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  1. Halo Mod

    Please remove the .bat file, I don't want to screen every mod for viruses.
  2. Version 0.2.0r8


    The official client for Iron Armada. This client is only for testing, only functions when the server is live, and will not work when the final game is released. How to play: Download the game, make sure you have an internet connection and the latest version of Java installed. Start the game by launching IronArmada.bat in the /bin folder! Enter your username, and press join! That's it! Some gameplay tips: Each team has a team core. This core represents the mothership. If it is destroyed, your team loses and the round is reset! Mine resources by shooting asteroids, and also enemy ships! Currently only cockpits that are next to reactors are able to fly the ship! Place down more reactors to generate more power for your thrusters/weapons, and use batteries to increase your power reserve! Press "X" to switch to "Marine Mode" which grants you an automatic plasma rifle. This is of course not balanced, and only implemented for testing! Please keep in mind that this game is still in an early state of development! We are currently in pre-zeta ;D many aspects of the game still need to be built up, polished, and balanced! Thanks for helping us test Iron Armada!