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  1. Sorry for the delay you ban appeal got lost in the appeals..... Please review our rules.
  2. Please review our rules Do you acknowledge and understand our server rules?
  3. temp ban

    Temp ban please wait till server restarts and ban will be lifted
  4. temp ban

    I will review your ban
  5. I will review your application please reach out to me via discord.
  6. I will review your Application Please reach out to me via discord to set up an interview.
  7. I will review your application please reach out to me on discord for your interview
  8. I will review your application I am off in about a hour and will be freee for about 5 hours till 3 or 4 am pacific or tomorrow morning 10am pt
  9. I will review your application please message me on discord to set up an interview
  10. template

    In-Game Name: STEAM 64 (Identifier): Date of Appeal: Date of Infraction: Administrator on Duty (if Applicable): Additional Information IF POST IS NOT COMPLETED WITH THIS TEMPLATE IT WILL NOT BE REVIEWED!
  11. Bans appeals for pr are to be posted here....on the banner there is a join server hit that and then post in ban appeals using the template
  12. Here it is we are going to be forming a squad competitive team we have approximately 6 weeks to get ready for the tournament. There is two more spots left so we need to hurry ;and get your shit together lol we are looking for 12 or 24 people if we can get 12 together beer hammer can get another clan to fill in the other half of the team. If you are interested in being a squad leader please let me know we need three Squad Leaders.
  13. approved

    I will review your ban..... Thermal we meet again so basically what i am getting is that you got shot at in main and then decided to kill the troll....well in the future what i want you to do is report the incident to the admins on duty. You have a bad reputation and you must understand that with that type of rep you have to be very careful on what you do....this is a temp ban and i will not enforce a perma ban but let it be know if you continue to be an issue you will be delt with and not be allowed on the server. Just remember to report any trolls or tks dont take care of it yourself with the risk of admins thinking your doing it on purpose and you should be good. Now for the other incidents did you report these issues? i mean we dont have admins in the server 247 as much as we try to it isnt always the case. Use discord we have a report section or even here on the forums we have a report section..... Just remember you need to be careful and be mindful of your actions SLAMMED
  14. approved

    are u able to join now you should be goojd to go.