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  1. ok I found it. thanks. that seemed to fix the problem. maybe they will fix that so we dont have to reset all the keybinds everytime you do that?
  2. where do you find that folder?
  3. I can't find that folder smh
  4. Hey I remember having this problem starting the game when I first installed it. on start up it says display settings not supported. change you display settings in settings. You do that and nothing you pick works. what was the fix for this? I forgot. I just installed a better graphics card and I'm getting this again!
  5. It doesn't do it every time but enough that its getting to be a pain in the butt!
  6. Hey I just bought squad and I'm having problems with it hanging up on the loading screen. you know the one with the flash art of the keyboard layout ect? Any ideas why this is happening?