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  1. I told u in local several times to stop did i not? I told you we could not attack the cas, and that they needed to be out of main. 10m is not a distance that is an acceptable distance to engage on an enemy DOD. The asset had to be making his way to the cache or far enough from the main that I and the other active admins deemed acceptable. Attacking a asset 10m out of DOD is still considered base rape. They had no chance of ever getting out of main if we allowed this behavior. You were banned for exactly that, making a point in all chat. All chat is not a place to complain about an issue you may have with an admin or player. This should be done via discord, DM, or here on the forums. You have not played PR in months and FCV has changed drastically with more processes to ensure that the admin team is successful and can adapt to any opinions/reports sent to us. You complaining in all chat does not help us grow and become a better server all. It creates in game drama, that no one wants to hear. This is why you were banned. Hostile gaming environment basically meaning that your create drama and unwanted issues in the server when you complain via all chat. Players want to have fun and enjoy their game play not have to read you complaints in all chat. The server stops complaints in all chat to prevent someone from triggering the players and creating unwanted drama and conversations that don't need to be in game. This term is not used to create a "Safe Space" but to ensure that our community and players are able to play on the server without someone making "a point" in all chat. My main concern is the server and its community. If you feel that this is disappointing and the issue at hand is garbage that's your opinion. We have rules on this server which has changed over the last few months please read the rules and refresh yourself with our standards.
  2. Wasting your time ? I will appeal your appeal after I was the one that banned you....I told you to stop spamming local mic telling us to attack their little bird that was in main....I was handling the situation well and controlled my squad to ensure that my squad would not attack DOD with the cache being so close to their main. You were told multiple times to stop arguing in all chat and continued to do so even after being kicked. I had nothing to investigate due to seeing your mic spam first hand and arguing in all chat. You created a hostile gaming environment and that is something we do not tolerate.
  3. TEMP BAN please standby till server restarts Spoke to player in discord APPROVED
  4. approved

    okay i will approve this appeal if you continue to be an issue i will reban you and will be longer then a month APPROVED
  5. approved

    I'm just being fair I've played with you before and have no issue with you personally, but breaking rules (disagreeing with an admin or disrespecting them) creates a hostile gaming environment and tarnishes the reputation of FCV.....know where i'm coming from? Please be aware that shown above it states to report issues via forums or discord with DM's.... do you understand that much?
  6. approved

    Section 2: Player Conduct 2.1 - Trolling & Disruptive Behaviour Any player who intentionally disrupts their own team through team killing, verbal or textual abuse, or destroys friendly assets, among other behaviors (as listed below) so determined by the active admins, may be kicked or banned. 2.1.1a Trolling The use of offensive words, taunting behaviour, or racism is considered a negative impact on the atmosphere of the server will be responded with a kick or ban. Similarly, calling people by derogatory terms without knowing them is a kick worthy offense. Both in mumble and in chat. 2.1.1b Disagreeing With an Admin Ingame. Any player who openly disagrees with an admin ingame will be kicked. This includes vocally disagreeing over Mumble, as well as expressing your complaints in All Chat. Any such behaviour will be responded with a kick or ban. 2.1.1c Racial, Taboo & Discriminatory Terms Any player who uses racist words or comments, historically controversial words or names or discriminating wording of players that is deemed offensive will be kicked or banned. This means the “N word,” any mention of 1940’s Germany, or similarly derogatory terms of any certain group of people in the world. 2.1.1d Spamming Any player who spams Mumble before the game begins, during squad briefing, or after the game during the debrief will be kicked or banned. 2.1.1e Teamkilling Killing members of your own team, whether it be “intentionally”, or “accidentally over many instances” (ie. carelessness, failing to properly identify targets, etc.), will be kicked or banned. 2.1.1f Ghosting Any player sharing or using knowledge they should not have about the enemy team, by either having been switched from it, or having duplicate accounts on the server will be banned. This includes asking for tickets the enemy team has as well as getting information from another player and acting on it. 2.1.1g Cheating Any player caught cheating, or using advantages unattainable by other players ingame due to engine limitations or knowledge of bugs in the game will be banned.
  7. approved

    you know what I will reply to this care to explain: fcv_prbf2_1 .TXT [13:39:26 TEAM 1] [6-1] deadmanfoot: ZWILLING fcv_prbf2_1 .TXT [13:39:31 TEAM 1] [6-1] deadmanfoot: THE FUCKING TERRAIN DMG fcv_prbf2_1 .TXT [13:42:19 GLOBAL] [6-1] deadmanfoot: can we just runnext fcv_prbf2_1 .TXT [13:43:09 GLOBAL] [6-1] deadmanfoot: lol fcv_prbf2_1 .TXT [13:43:13 GLOBAL] [6-1] deadmanfoot: admin abuse asf fcv_prbf2_1 .TXT [13:43:21 GLOBAL] [6-1] deadmanfoot: he has no balls fcv_prbf2_1 .TXT [13:45:54 GLOBAL] [6-1] deadmanfoot: little squid the salty little bitch he's always been fcv_prbf2_1 .TXT [13:46:29 SQUAD 1] [6-1] deadmanfoot: !admins fcv_prbf2_1 .TXT [13:46:47 SQUAD 1] [6-1] deadmanfoot: !admins fcv_prbf2_1 .TXT [13:48:17 TEAM 1] [6-1] deadmanfoot: the admins are even worst than the rules fcv_prbf2_1 .TXT [13:48:33 TEAM 1] [6-1] deadmanfoot: minus hitman sometimes fcv_prbf2_1 .TXT [13:48:38 TEAM 1] [6-1] deadmanfoot: even tho he's a bitch too fcv_prbf2_1 .TXT [13:49:54 TEAM 1] [6-1] deadmanfoot: trooper fcv_prbf2_1 .TXT [13:49:57 TEAM 1] [6-1] deadmanfoot: its thine*** fcv_prbf2_1 .TXT [13:51:10 TEAM 1] [6-1] deadmanfoot: he wants to ban an entire clan for getting memed fcv_prbf2_1 .TXT [13:51:16 TEAM 1] [6-1] deadmanfoot: don't be a fucking admin then fcv_prbf2_1 .TXT [13:51:19 TEAM 1] [6-1] deadmanfoot: like wtf fcv_prbf2_1 .TXT [13:51:35 SQUAD 1] [6-1] deadmanfoot: !admins fcv_prbf2_1 .TXT [13:52:57 GLOBAL] [6-1] deadmanfoot: i want him to do it pls lol fcv_prbf2_1 .TXT [13:53:17 GLOBAL] [6-1] deadmanfoot: wicca rules lmao
  8. approved

    Please refer to the pinned post about appeals.
  9. hahah i just posted not to do that but good shit its gonna go live in like a month or two...... just make sure your on discord when we play and see what happens if their is room....also you need to become a supporter and get access to the rooms in discord that allow you to play in games with him. Space is typically limited with EFT.
  10. Please use the following template to complete an Admin application. In-Game Name: Steam ID: Date of Birth (Age): Country: Time Zone: Spoken Languages: Time Playing Squad: Anything else? Thank you, =DRK=SLAMMED
  11. Please use the following template when doing a ban appeal...Appeals will not be reviewed if the following is not completed: In-Game Name: CD Hash (Identifier): Date of Appeal: Date of Infraction: Administrator on Duty (if Applicable): Additional Information Thank you, =DRK=SLAMMED
  12. This is a temp ban i have reviewed the logs and you were banned for being a troll and annoying players....Please be aware how you act will determine if your are once more banned once the server is restarted you will have access to the server. If I continue to see that you annoy other players or troll i will perma ban you. APPROVED TEMP BAN Next time use the appeal forum template or i will not look at this appeal.
  13. In-Game Name: CD Hash (Identifier): Date of Appeal: Date of Infraction: Administrator on Duty (if Applicable): Additional Information
  14. I will review this issue and I will be making the final decision on this report thank you for your communication to the admin team it is much appreciated.
  15. Started a squad group for the FCV/DRK Community join in we are in the works right now on getting the server back up. Discord: