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  1. discord

    You might need to invest in some kneepads. That seems to work for me when I get in trouble at work! ;p
  2. What is harsh doorstop? Who is in charge of development? Where do you intend to take this game in the future? How long until you reach a playable alpha state? I don't know how to program or model at all, is there other ways to help with development?
  3. Corvette.PNG

    A moderately effective single pilot ship, was later upgraded with a better power supply.
  4. 5871cd4b02e89-TheCockyCaptian2.PNG

    For when you need to give it to them hard~
  5. Remember when IA was good for a day? Pepperage farm remembers...
  6. An experimental interdiction design for capturing and interfering with enemy ship maneuvers while allowing allies to fire on the enemy ship.
  7. "All Semen to the front of the ship!"
  8. Can thrusters please not have an infinite no build zone? I could accept the 5 block limit and even a 1xinfinite efficiency loss zone where the thruster only puts out a percentage of thrust due to the exhaust eventually hitting another part of the ship, but by then it should have dissipated enough to only slow it down instead of burning it away. I like the idea of having offset (above or below from a 3d point of view) thrusters on the front that spread out your potential surface area and allow for side mounted engine pods
  9. After having played with seats controlling only guns within a 1 block radius, I've been convinced that something similar should be set up to make setting up the inside of your ship just as, if not more important than setting up the outside. To do this, I propose we: Require seats to be connected to a weapon through no more than 3 other blocks (total reach of 4) Require a block to be directly connected to one of the 4 sides of a reactor OR connect through no more than 3 blocks to a capacitor that is similarly connected to a reactor to be powered. (ie, they can be daisy chained as long as at least one of them is connected to a reactor.) Thrusters do not have to be connected to the pilot seat but do have to be powered. Using these limitations, a ship could potentially suffer from partial power failures if connecting blocks are destroyed even if the part isn't completely severed which could create some interesting situations as the crew tries to reconnect the power or replace lost capacitors. It would also allow corvettes to remain viable while ensuring that one man mega ships and gun-walls are significantly limited in size and shape. A shitty example: Bright yellow= power supply connection to a reactor Bright green= component connection to a reactor Brownish yellow= connected capacitors Dark green= component connection to capacitors Highlighter line= weapons controlled by a connected seat Red= power lines that are too short to reach the back thruster
  10. Ya, I've literally gotten into fights where it was just swarms of infantry standing on the wreckage of our ship, actually being able to hold our own against a still reasonably put together mothership and their fighters. We basically swarmed around the core and shot outwards using our bodies and infinite respawns to keep the core alive nearly indefinitely and managed to take down two more fighters and breach the enemy core room before to many pulled away from our own core and left it exposed. the battle was epic, but showed just how broken mass infantry are currently since all it took was about 4-5 guys to cluster around it with maybe 1 or 2 repairing and the rest acting as laser cannons and core armor. Personally, I would like respawns to be based on buildable respawn points rather than the core and then have wiping out all the crew with no respawn points be a second victory condition. This would also allow people to swap between ships and allow multiple multicrew ships to be sustainable since right now, building a non-core ship for multicrew is doomed to failure once you start taking casualties and usually people like to stick to the mothership anyway so often you end up as either an escort ship or end up having only 1 other crew member at best.
  11. I feel like 2 squares would be too strict and also that you are a bit wrong when it comes to the interior being usless. That's already where the reactors and batteries end up going as well as interior armor for protecting the inside once guns start getting destroyed. The meta has already warped drastically to involve interior armor plates behind gun turret seats to protect the main pilot's seat and power sources. While I feel thruster adjustments and different sized objects will further refine the current meta into more variety, what I see now is that the game is being dominated by large to medium sized ships with weapon clusters lining the sides and in a massive bulge in the front using armor plates on either side of the seat to help protect the inside. On bigger ships where the thickness starts reaching 5 or 7 along the length, buffer walls inside the ship are often built to stop weapons from firing all the way into the pilot area or across the hall way to the other turrets. These areas might also be filled with extra reactors or batteries to help supply the power demand of the ship under fire. The only thing I truly find uncreative is the constant thruster wall I always see on the back of ships since you can't really stack thruster pods along the sides and the amount of thrust required for larger ships demands an army of the current thrusters that can't be placed in many creative ways. I try to make up new designs but the easiest seems to always be to line a wall of thrusters on the back and then just keep expanding the wing tips from there.
  12. I have a weird idea, but it seems like it could make the game insanely dynamic. What I mean is we could allow block merging for certain blocks and have them act as upgrades. The two main things that would be upgraded would be thrusters and weapons, and the things upgrading them would be the reactor, battery, and armor block. Battery would add a short term power boost that would require recharging after each use, allowing thrusters to make rapid get aways and turrets to unleash massive alpha damage but then they would not be able to do that again for a little while. Reactor would act as a flat upgrade to base thrust and fire rate. Armor would simply add more total health to the thruster or turret. This would allow players to make expensive upgrades to key systems in exchange for an edge over the other team in combat. To use, you would place the object to be upgraded, and then place the upgrading block type. This would upgrade the object but the upgrade would not be fulfilling it's main role so you would still have to power it. Something to consider adding to the later development plan once you guys have some of the more key elements figured out. I would also like this game to take on a potential RPG-ish twist similar to FTL in that we could have multiple sectors and subsectors to take on a grand scale map with connected allied sectors (sectors who you have successfully brought a core from your home sector to and now have it holding that area) providing scrap care packages to their respective teams. Maybe say that the cores are basically wormhole generators though I'd expect them to be a little bigger at that point. After all, you can only arena deathmatch for so long before things get boring and if this game is going to last a long time as a quality game and not just something that could have easily been an early 2000s newgrounds creation, then it's going to need some staying power in the "campaign" itself. Maybe even add innocent little civilian ships or stations that generate scrap and have unique tools and weapons for your ship just so people have something more than "muh space lands" to protect, and if you're feeling ambitious, maybe have neutral factions you have to win over in a number of ways.... but a lot of that is so far down the road, the only thing I can really ask you to do is not make it an impossible task later on.
  13. Ya, the long guns are primarily for skirmishing and sniping the thrusters off fleeing ships, the "lasers" are for the actual damage dealing. A single laser can out DPS a single repairer on a part but the long range cannons are significantly lower DPS and, as I mentioned, used for skirmishing and sniping. It probably didn't help that you had to fend off infantry spam with long guns and he may have also been blocking a few shots with his body since it just respawns him next to the core with no respawn timer. That said, I also feel that repairing something as it is taking damage is a bit cheesy but I feel the timer before repairs can start against should be closer to 1 full second rather than 30 seconds or maybe even increase the damage taken while an object is being repaired so that you can repair it while under ineffective fire and only a few stray shots hit every once in a while, but concentrated fire would doom the part faster under repairs. Or even better, we could have repairs be a qued action where pressing r on something causes a repair cycle to pop up and at the end of it, the part gains health, however, the part taking damage while the repair cycle is incomplete will cause it to be interrupted without repairing. I would like this method better than just sweeping my mouse over everything while holding down the R button.
  14. *sits grumpily in a dark corner of the room with his arms crossed* "No."
  15. I showed up and then couldn't connect for a while so I ended up in pub matches for the rest of the night that I was on. Is there a discord invite floating around somewhere I can use to get into that?