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  1. Update?

    I suppose you'd still get buys on steam either way just because people will stumble across it and the potential boost to dev speed might make the game more appealing sooner rather than later. Seems to be a common theme that people throw games on steam as a simple version and then by the time they make it into what it was supposed to be it, the hype and customer base has moved on to new, similar titles by other devs seeing the demand for that game and throwing a bunch of money and time into making a clone to steal the fan base away. I worry about this game stagnating like that sometimes but hopefully each jump in development can treat it almost like a new game.
  2. Update?

    Hey, I appreciate just knowing what's going on! So few developers are even willing to admit there is a developmental issue in the way much less let their testers (even if they are just fans and not dedicated professionals) know what it is. I suppose you know where to find us if you need a think tank to knock ideas loose on how to fix it/work around it!
  3. Update?

    Just curious as to when the next version is coming out. I realize giving a confirmed date may not be possible but maybe just a run down of what currently needs to be done before you are willing to update the download link to the next build?
  4. Iron Armada (First Release GDD)

    Can thrusters please not have an infinite no build zone? I could accept the 5 block limit and even a 1xinfinite efficiency loss zone where the thruster only puts out a percentage of thrust due to the exhaust eventually hitting another part of the ship, but by then it should have dissipated enough to only slow it down instead of burning it away. I like the idea of having offset (above or below from a 3d point of view) thrusters on the front that spread out your potential surface area and allow for side mounted engine pods
  5. Introduce Yo'self!

    *sits grumpily in a dark corner of the room with his arms crossed* "No."
  6. Mechwarrior: Living Legends

    I showed up and then couldn't connect for a while so I ended up in pub matches for the rest of the night that I was on. Is there a discord invite floating around somewhere I can use to get into that?
  7. Mechwarrior: Living Legends

    Yep, check the front page, near the bottom.