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  1. Really good stuff man, love to see more of this!
  2. Harsh Doorstop is more of a platform for people to build their ideas off of, so that's what I suggest with this idea, really good idea though! Oh and by the way you uploaded this post twice, just a heads up!
  3. Hope everyone's days going nice and dandy

  4. If you wish to see more of my work, here's a link to my portfolio -
  5. Welcome to Harsh Doorstop, I suggest joining our discord to see how you can contribute to the project Link -
  6. All the following work is everything I've done (map wise) since October last year, some are of a lower quality, some are of a higher quality and I'll leave you to figure out which is which (some of the work is mainly just to show what I can do, e.g. the mountainous terrains) Site which you'll find all my past and future work on - It would be much appreciated if you could give me some feedback, how to improve, what I should do in the future Thanks for reading this - Mykel (or Michael that works too)
  7. Sounds like a plan mate, I'd suggest making maps based on the middle east or Australian terrain, faction wise I believe it'll be Anzac vs whoever (Anzac being Australia and New Zealand's military's) I also suggest join the Harsh Doorstop discord your questions will be answered quicker their - (If there's any other questions you want answered you can find me on discord)
  8. ^ Indeed the whole point of this game is to be completely free (if possible) and community driven, more of a platform for people to build their own games off of it.
  9. Looks like you'd be a big addition to the team, as I don't believe we have a designated Character Creator, ey? I'd suggest joining the Harsh Doorstop discord to meet other developers and show off your other work -
  10. This would give Harsh Doorstop a new level of immersion (for a non-VR game) I'd love to see this in Harsh Doorstop
  11. Was just making a point, haha
  12. That's a whole lot of information, and a whole lot of reading
  13. I'd suggest getting in contact with Ethik, or as @Correktd has said join the discord
  14. Will we even need an inventory, because if we do become a game like PR or Squad then there's not much point, although if we become a mil sim (like arma) then I guess we should
  15. I would answer all of them, but I'm too lazy