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  1. Heyo, glad to have your interest in Harsh Doorstop, definitely looking forward to seeing more of your work!
  2. Sure um, what kind of experience do you have in UE4? Be sure to jump into the Discord
  3. Hello, I am Dementei, a project manager and level designer for the Harsh Doorstop framework, more specifically for our free-to-play game codenamed Aimless Iron. My experience ranges mainly in GoldSrc, Source, and Unreal 4. I have a few games coming up on Steam, you can visit my profile to see those. One of which you may have heard is called Double Action: Boogaloo, here's da_rooftops a map I've spent a bit of time on: You can also get a hold of me for any issues you have or questions relating to Harsh Doorstop, and to even help you get started working with the community on the project. Thanks.