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  1. For these days, I will be travelling to California to preview Ghost Recon: Wildlands at an official Ubisoft event! Can't wait to tell you what I think when I return! View event details.
  2. Project Reality Arma 3 Training session created and hosted off-server by Evan Darksky View event details.
  3. So this is the part where you work for us right?
  4. Holy shit dude did you fucking make that that's fucking sick, is that all original work?
  5. Yeah we were talking about that. That's what I was alluding to in the videos. You're able to build a client into a dedicated server by cutting it up... not proper dedicated but better than nothing. Also it might be possible to cut up and convert into something that is headless... not sure. Lot's of different paths forward though. Just a matter of looking into it.
  6. Project Reality Arma 3 Training session created and hosted off-server by Evan Darksky View event details.
  7. hell if I know. doubt it though.
  8. 1.02 I believe. Whatever the Steam version is.
  9. Launch of the server Ip: View event details.
  10. Version 1.0.1


    If another person downloads this without reading the description... and asks me the same question I answer here, I'm going to kill a small animal. In order to host a server that others can see, make sure you open ports 9100-9105 for UDP on your local router firewall. Our community has hosted a new master server for Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. Unzip these two files into your root Dragon Rising directory, and browse other player servers in the LAN browse section in multiplayer. If you like this modification, please consider making a donation, or becoming a supporter here. We need to pay monthly bills to keep the master server active, and your support helps us do that. IMPORTANT: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising's servers are NOT dedicated. Every server you see is hosted by a PLAYER. This means that if you connect to games from Australia, and you're in Canada... you're going to have a bad time. The dedicated server files were never released for this game... in fact some of us think they were never made at all. This means you should try to play on servers within your local area... with low ping. If you don't, you might just ruin the experience of both yourself... and everyone else in the game. Private matches will probably help avoid this. If you have any issues, make sure you report them HERE. Keep in mind Dragon Rising is no longer supported... which means we cannot always guarantee a fix. However we will try our best, and hopefully others with experience in the game will watch these forums. nb4 bluedrake never releases anything Enjoy. Credit to TemplarGFX and Permanull.
  11. Chat: View the full article on Steam
  12. Chat: Please. Everyone who is a normal person is at work... and I'm stuck futzing with this stupid server script that I couldn't make tie its shoes even if it was shoe tying plugin. Help me. Message me on here: View the full article on Steam
  13. ship design balancing

    You know I just realized @Imacds - Cubba if we did this we could probably modify it to work with the existing dynamic block system. Although the only reason I wouldn't want to do this RIGHT now, is just because I want to take one feature at a time. I definitely want to expand power, but not for the first release.