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  1. *TRF* Guan Yu Admin Application

    I will review your application. Please allow 24-48 hours for me to reply and schedule an interview.
  2. Admin miscreant

    Spoke To Peerun via DMs in discord issue has been discussed and deemed a miscommunication between player and admin.
  3. Ban Appeal

    I have reviewed your Appeal it has been changed to 2 days instead of 2 weeks due to the fact that you did not know that I was an admin.
  4. Ban Appeal

    I will review your appeal
  5. NICK: =DRK=SLAMMED HOW LONG HAVE YOU PLAYED SQUAD: 1 year HAVE YOU READ OUR DOCUMENT:yup AGE: 26 WHAT OTHER CLANS HAVE YOU BEEN IN: UgS, TNB, uchicha CAN YOU SHOW UP FOR TRAINING ONCE PER WEEK: yeahhhhhh PREFERRED KITS: scope anything ANYTHING ELSE: Give me a scope and I'll fuck things up ask the task force guys who have played against me
  6. Phantom Admin App

    I will review your application. Please reach out to me via discord on 8/20/2017 for an interview.
  7. Ban Appeal

    Lmao whatever get the fuck outta here with that shit locked
  8. Ban Appeal

    DENIED I do not care who you are... If you join our servers the rules will be followed if the racist statements are just who you are, then you are not welcomed on our server.
  9. Appeal Ban/Squad Free Candy Van

    I have reviewed your appeal and have approved your ban appeal. Just please be aware of where the enemy main is hindering the other team from leaving main is not prohibited on the server. One manning vehicle just ensures that vehicles are not being wasted driving around and having to switch from gunner to driver which leaves a chance of error and can cost the team tickets. Please review our rules....and confirm that u agree with them and will follow the rules.
  10. Appeal Ban/Squad Free Candy Van

    This is posted in the incorrect forum.... please join this sub forum top right says join forum hit that then bans and appeals
  11. Ban Appeal

    Approved sorry for the delay
  12. UndeadPsycho Admin Application

    Hey there sorry for the delay I have been swamped with work and other projects please reach out to burns for an interview.
  13. Ban Appeal

    I have reviewed the ban with the banning admin and it has been lifted.
  14. Ban Appeal

    I will review your ban appeal
  15. Ban Appeal

    I will review your ban appeal