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  1. Playing with Map developement

    Thanks....I'm in the discord for it.
  2. America's army

    Ok....its old....real do the graphics stand up today?
  3. Ok,,,I've never built maps or anything but I have been watching instructional videos for hours on Unreal engine 4! I've got a basic knowledge of how it works. I have the download running as I type this. One thing I need to know as I play around with this is how big of a map is too big? I mean performance is a key in being able to use anything built in UE4. So does anyone know the map grid size that is like in the middle ground of what has been built? Also character size is another dimension that I need in order to get the correct starting point for beginning any project in order to have the right size ratios. I may fail at this but I'm going to give it a whirl and see how difficult it is! UE4 reminds me of the terrain editor from Sim City 3000, Just a whole lot more complex. I mean anything you build in UE4 can be adjusted, modified, and detailed to an extreme from what I'm seeing! The only downside I see so far is that content such as materials and static items cost money. So with that last part said I intend to build some basic terrain environments based on real locations on the planet. Google earth is your friend! Height maps are out there for an easy starting point from what I've seen so far but I have just scratched the surface. Can someone explain to me the process involved in creating a map for game play from map creation to making it playable? I mean if I or someone else creates a terrain map, can someone else take said map, add the buildings and static items to it if they have a picture of the villages and such from say google earth ect? I have ideas on what I would like to work on but without factions that may appear in the game I'm not sure where to look at. My ideas start with of course the middle east, Germany, and central and South America. I may be a noob at this and my map building skills may end up sucking but hey, You have to start somewhere!
  4. Squad sticks on loading/key bindings screen

    ok I found it. thanks. that seemed to fix the problem. maybe they will fix that so we dont have to reset all the keybinds everytime you do that?
  5. Squad sticks on loading/key bindings screen

    where do you find that folder?
  6. Squad sticks on loading/key bindings screen

    I can't find that folder smh
  7. Hey I remember having this problem starting the game when I first installed it. on start up it says display settings not supported. change you display settings in settings. You do that and nothing you pick works. what was the fix for this? I forgot. I just installed a better graphics card and I'm getting this again!
  8. Squad sticks on loading/key bindings screen

    It doesn't do it every time but enough that its getting to be a pain in the butt!
  9. Hey I just bought squad and I'm having problems with it hanging up on the loading screen. you know the one with the flash art of the keyboard layout ect? Any ideas why this is happening?