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  1. My tiger was getting squeezed :( Changed my profile pic to some sort of ball...

  2. Can't wait to hear what you think and how the gameplay's like. I know it's subject to change but I signed up for the upcoming Beta. Also...Jan 17? You posting from the future now? And another thing, I haven't been on the site for almost two months and I love the new layout, just a little too white for my taste but still good.
  3. America's crying while I'm sitting in my Canadian house enjoying french toast with homemade maple syrup. Chill fam...
  4. My favs of the month(so far) ; Trap - Azad - Sweet(Prod. by Hucci) ; Future House - Ellis - Migraine(ft. Ana Yvette)
  5. "Positive Vibes"
  6. Hookin' up wiht my sisters friend brb
  7. HMU if you want some House or Trap. I'll get you the highest quality shit.
  8. Business as usual