder no armour) so you would always have the ability to fight and repair then had to gather resource to upgrade your players by buying better equipment from lockers or something. Maybe 3? levels/tiers of each (weapon,armour,repair,other?) but you could only carry 1 Lvl 3 1 Lvl 2 1 Lvl 1 this would would give you the ability to specialise without ever loosing the ability to function as a team member. this has some flaws i know (why do you pay for things already on your ship ) XP points !!! instead of resource gained by mining building and teamwork (building on mothership gives bonus or something) might encourage teamwork. im done..........for now
  12. Mk2

  13. Spacers escape pod

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  15. There wont be for a while yet sorry : (