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  1. Ban Appeal

    Hi there, Your time frame is not accurate with your date of ban.... please be truthful and I will review your ban appropriately
  2. Squad Admin Application [FCV]HoneyOatz

  3. SQUAD-Free Candy Van Rifleman Training


    With free weekend we may have to change the dates servers will be slammed we will have to push the event back new date will be posted soon when I get my schedule
  4. EPFR Admin App

    approved allow me 24 hours to set up perms
  5. hey.

    Ummmm what? Use the ban appeal template and you need to pick what server your talking about i am not sure what squad pr is please be more detailed if having issues please reach us on voice on our discord
  6. SQUAD-Free Candy Van Rifleman Training

    November 12, 2017 RIFLEMAN BASIC/ADVANCE TRAINING Overview: The goal of this training is to give the new and veteran players of Squad a better understanding of the typical rifleman/ infantry unit. We will be focusing on basic rifleman skills, movements (not formations), accuracy, and Close Quarter Battle (CQB). With this training we hope to set you up for success and on the road to be a top shooter in Squad. Game Settings: · Graphics (Tournament settings) smooth FPS rather than high FPS · Game settings (POV) · Audio (Hardware, Software) US infantry: RED DOT: Make infantry run till stamina is out (shows shot accuracy is worse after losing stamina. · Weapon sway shots 25yds · Weapon sway shots 50yds · Weapon sway shots 100yds Distance shooting: This will allow infantry to practice stationary and moving targets to better assist with shooting at distance 1 mag a person rotation. Depending on size of training we will balance out people on the firing line and people running back and forth · 100 yds · 200 yds · 300 yds · 50 yards one bullet · 25 yards (single shot, 2 Second timer) Close Quarters Battle: 4v4 on CQB arena this will show how auto-fire can be successful · Sight- single shot rounds · No sight- auto · Hip Fire Time course for fun: For fun complete time course see who has the top time.
  7. SpiderPigMann Ban Appeal

    You have been unbanned just be-careful and have fun see you on the server
  8. SpiderPigMann Ban Appeal

    Please allow me a few hours to review your ban.
  9. Ban Appeal

    I have reviewed your ban appeal please review our rules After reading the rules please acknowledge. Your ban will be lifted after that.
  10. Ban Appeal

    I will review your ban pleaser allow me 24-48 hours to review this appeal
  11. Ban Appeal

    You have been unbanned please review our rules anymore issues will result in a perma ban....thank you.
  12. Ban Appeal

    I will review your ban please allow me 24-48 hours to review
  13. Free Candy Van Server Rules

    Official Rule & Guidebook to the Squad FCV Server v0.3 Free Candy Van - Server Ruleset Mission: Create a server that provides both serious and laid back gaming, in the form of events, trainings & public gameplay, as well as a strong culture. Section 1. Admin & Server Overview 1.1 - Admin Orders You must follow all admin orders while playing on the server. If you fail to comply with an admin’s order, or complain about an admin’s decision, you may be kicked and/or banned from the server. If you have an issue with something an admin has done, bring it to our attention on our forums or on our Discord. Do not use the ingame chat to attack our admins. Any Disrespect to admins will not be tolerated. 1.2 Squad leader Orders All squad leaders are in command of their squad and the kits and assets they control, follow their orders or be removed from the server. Our admins will be there to enable squad leader orders and command of their squad. 1.3 Teamwork Based Gameplay Our server aims to provide a teamwork based server, where all squad leaders coordinate effectively for the best possible gameplay. Make sure you know how to use the ingame radio neatly and effectively, and play squad like it is meant to be played. 1.4 Basic player requirements All players are required to join a squad to play on our server, and we encourage all our players to use microphones while visiting our server. Squad leaders may require squad members to use microphones at their own leisure. 1.5 Tactical and Strategical sense Do not attack flags or objectives that are unobtainable unless there is a legitimate reason to do so. 1.6 Free Candy Van Community Join our discord server here: ( Join our Steam Group: Section 2: Player Conduct 2.1 - Trolling & Disruptive Behaviour Any player who intentionally disrupts their own team through team killing, verbal or textual abuse, or destroys friendly assets, among other behaviors (as listed below) so determined by the active admins, may be kicked or banned. 2.1.1a Trolling The use of offensive words, taunting behavior, or racism is considered a negative impact on the atmosphere of the server will be responded with a kick or ban. Similarly, calling people by derogatory terms without knowing them is a kick worthy offense. Both in mumble and in chat. 2.1.1b Disagreeing With an Admin Ingame. Any player who openly disagrees with an admin ingame will be kicked. This includes vocally disagreeing over Mumble, as well as expressing your complaints in All Chat. Any such behavior will be responded with a kick or ban. 2.1.1c Racial, Taboo & Discriminatory Terms Any player who uses racist words or comments, historically controversial words or names or discriminating wording of players that is deemed offensive will be kicked or banned. This means the “N word,” any mention of 1940’s Germany, or similarly derogatory terms of any certain group of people in the world. 2.1.1d Spamming Any player who spams Mumble before the game begins, during squad briefing, or after the game during the debrief will be kicked or banned. 2.1.1e Teamkilling Killing members of your own team, whether it be “intentionally”, or “accidentally over many instances” (ie. carelessness, failing to properly identify targets, etc.), will be kicked or banned. 2.1.1f Ghosting Any player sharing or using knowledge they should not have about the enemy team, by either having been switched from it, or having duplicate accounts on the server will be banned. This includes asking for tickets the enemy team has as well as getting information from another player and acting on it. 2.1.1g Cheating Any player caught cheating, or using advantages unattainable by other players ingame due to engine limitations or knowledge of bugs in the game will be banned. Section 3. Forbidden tactics 3.1 Mortar abuse Mortars are to be placed 300m away from main spawn protection. Abusing the game mechanics to allow for spammy mortars is not allowed. 3.2 Main Base Camping Do not attack or camp the exits out of a main base under any circumstances. Failure to comply will result in a kick or ban. 3.2.1 Main Base Mortar Do not mortar an enemy base. Section 4. Squad Organization 4.1 Locking squads All squads may lock their squads when they have 4 members in it, if you ask an admin to lock it at less players you may do so. Further an admin may ask you to unlock your squad, and you will comply with that order. 4.2 Using the ingame radio properly You can speak directly to one squad leader if you activate numlock and use the numpad system to communicate with that squad. 4.3 Reporting contacts Please use the ingame map and tools to mark enemy positions instead of calling in complicated coordinates & reports over the squad leader radio.
  14. Lucious Abusing Powers

    To clarify Lucious is NOT an ADMIN.he is a community member and issue will be reviewed by any chance is there any footage any evidence of the issue?
  15. Warrior Admin Application

    Please DM me on discord so that I may speak to you.