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  1. Rank 2 supporter not transfered correctly?

    Must have missed that I suppose.
  2. So I've been paying for rank 2 supporter for a while now but it seems that the new website doesn't acknowledge that I have been. Likely caused by me buying it when we were still on the old site. Not really upset about it, after all, I got it more to support the community than for the perks, but I'd still like to get those perks! I believe I already paid once this month and I don't really want to double subscribe my payments right now on accident when I'm trying to save a little money for a trip to my grandparents. let me know if you need some sort of proof of payment in the case that it doesn't show up.
  3. Update?

    I suppose you'd still get buys on steam either way just because people will stumble across it and the potential boost to dev speed might make the game more appealing sooner rather than later. Seems to be a common theme that people throw games on steam as a simple version and then by the time they make it into what it was supposed to be it, the hype and customer base has moved on to new, similar titles by other devs seeing the demand for that game and throwing a bunch of money and time into making a clone to steal the fan base away. I worry about this game stagnating like that sometimes but hopefully each jump in development can treat it almost like a new game.
  4. Update?

    Hey, I appreciate just knowing what's going on! So few developers are even willing to admit there is a developmental issue in the way much less let their testers (even if they are just fans and not dedicated professionals) know what it is. I suppose you know where to find us if you need a think tank to knock ideas loose on how to fix it/work around it!
  5. Update?

    Just curious as to when the next version is coming out. I realize giving a confirmed date may not be possible but maybe just a run down of what currently needs to be done before you are willing to update the download link to the next build?
  6. Player classes / roles

    It would be a little odd to do it like that since it would instead just limit you to carrying either a bunch of small, very heavy objects or a bunch of big light objects. Maybe instead of having the Y column represent weight, you could make heavy blocks have shiftable mass squares that take up space but can be moved around. That said, I do feel like simply limiting the number of slung weapons/tools a person can have at a time would be a simpler way to do it. The objective being that no one person can do everything at once, but they also have a lot of personal choice as to how they want to outfit themselves. IE even if the heavy suit is more meant for combat, someone could still use that and instead of a gun, take a Mass Fabricator and a Medikit to play an exclusively support role during station defense or a salvaging operation or... if they just really want to be ready for an explosive decompression later on. The trade off for the extra armor/survivability would be that they are too bulky to fit in a pilot/gunner seat, move a little slower than most others and can't do much more than throw down a little cover in a fight with maybe the exception of having a handgun with a rechargeable battery being a default emergency weapon. Though another idea I'm slowly warming up to is having the suits have arm mounted energy lathes that can spit little energy bolts or slowly repair simple structures which would mean that players could maybe start out with the ability to rig up simple generators, thrusters, tool fabricators and most unpowered blocks slowly and then upgrade from there.
  7. Player classes / roles

    I would like to see maybe having specialized classes for building/repairing certain objects or have repairs and construction be based on what tools you have which are severally limited on how many you can have like maybe a suit type and then 2 tools/weapons (1 in hand, 1 slung) which you would then have a bunch of different types. Suits: Crew (no jet pack, fast walk speed, 10 seconds emergency air, moves in space via weapon recoil or throwing objects away, can cling to outside walls of ships to navigate around to an airlock slowly) Light Space (Jet pack, moderate walk speed, air rebreather, no armor, slower reaction time in pilot/gunner seats, 1 extra mag slot. Typically for crew repairs on the outside of a ship or emergency movement on depressurized ships. Occasional use by operators who prefer speed over armor in open space engagements) Heavy Space (Slow Jet pack, Slow walk, Air rebreather, armor, does not fit in pilot/gunner seats 3 extra mag slots. Marine outfit, best for ship breachers.) Tools: Mass Fabricator ( builds/repairs structure blocks quickly like armor, corridors, airlocks, and other blocks that don't generate or require power to operate. Can't build powered/powering blocks, can deconstruct inefficiently (less scrap)) Advanced Fabricator ( Slowly builds and repairs all types of blocks, slowly deconstructs as well) Grinder (Melee tool/weapon with high block damage, collects scrap quickly but inefficiently) Medical kit (revives recent deaths and slowly heals target at close range) Weapons: Pistol (Shortest muzzle, low accuracy, low damage, semi-auto (as fast as you can click) energy recycler ammo (infinate)) Shotgun (Short muzzle, Wide spread, low damage per pellet, high total damage, breaches Airlocks, pump (every click requires a right click to recock weapon), 10 round mag) SMG (Short Muzzle, medium accuracy, low damage, high auto fire rate, 40 round mag) AR ( long muzzle, High accuracy, medium damage, medium auto fire rate, 30 round mag) Carbine ( medium muzzle, medium accuracy, high damage, meduim auto fire rate, 25 round mag) Anti-material Rifle (Long muzzle, High accuracy, High damage (60 to hard target, 100 to soft, players=chunky salsa)Slow recharge rate, 5 round battery pack) Anti-Armor Rocket (Long Muzzle, low accuracy, High damage (120), 1 round magazine 4 extra mags = 1 tool/weapon slot. Of course this is just how I would like to see it similarly done. I dislike the idea of classes unless you make it stem from a skill system which judges your class based off of what skills you invested in. Note that I would also like ships to have the ability to have tools as well for the purposes of attaching blocks to ships, both pre-existing (such as combining adjacent grids) and crafted directly onto the ship at a faster rate than hand tools. Alas, to have not enough knowledge to be hired, but just enough to know just how little I know!
  8. It's important to note that Blasters do higher burst damage at a much longer range. Having 10 blasters typically blasts through any block in the game in 1 shot from long range. Using this, you can either breach through a core or strip weapons off a blaster ship before they get close enough to deal any real damage. Note that things like thrusters, capacitors, and other blasters take significantly fewer blasters to one shot and typically the extra shots can get through to damage the block behind it. A well placed blaster ship will end a fight before it could ever begin. Lasers, however, are vital for close range point defense due to the fact that they can quickly drill through more using less power and even have only 20 less health than an armor block (AB=120) with half(?) the weight of an AB or Blaster (mass=4), making them a great block to use for filling in the gaps between your blasters. A good tactic is to use at least 1 capacitor per 3 lasers to get 4 seconds of sustained fire for less weight then only clicking briefly for each blaster shot so that the caps can refill using the reactors set aside for your blasters between shots. This means less weight to slow you down while maintaining a deadly short term close range barrage and retaining reasonably high HP on your external hull when compared to an armor or blaster exclusive outer hull or in the case of the capacitors, a massive weight reduction from not requiring all those extra reactors. Please remember that this is just the current power and weapon meta and it may change in the future for reasons that have yet to be foreseen.
  9. Game suggestions/ideas

    Is the scan of the ship just getting a single detailed block type scan (the scan picking up on all the data of each block at once and then cross checking it for all the states at once) or is it compartmentalized into several scans of only specific block qualities pertaining to the scan, each with their own triggers? (IE the grid scan going of with every block deletion but the atmosphere scan only going off when the ship is pressurized on some part of it and a block is deleted. Both going off with each block added.) The second option would seem a bit extra, but it might make a small efficiency boost as far as the frequency of running the atmo check script after the ship depressurizes where as making them both the same thing may just make it simpler, albeit less flexible later on in some ways. I suppose it ultimately depends on how many extra lines scanning for a pressurized ship specifically adds to the combined script and if it's worth the little extra work.
  10. FAQ(?)

    What is harsh doorstop? Who is in charge of development? Where do you intend to take this game in the future? How long until you reach a playable alpha state? I don't know how to program or model at all, is there other ways to help with development?
  11. Corvette.PNG

    A moderately effective single pilot ship, was later upgraded with a better power supply.
  12. 5871cd4b02e89-TheCockyCaptian2.PNG

    For when you need to give it to them hard~
  13. Remember when IA was good for a day? Pepperage farm remembers...
  14. An experimental interdiction design for capturing and interfering with enemy ship maneuvers while allowing allies to fire on the enemy ship.
  15. Best IA team ever

    "All Semen to the front of the ship!"