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  1. Scenario Sundays. We discontinued those events a long time ago.
  2. Youtube would have to care enough to let something like that matter. This isn't a legal issue, its simply the fact that Youtube has control of their platform and can do whatever they want. I'm getting demonetized simply because the system is inaccurate, and Youtube doesn't care enough to fix it for channels like mine.
  3. mother... FUCKER. I thought I fixed that... >.> maybe I'll leave it just to fuck with people
  4. Wait I'm confused, are you just trying to JOIN the Discord? If so have you not clicked this?
  5. I've been assessing all my options, I think I'll be ready to make a committed decision in the coming days
  6. Did you not read the disclaimer?
  7. roadmap

    Updates: New characters, supports first person New environment, uneven terrain Custom Assets: One custom character (male) Four custom vehicles (car, pickup, tractor, trailer) Five custom buildings (police station, gas station, convenience store, gun store, motor vehicle department) Five custom weapons (pistol, shotgun, rifle, machete, grenade) Tweaks: Buildings need thicker foundation/stairwell to adapt to our newly uneven terrain Buildings: Police station sign up to be a police officer for 1000$, arresting wanted players makes you money, arresting innocent players loses you money Gun store buy guns for money, practicing shooting on the target range Motor vehicle department buy a license for 500$ and buy vehicles Convenience store buy food that gives you health Gas station buy gas for your car Jobs: Police officer arrest players with wanted levels for money players get wanted levels from killing other players players get wanted levels for driving cars without a license arresting innocent players subtracts money from the police officer players with high enough wanted levels can be killed Dock worker take boxes from dock, and deliver them to the convenience store for money
  8. Trust me, we've done sponsored server deals before... they do not pan out well. Usually the servers are either pulled when the company goes bankrupt (has happened to us 4 times back when we used to do that) or you are required to plug their services to the point where we could just plug our own site the same amount and pay for the servers that way (and have them be up more reliably.)
  9. Ask on Discord =P we have a lot of people from down under <3
  10. The game edition is clearly stated on the store page, and was clarified many times on the livestream. Alpha access is currently over one hundred dollars, and you still have the option to upgrade to that on their website (however it was too expensive for me to confidently sell on this site, especially since the alpha will be closing soon.) The edition of the game couldn't really be clarified anymore than it already is on the page. Please make sure you read the details before purchasing, thanks!
  11. I can only carry the games I'm able to strike deals with the developers for =/ I haven't currently found a distributor for ArmA III... but since there is an interest I will try extra hard! Thanks so much for your interest in supporting us <3
  12. I didn't think anyone would want that but yes I do have it =) I can upload that too if you want <3
  13. Version



  14. ... you do realize this is a monthly raffle giveaway right? You don't automatically receive a full copy of the game just by entering. Please read this information, including the terms & conditions before entering in the future.