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  1. PR: CE

    From what I heard the PR:CE project is on hold for the time being, but I'm not a dev so try asking somebody who is
  2. Star Wars Mod

    How about an Astromech droid? A round guy with one leg sticking out in front and two in the back kinda.... man I wish I could draw
  3. If anyone owns Star Wars Battlefront 2 v.1.1. (will already be on 1.1 if you have the steam version) and wants to play multiplayer, just download gameranger and add Rykurrad (or just play with other people), would be great if we got a nice little community running there, maybe even get dedicated servers for 64 player action. If your still on 1.0 (due to cd version), I can add the files needed to update the game by yourself on this forum if aynyone needs them. Would be cool to get this running.
  4. Ass and Steroids on a ship

    No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!
  5. 58792f4d71575-bugship.png

    We then proceeded into adding the enemies core into our ship and taking enemies hostage
  6. Project Reality Battlefield 1942 Servers?

    This thread is about PR1942 right? What about galactic conquest? Anyone still wanting to play that?
  7. Best IA team ever

    Dick jokes, but in space

    © Aaron

  8. StarKiller

    This is a ship my brother made (and no its not sandbox)
  9. Ass and Steroids on a ship

    So I actually tried to use an asteroid (ass+steroid) in my ship creation. One day I'll try to make a whole base on a large asteroid.
  10. Introduce Yo'self!

    Hi, I'm a dude from central europe who loves Star Wars, Metal music and good games. I got to Bluedrake through Project Reality, I've played the game on-off for about a year now and am currently in love with Iron Armada. I also play Stellaris and try to get active in the =DRK= community and help anybody out who needs it. Hit me up on Steam or Discord if you feel like it, I don't give a shit. Ryk