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  1. "What is harsh doorstop?" Harsh Doorstop is a community made UE4 Framework. "Who is in charge of development?" Bluedrake42 "Where do you intend to take this game in the future?" I would love see people make their own game with it. "How long until you reach a playable alpha state?" Harsh Doorstop is open for use: "I don't know how to program or model at all, is there other ways to help with development?" There are plenty of ways anyone can help, even if it's finding other people that can help. Please PM me if you're interested.
  2. Hello Plotney, thanks for the suggestion. I agree with your opinions on Squads construction due to personal experience with "FOB Squads". I'm not talking about the Squads that can use the FOB/Construction mechanic effectively, rather squads that build unrealistically large FOBs in remote locations of the map with no strategic value whatsoever. While I think the construction mechanics are nowhere near complete, I personally believe they need tweaking. To expand on your sugestions, these are ideas I imagine would have vast gameplay changes. Foxhole/Trenches: I think adding diggable defenses would add variety and allow the player to make a tactical choice on how to defend. Tank Traps / Czech Hedgehogs: Setting up general traps and blockades creates many more gameplay decisions and scenarios. Path Destruction: Having the option to take out a choke point bridge, or even use the environment such as trees to block roads. Sorry for the late reply.
  3. Awesome! Think you can take a stab at a junk tire, or anything else from this pack? As a side note, there is a development discord but right now it's locked down. I will be sure to let you know when it reopens.
  4. Great models. Do you think you would be able to do other assets like fences, barriers, and crates? I'm looking for more world assets because a lot of people are creating weapons at the moment.
  5. Try deleting AppData\Local\Squad. This will delete all in game settings. Googling your problem comes up with this method, seems to have worked for some people.
  6. I'm almost positive you cannot delete posts. Although, yes you can edit them. Obviously.
  7. I have played plenty of OFP. Being realistic, the reason modern games are denying mod support is to keep the consumer buying their newest products. I can go on about why, but I think it's fairly self-explanatory. Saying that, just because a game doesn't have mod support, doesn't make it a bad game, but the game isn't as likely to live as long. Prime example of the relation between mod support and game lifetime would include two games. OFP Dragon Rising, and Arma 2, (both released in 2009). Arma 2 is still played today due to a huge modding community, OFP is essentially dead in the water.
  8. That's a fair point too, but there's plenty of games that are more realism focused that don't require renting servers.
  9. I think it's a good thought, but I don't know of many realism games on console. If you take a look at the websites game page, they're almost entirely PC exclusives, I'm not saying that this is a 'PC only' community. Rather it's focus is on PC like you stated. Some of the games I see viable as realism would be the Tom Clancy games, so stuff like R6, Ghost Recon, and other titles. Along with games like America's Army, and Breach (two games that I don't know the status of at the moment). Other games I think would be good for community-based console players, but aren't fully realism based are Medal of Honor: Warfighter, Planetside 2, and L4D/L4D2. The main problem I see is communication. On PC, you have loads of choices for communication; Steam, Discord, Teamspeak, Skype. On console you're restricted, in more ways then just communication. Although that's not to say it'd make it impossible.
  10. I think it may have just been hidden for review at a later time, I'm sure you're fine.
  11. Name's Ethan, I'm a project manager for Harsh Doorstop, former farmer. Currently making Koi ponds. Huge Halo fan, also enjoy firearms, fishing and bonfires.
  12. Nice art! Saw it in the Iron Armada Discord.
  13. Try replying one more time, I ticked the follow box.
  14. This doesn't send me an email, but direct messages do.
  15. Welcome to the Harsh Doorstop community! If you are interested in participating in development, please follow the links below to get started! Create GitHub Account Create Unreal Account Link Unreal & GitHub Account Download Unreal Engine Download Harsh Doorstop Current Managers: Ethik, Dementei, SRDDonkey Community Development Discord: Community Development Channel: Community Development Livestream: If you have any trouble getting access, please send me a private message.