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  1. Hello. My name in Weston, or also known as NightFromTheWest. I've known about this project since the beginning and worked on it for a time. For the past few months my working laptop has been broken, and to "keep my head above the water" in school I dropped my work in modeling. I am a self taught 3d modeler. My specialty is hard edges and firearms. I have a large understanding of firearms and their mechanics. One drawback I have is that I am slightly color blind which makes textures a bit hard for me to work on. I have worked mainly in Blender and Unity but have been learning 3ds Max and Unreal model porting when ever I can. Starting around May 20th I will return home from school and will be able to work a lot more on modeling and content creation. Also I am a small YouTuber and hope I can use my channel for outreach.
  2. Funny stuff thread

    Just thought it would be a cool idea if we had this so people can post funny pictures.
  3. Swat Team

    Looking for three to four other people to play missions on Swat 4 remake with. Please post time zones and make sure you have the game ready to run.
  4. Random stuff. The Video is laggy because I turned down my setting due to the large map and large amount of bots we where using. Also this lmg is from this mod. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=667288497
  5. We come together to play an important role within the gaming community. We are primarily focused upon medic/doctor roles but are willing to participate in other also. We do our job on Arma III, Squad and Insurgency and any other game with a medic role. Founder: NightFromTheWest12
  6. I'm going to be at my office this week for I couldn't make it home for Thanksgiving. If anyone want's to hang out message me.
  7. Developing Harsh Doorstop
  8. YouTuber trying to learn modeling.
  9. I made a quick terrible video to show a three sub game plan for HMS Marulken. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhTKcOeJEUc