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  1. Good stuff (totally not posting this to get more posts, haha)
  2. We're mainly using asset we build ourselves, due to copyright and etc
  3. I had like 200 posts before, now I have a mere one :(

  4. Hello, it's me (Adele joke) Well anyway let's get down to some serious stuff now, I'm Arevex or you can call me Michael and I love designing terrains and even creating maps out of them (if I'm not lazy) These are some examples of my spectacular work:
  5. Nooooooo, all my messages gone :(

  6. Dude I'm sorry but I'm getting somewhat annoyed at your misuse of defiantly :D
  7. the games coming along very nicely <3
  8. Be sure to check out the maps I've been making here : :)
  9. Working on a map...
  10. Trying to learn how to 3D model!