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  1. approved

    Approved watch the tks and call it out. Text it in text chat next time to let them know it was an accident and that you're sorry.
  2. approved

    Approved No bans were found.
  3. denied

    Denied due to admins speaking to you in discord.
  4. approved

    Approved you have been unbanned. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
  5. denied

    Also next time try to use a different email before lying on here spc.fazio #fail #getalife
  6. denied

    Sure that is you and dont play that game get triggered thread locked. do not pull bull shit on here again or i will ban you from the forums
  7. denied

    Hey 88whatever still salty? you will never be unbanned. DENIED
  8. denied

    I will review your ban....last login was [20170404 07:01]
  9. All applicants will go thorough a recruitment process and interview. Copy and paste this template under a new topic, and complete it with the necessary information.. NICK: HOW LONG HAVE YOU PLAYED SQUAD: HAVE YOU READ OUR DOCUMENT: AGE: WHAT OTHER CLANS HAVE YOU BEEN IN: CAN YOU SHOW UP FOR TRAINING ONCE PER WEEK: PREFERRED KITS: ANYTHING ELSE:
  10. Free Candy Van - Server Ruleset Mission: Create a server that provides both serious and laid back gaming, in the form of events, training & public gameplay, as well as a strong culture. Join us on Discord:
  11. approved unbanned
  12. approved

  13. approved

    Approved due to lack of evidence via the admin....I will handle this issue swiftly sorry for the inconvenience.
  14. YOOOOO banana reach out to me via discord for an interview i am free all day after 3PM PDT
  15. approved

    I will review your application please reach out to me to set up an interview on discord.