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  1. Hi guys My name is Przemyslaw, i have a Quality Assurance background, hobby side I'm into motorcycles / air soft and gaming. So i started with working on Project Reality but it seems there will be more action in Harsh Doorstop So I'm typically nagging developers about stuff not working, missing or about the issues tracking / sprints / releases and so on. In general you can thing about a QA as one the guys that will nag you didn't do something right WHEN YOU FREAKING SHOULD! and sort of coordinator... Not sure what will be needed QA wise in Harsh Doorstop as my role is working typically in highly hierarchic structures (when community dev is something far from hierarchic), but we will see.
  2. TBH good idea if the sling load is going to remain as mission side, one of the devs will check this.
  3. I think its gong to be optional, kind of depends on the sling loading mehanism as per BD video