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  1. A lil somethin somethin: Our supporter store is now live! If you are a supporter you have the ability to claim free games every month! If you were a supporter on an old site or service, message me so we can get your account migrated! View the full article on Steam
  2. Recap Sprint 1 View event details.
  3. At this time, we will be planning our first development sprint. If you can make it great, if not, its okay. We understand the timezone difference. Just be available in the next couple of days to browse the Issue Board to see what task you have been assigned. Topics: Planning which issues fit the scope of Sprint 1 Assigning issue task to Developer's based on expertise Planning how long a Sprint will last (End Date) Looking forward to organizing this project with you all! View event details.
  4. Hello everyone, I am setting up this time to kind of give a basic walk-through on how to use Git source control with GitLabs. If you are a Git King, then this tutorial probably isn't for you. This will be using a CLI tool called GIT BASH. Go ahead and download it if you would like to follow along. I suspect this will last no longer than 30 minutes. View event details.
  5. Rain's Infantry 102 Class Prerequisites: None Preferred: Infantry 101 or equivalent experience View event details.
  6. SOCOM training led by NeroTheHero111 Requirement: tbd Preferred: Advanced infantry tactics or equivalent knowledge View event details.
  7. Join us for some PvP on the Free Candy Van Day of Infamy server. View event details.
  8. Evan's Beginner Officer's Training Prerequisite Class: None Preferred Experience: Advanced knowledge of infantry tactics and basic knowledge of leadership skills. Materials Needed: Patience and a microphone Class Description: This class will teach aspiring SLs and Commanders basic how-to's and tactics necessary to proper functioning of a squad or team. While anyone may participate, this class is heavily geared towards those who have the equipment (a mic) and desire to effectively lead a squad. "No-Mic Infantry" is discouraged in PRA3. View event details.
  9. Althozor's Advanced Flight Training Prerequisite Class: Althozor's Intermediate Flight Training Preferred Experience: Master of Intermediate flight in AFM Materials Needed: None Class Description: In this class we will learn advanced flight techniques in Arma 3's AFM. This includes quick insertion landings and quickly stopping to allow for infantry fast rope. View event details.
  10. Althozor's Intermediate Flight Training Prerequisite Class: Althozor's Beginner Flight Training Preferred Experience: Beginner Level on AFM Materials Needed: None Class Description: Continued class of Althozor's Beginner Flight Training. We will cover intermediate techniques on how to assist fellow ground forces in a helicopter. View event details.
  11. Prerequisite Class: none Preffered Experience: Knowledge of Arma 3's Controls and Keybinds. Materials needed: If possible, Marksmen DLC. Without is no problem either. Class description: In this ~1 hour long (possibly longer) lesson I will teach you the basics of what Arma 3 has to offer regarding sniper-rifles, sharpshooting, spotting, operating drones aswell as working with your spotter/sniper to be an effective recon team. This lesson will be linked with the AFM lesson from Althozor. View event details.
  12. Althozor's Beginner Flight Training Prerequisite Class: None Preferred Experience: Advanced Knowledge of the Arma 3 Standard Flight Model Materials Needed: None Class Description: This class is geared towards teaching new aspiring pilots the basics of assisting fellow ground forces in Project Reality: Arma 3. This class is strictly for people who have never flown Arma 3's Advanced Flight Model. View event details.
  13. Meet in TS at View event details.