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  1. It definitely looks like it has potential
  2. update

    Looking good Ethik!
  3. How are all you this fine evening?

  4. Very detailed work, love it!
  5. That looks great Grump! Never knew you were so talented
  6. I would answer that if you were polite about it
  7. The core dev team have mainly been focusing on the core programming, so networking and stuff like that, and they've also been focusing on getting vehicles programmed and ready (which they have done I believe) and animations like @KIAMCROX said, there might be much more but you'll have to ask @Ethik or another dev for more details.
  8. Very nice and of a high standard aswell
  9. Looks like you've put some thought into that, and it looks like it would work very well too @KIAMCROX If you want to voice your opinion further I'd suggest joining the Harsh Doorstop discord -
  10. I'm guessing it'll be similar to SWAT 4 in a sense, so it sounds like a really good idea
  11. This sounds very interesting, it would for sure lead to some exciting and action packed combat, I'd suggest joining the Harsh Doorstop to voice your idea further Discord Link -
  12. Hope everyone's days going nice and dandy

  13. If you wish to see more of my work, here's a link to my portfolio -
  14. Welcome to Harsh Doorstop, I suggest joining our discord to see how you can contribute to the project Link -
  15. All the following work is everything I've done (map wise) since October last year, some are of a lower quality, some are of a higher quality and I'll leave you to figure out which is which (some of the work is mainly just to show what I can do, e.g. the mountainous terrains) Site which you'll find all my past and future work on - It would be much appreciated if you could give me some feedback, how to improve, what I should do in the future Thanks for reading this - Mykel (or Michael that works too)