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  1. JB - 3D Environment Artist

    Heyo, glad to have your interest in Harsh Doorstop, definitely looking forward to seeing more of your work!
  2. Dementei: Level Designer & Manager

    Sure um, what kind of experience do you have in UE4? Be sure to jump into the Discord
  3. Hello, I am Dementei, a project manager and level designer for the Harsh Doorstop framework, more specifically for our free-to-play game codenamed Aimless Iron. My experience ranges mainly in GoldSrc, Source, and Unreal 4. I have a few games coming up on Steam, you can visit my profile to see those. One of which you may have heard is called Double Action: Boogaloo, here's da_rooftops a map I've spent a bit of time on: You can also get a hold of me for any issues you have or questions relating to Harsh Doorstop, and to even help you get started working with the community on the project. Thanks.