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  1. Official Sea of Thieves Inn-side Story #18: Riddle Quests View the full article
  2. Update Notes: Additions: Added Secrets of Neuschwanstein easter egg. Added Prison Warden's Key and ability to lock and unlock cell doors. Added German versions of emergency vehicles. Added support for guns with multiple calibers. Added option for certain areas to have a higher max number of zombies. Tweaks: Tweaked Berlin to have a higher max number of zombies to be more lifelike. Tweaked Augewehr, Nightraider and Fusilaut to take both ranger and military ammunition. Tweaked Syndicate to look more serious. Tweaked to prevent exiting vehicles when a good exit point isn't found. Fixes: Fixed line color of road over dam. Fixed building underneath rocket chamber. Fixed German tree radius inconsistencies. Fixed misplaced water in waterfall cave entrance. Fixed damaging vehicle on busted coalition doors. Fixed scrapping empire blueprint. Fixed (finally) horde beacon difficulty to get set when initially placed. Fixed zombies falling into blast chamber of rocket launch pad. Fixed baking navmesh on extra tall maps. Fixed beta shirt on left-handed characters. Fixed canned food animation cut off. Fixed devkit objects loading after items. Legacy objects didn't have this problem. Fixed Germany analytics. Feedback: Thank you to everyone who's been posting feedback and bug reports around Germany! I've been trying my best to read through all of it and as always it's been a big factor in the changes this update. My intention is to focus on more general changes next update.View the full article
  3. Hey everyone, Another week, another journal! Things are advancing very well over here. Did you happen to see the Uncle Jack takeover on our twitter this week? Sometimes Uncle Jack pays us a visit and decides to answer some questions on twitter. He changes our name for his and even our profile picture; at this point he should probably just open his own account. It turns out, Uncle Jack likes: Strawberry Joy Hansel and Gretel by the Grimm Brothers And does not like: Downers Cold tea No surprises there, then. Narrative Team Alex This week we had our beloved Uncle Jack into the studio, Julian Casey himself. However, no Uncle Jack did he record! Instead he added to his already sizable cache of Bobby barks. And, he gave his grave voice to a ... character that you will meet at the end of the game. And so, I was able to edit the last cutscene of the game. I hope you dig it. Over the weekend I finished up writing lines for the creepy doctor convention. Hayden gave me a bunch of lines to rewrite for two encounters in the Parade District. Much of the time, I’m writing lines for an encounter before it’s finished blocking, so I’m guessing what lines it will need, after consulting with David and the LD. It’s much easier when the LDs can give me, line by line, a rough draft of each line they need. However, when I’m guessing, sometimes I notice logic issues, and sometimes I go off on an interesting toot. So one is easier, and the other is more creative. In other news, Lisa and I will be giving a talk at the Montreal International Game Summit in November about creating the world of Wellington Wells. Come on up! Audio Team Valentino Hey, I'm Valentino and I'm a Sound Designer! Wait what? An audio department?? After all these years? I know, I know... it's the first weekly from us...well... it's better late than never right? This week I imported a lot of lines (Give the lines to the LDs from Wwise (our audio middleware) to Unreal): 672 lines for the Parade district and 265 lines for a main character. Usually, I import 300-400 lines each week after 3-4 sessions with the actors. After that, I had to mix each lines in the game (to make sure all lines are audible). At the same time, I worked on the "crash effect". I wanted to create a new, very creepy atmosphere. For example, I added a "demon effect" for the VO on this state. I hope you will like it :) Design Team Eric-ric-a-ric-arick-rolled Well, fixed a bunch of schtuff this week. Biggest thing was blocking in a new quest for the Parade District. A big rube goldberg type puzzle or monstrosity if you are Guillaume. The rest of the week has been polishing tons of bugs in old encounters so the next update should bring in some good stability to those old encounters. But most importantly Adam comes back on Monday!!! I miss you papa bear! Hayden Hello folks, This week I had the opportunity to revisit some of our older encounters and fix bugs, which also means I had the opportunity to go back through those same blueprints and clean up any boneheaded decisions I made previously—I’m probably the weird-o in the pack that actually enjoys this; there’s something about iteration that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. That’s all I got, have a good weekend! Animation Team Rémi Hello world! Last week, this week and next week are rigging weeks! I was quite productive and got to finish lots of rigs so far. I’ll be able to show you some screenshots this week, but I’ve also been recording ALL of my work, so Clara and I will be working together to make a nice time lapse video and hopefully share it with you guys sometime next week. Also got to rig and implement the first person arms for our 2 additional player characters! Before that, we were simply using Arthur’s arms with a material override. It feels waaayyyy better with the real arms now :) In the meantime, here are some screenshots of the rigs we’ll be showcasing next week! Mike (New guy #2) Hey folks! I spent this week learning the ropes and banging out my workflow in MOBU. Made my first gameplay animation for some NPC’s (Yay!) that is very dramatic! One might even say overly dramatic. Going to keep chipping away at some NPC animations for the next week. That’s it for me, see you next week, same Bat time, same Bat channel! Jules Hi everybody, This week I mainly focused on conversation animations. Bringing characters alive during hilarious dialogue. I hope you’re going to enjoy it as much as I. Ninja Team Clara Clara bo Bara Banana Nana fo Fara me mi mo mara Clara! Hello all! I spent my week balancing between Unreal and After Effects, working on the User Interface and loading screens for the next update. With Evan, one of our Snowed-In programmer friends, we are focusing on the crafting screen right now. It's always satisfying to see the progression throughout the week, as it is slowly but surely coming together. Meanwhile, I finished the new loading screen for the Garden District islands! Hurray! If someone had told me three years ago that I would go back to animation and motion design, I would have probably laughed and watched After Effects burns. But eh, here I am now, having a lot of fun making those cameras work. Onto to the Village now! And a happy Bastille Day to our French players! Cheers! Programming Time Michael I spent a lot of the week putting new tips into the game. If you’ve played the prologue you can see how we tutorialise the movement mechanics, but when you reach the open-world area it becomes harder to do tutorials for the important survival elements of the game, as every player’s journey is different. In case you are having trouble keeping yourself alive we will have some new handy in-game tips for you. David and Morgan put together a document that listed a load of tips and when they should be displayed. After updating the data table that holds all the tips for the player, I then worked through the list looking for the place in the our code when we could detect that you were in a state that corresponded with the triggering event for the tip. If you’ve just left combat mode and your health is low, now would be a good time to give you the hint about healing items. It was an interesting task as it took me through a lot of different sections of the gameplay code, a real adventure. Chris Hi all! Haven't given an update in a few weeks due to vacation, but I'm pretty excited to be back at work. Why? Because I received a nice big 4k/HDR TV this week. My desk is getting a bit crowded now with a giant TV and devkits, but it's definitely worthwhile. The best part is that I was able to get a first pass at HDR working on our PC build. We still need to do some tweaking, but I'm happy with the first pass. Unreal's SDR tonemapper is already excellent, so most of the changes are subtle. This is a good thing... we don't want the game to completely change when you enable HDR! The most noticeable differences are that there are more details within the very bright and very dark areas, especially when there are bright areas right next to dark areas. I think we still have some work to do on this feature and we also have to make sure that it's worth spending the extra computing power. I'd love to share some screenshots, but unfortunately, I don't have a good way to showcase HDR in a regular screenshot on a normal monitor. The best I could do was take pictures, but even that doesn't do it justice. Here's a simple example (you'll have to ignore the reflections from the window on the left side of the TV screen). SDR: HDR: In the picture of the SDR game, the detail of the yellow filing cabinet gets washed out because the lighting is too bright. In the picture of the HDR game, we still see the details and - here's the part that doesn't really convey in the pictures - the cabinet is actually as bright as in the SDR picture. Unfortunately, we lose that information in the pictures and it just looks different. We can easily debate which picture looks better, but everybody at the office seeing the difference in person has said to me that the HDR version of the game looks better (at least for this simple test case). Guess you'll just have to see it for yourself! Art Team Carylitz This week was again a rollercoaster of changes on the props I was working on, but all for the better! I did the last big machine, and the console to control them, so spent a lot of time bothering Eric :D. And for a change i'm working in a new location! It's been a while, so I will be working on this location and the props of the encounter! I don’t want to reveal what this is all about, so here’s a crafty image hinting at what is to come: Thanks for tuning in! Compulsion Games View the full article
  4. Sea of Thieves Inn-side Story #17: Shipwrecks View the full article
  5. Hello everyone, its been a long time. I'd like to show you my new job. Introducing Hostile Intent Youtube demonetizing military simulation related content has hit our community hard. Many of our projects have been forced to be put on hold, and many of us have had to find new lines of work. For myself, I am lucky enough to have found employment in late 2016 before Youtube implemented its new drastic changes... and I'm ready to finally show you what I've been working on with our team. What is Hostile Intent? Hostile intent is a combined arms, multiplayer, team-oriented shooter, and will be one of our first original games built on Unreal Engine 4. Our original work in Unreal Engine 4 with Harsh Doorstop attracted a number of investors to our small studio, and offered a few of us an opportunity to work on this upcoming game. Over the past six months we have been building the foundation of this game, which will be ultimately released on Steam under Drakeling Labs. What is your relationship with Hostile Intent? I have been employed as a creative director and part-owner of Hostile Intent since late 2016. Hostile Intent is currently planned to be released under our company name on Steam, with a release date that has yet to be decided. How does Hostile Intent affect other projects such as Harsh Doorstop, and Project Reality: ArmA III? Unfortunately Youtube's demonetization of our community's content has forced me to shelve development on certain projects and seek employment elsewhere (with Hostile Intent) at least until the surrounding circumstances have changed. Advertisement revenue is unfortunately no longer a reliable means of income, and as such... many projects (including Harsh Doorstop and Project Reality: ArmA III) have suffered. Project Reality: ArmA III will still be released to the public on our development repository page here. Harsh Doorstop will unfortunately be archived until we are able to continue developing it at a later date. I wish things could have been different, and that I wouldn't have needed to to seek employment elsewhere... but the world does not bend to my will. Either way, I have appreciated everyone's support and patience with me during these trying times. I loved our work on Project Reality: 1942, Project Reality: ArmA III, and Harsh Doorstop... and I still would love to continue them as soon as circumstance and financial stability allow. Iron Armada will luckily not be affected, as it is a commercial project that can financially sustain itself. It will still be released on schedule through Steam. We are lucky to have a vibrant team of motivated and talented developers working on it, and I hope it will still have your support when it officially releases. Thank you for your support, and I look forward to talking to you again. Hostile Intent is a new chapter for me and our community, and it is my hope that the success of Hostile Intent will power all our community projects in the future. I will be writing more development blogs on our game very soon, and will be working my hardest to keep everyone informed of new developments within both our community... and the development of our games (including Hostile Intent.) If you would like to keep in touch with development directly, be sure to join our project pages below. See you soon! - The Hostile Intent Team
  6. The keys work globally
  7. Foxhole 0.0.33 Update Released! Rifle Grenade Launcher and Fisherman's Row Skirmish Map! Rifle Grenade Launcher The Rifle Grenade Launcher is inspired by the M1 Grenade Projection Adapter, which was able to load and launch regular hand grenades. In Foxhole, the Rifle Grenade Launcher will be an accessory that can be equipped to Rifles. Once equipped, the Rifle can be switched to fire Grenades by toggling it's Fire Mode via a key press. Grenades thrown with this accessory can reach distances further than those thrown by hand. Initially, the Rifle Grenade Launcher will be compatible with Frag Grenades, but were exploring the idea of allowing it to be used with other grenade types like Smoke and Green Ash. Fisherman's Row We are introducing the first ever 60 player "skirmish" style map to Foxhole. This map will be designed for faster paced gameplay that will be appropriate for new players and veterans that are interested in training exercises or smaller skirmishes. Fisherman's Row is an island off the West coast of the old Warden Empire and features beaches, farm lands, and hilly areas. There are other gameplay changes, improvements, and bug fixes in this update. I highly suggest reading the full release notes HERE[]. Grab the latest update HERE View the full article
  8. Hey all, Another very busy week here at Compulsion. On the non-development side we are finalizing some very exciting marketing details for the future. It might sound odd, but there is a lot of fun in looking after marketing details - particularly pieces that will be seen by potentially millions of people. As you can imagine, something might work for someone but not for someone else, so which is best? Is it too artsy? Not artsy enough? What does this convey to someone who has never seen the game before? All that fun jazz. This week we also welcome 2 new animators to the team! Jules and Mike. The team has grown a lot in the past 2 years. When we first started this project we were 9 and now we are 30 employees! The game has also grown a lot thanks to your support and feedback. Rest assured that we will support you and the game back after we release the final version :) Production Team Sam One of the less talked about topics in our weeklies is how we structure and organise tasks. Like many other teams, we use JIRA to help organise, plan and manage the thousands of tasks that we need to do to build the game. We’ve used JIRA since early 2016 (creating 7000 tasks in this time), but we’ve had a pretty loose structure - assign tasks, have a bit of chaos, and then try to tighten things up as we approach an update release. We also have only been writing up significant issues - eg cosmetic issues for AI, UI, world generation, etc weren’t worth bugging because those systems would change before release, and fixing them now would be a waste of dev time. However, now that those systems are reaching their final design, it’s time to record and fix these things… but this leads to information overload. I decided a couple of months ago that this wouldn’t work as we were trying to finish, polish and ship 1.0, so I have spent time in the last few weeks cleaning up the database, organizing, and doing all the OCD things that make me happy. Except the long weekend, where I spent Canada Day and its friends combing through our 1400 open tasks, prioritizing/questioning/chasing as necessary, and merging our story and Early Access databases to prepare for what is to come. I did not enjoy that so much. But, things are much better organized, and hopefully this will mean the next update will see a good increase in quality and in useability. I did have one great task I found though. The elusively named “sarah”, which had no description. I will ponder the meaning of this task forever. Narrative Team Alex I spent much of the week writing up the creepiest medical convention you’ll ever willingly attend. Annnnnd we’re scheduling recording sessions for Arthur, Miss Thigh Highs, the Mad Scotsman, his Special Friend, and particularly creepy Doctor. Design Team Eric This week has been stubbing in part of a mini boss fight before going back to working on the level I was working on before. It’s the big puzzle map from a week or two ago. The hard part (the puzzle) is done now, so I’m just stubbing in the rest of the quest itself, and working with Guillaume, Cary, and Whitney to art it up and create some custom machines for this puzzle. Art Team Carylitz I can finally show some of the props I have been working on! YAY! So for this week I tried to go a little bit faster and not lose quality in the process (my brain is dying), but I think so far so good. I did 3 big machines made out of other props and some new pieces. I have been following some concepts from Whitney and checking with Eric to see if the asset will work in the scene and the functions for the gameplay. I also did some corrections on secret props for Remi, so he can rig them! I think that's all for me this week, have a nice weekend! Animation Team Rémi Hello all! This week started off slowly as we began planning our upcoming weeks. We did a huge clean up in our tasks and rearranged them. We also welcomed 2 new junior animators! We helped them setup their PCs and had them play the game. A little bit more formation on our animation pipelines and they should be good to go! It’ll be fun to see what they can do. During the other half of the week, I got back to rigging. Sadly most of the props I rigged this week were Narrative/Story related. The only one thing I can show you is this magnificent Fire Extinguisher (Modelled by Marc-André): I also took some time to fix some rigging bugs. Bugs that used to slow down our animation process. For example, the feet controller orientation on one of our Narrative Rigs was facing the wrong direction. Which obviously makes it more complicated to pose. That’s it! There’s more rigging to come in the upcoming weeks and I’ll try to keep you updated as much as possible. Mike (*Whispers*One of the new guys) Hey folks! I’m Mike one of the new Junior Animators that joined the team this week. It’s been a great week full of getting to know the game, getting to know all my new teammates and getting settled in. Not much else to add right now other than I’m super stoked about joining the team and having had the chance to play the game a bit, let me assure you, you won’t be disappointed! I’ll be working hard to bring you the best animation I can muster! Have a good one! Jules Hi everybody, I'm one of the new animators! I’m really happy to join Compulsion Games and this amazing team. This week I mainly met people and played the game. I didn't know We Happy Few before joining Compulsion, but now after playing many hours I'm totally addicted. At every new game I discover a new epic situation or dialogue that makes me laugh. Thanks Pudge Compulsion Games View the full article
  9. Germany Map: The new Germany map is finally here and available to play under the Official maps tab! Germany is a new large sandbox survival map trying out several gameplay twists. It's more vertically oriented than any previous map with medium cliffs in the East blending into towering mountains in the West. It's more spaced out than Russia and has increased military presence similar to Washington including Coalition encampments. It also makes use of the features I've been adding the past couple months through areas like a submerged town with the most useful loot deepest underwater, cascading waterfalls, a burning crash site with primarily burning zombies, pathfinding for zombies over the city rooftops and quite a few underground locations. 3 Year Anniversary Event: Today marks 3 years together on Steam and Unturned's transition out of Early Access! To celebrate anyone that plays over the next 3 days will have a chance to be dropped the Anniversary Gift Bag and everyone who's helped out over the course of Early Access will receive some special cosmetics! These past ~4.5 years have been a crazy journey and I'm very proud to see how far we've come from the first version of Deadzone to Unturned 3.20 now. It's been a pleasure and lots of fun evolving the game this whole time alongside you. It boggles my mind how long some of you have been with me and I can't thank you enough for your support, but a huge thank you nevertheless. This community has changed my life and opened up so many cool opportunities, and I'm incredibly excited looking to the future with all the awesome updates and directions I want to take the game. I hope you enjoy the update and as always I'm eagerly awaiting your feedback to improve Germany! Update Notes: Additions: Added Germany map. Added Swissgewehr. [ID 1488] Added Swissgewehr Magazine. [ID 1490] Added Fighter Jet. [ID 140] Added Dumptruck. [ID 141] Added Prison Transport Truck. [ID 142] Added Eagle. [ID 157] Added Rabbit. [IDs 149-156] Added Beetle. [IDs 158-165] Added many new level editor assets. Workshop: Accepted several workshop items into the July 2017 Workshop Crate #3. Accepted many new workshop items to the Stockpile. View the full article
  10. Hell Let Loose Reveal Trailer View the full article
  11. Play a Game: Hey! Time for some PVP session, this time we'll play team elimination which has only 20 slots, so don't join in too late! The server will be located in Europe and will be up right before the session starts. For those who don't know how the TEAM ELIMINATION PvP mode works, you can have a look at the wiki: For more infos about the event: View the full article
  12. Sea of Thieves Inn-side Story #16: Storms View the full article
  13. Hey there AFF Community! Here's one more patch to address the awesome feedback we've been getting since the last major update, before we go back to implementing new content. We made a lot of adjustments to maps. And not only to the newest Lukather maps, we've also redesigned the gameplay of the least played pair - Meudeverre Territories is now focused on lighter ships that can move around this big map faster, while Meudeverre Incursion received an overhaul of its objectives. They should be more interesting and dynamic to play and feel more unique now. We've also made several balancing tweaks and small quality-of-life additions (a toggle option for leaning, for example). There's been some reports of the game crashing on alt-tabbing or changing the visual settings too. Even though these cases seemed very rare (AFF might be not particularly well optimized yet but it sure is stable on the vast majority of systems) we managed to find a potential offender - a bug where the engine wouldn't clear certain texture buffers correctly, resulting in an inevitable crash on changing graphics options or resolution. Hopefully that issue is gone now. We'd also like to use this opportunity to remind everyone that it's the last day of the Steam Summer Sale! You can still grab AFF at 30% off! Changelog: New phase for Meudeverre Incursion, with generators to destroy. Beware the EMP when they blow up! Adjusted the objectives in Lacroix Slightly adjusted the spawn locations in Irega Replaced Ixion's station missiles with gatling guns for less infuriating flying experience Adjusted the Incursion phases in Yin Tao Shan Re-balanced the NB3345 map to be focused purely on battleships and their fighters and bombers Removed battleships from Meudeverre Territories because they were no fun on this huge map with tight spaces between the asteroids Extra ammo suit mod will now grant 30% more ammo for all guns instead of adding clips. Multiple mods of this type can still be stacked. Human players per team noted on scoreboard for easier balance checking Added a "toggle leaning" option, can be enabled in the Controls->Misc section of the Settings menu MNL alt-fire will now produce bouncy grenades Increased damage dealt by the "return to battle" volumes to 200 per second Increased bleed-out time Increased point-defense flak damage Fixed lock-on line-of-sight calculations when aiming from a vehicle or a ship Fixed a rare crash on changing visual settings or resolution Fixed a few issues with the boarding icons display logic Fixed several destroyable elements (like breach pods) receiving less damage than they should Fixed the extra ammo suit mods not working for weapons that don't store ammo in magazines/clips (like the P8 rifle) Fixed support points not popping up when repairing ship components Fixed the delay on displaying the scoreboard screen Fixed blocked breachpoints inside the Khamun frigate Trimmed the unruly hedges and shrubberies in Lukather, smoothed over the random edges that ended up becoming a safety hazard Lukather Territories now has a properly configured sea level too, eliminates players falling in. Adjusted the effect of falling into the ocean Lukather now has "return to battle" areas properly configured according to Incursion phases The top of the Lukather tower now with more railings and less nasty hidey-hole Slightly less opportunities to glitch vehicles into the terminal on Lukather Corrected planting the hack spikes taking unusually long on Lukather Added some cars to the rather barren Lukather parking lot Replaced temporary TacMap icons for several locations in various maps Fixed several mis-placed and mis-scaled "return to battle" volumes around the maps Thanks again for the excellent, in-depth feedback, keep that coming guys and girls! And see you on the battlefield! Onwards and upwards!View the full article
  14. Hey fellow Runners! Here's a quick bug splat update! The new FoV visualization introduced two weeks ago had some occasional but drastic performance issues and random white blinking happening from time to time, those should be in a better shape now. During the Summer Sales, plenty of new faces appeared on Discord (more than 200!). We got some great feedback and community interactions, keep 'em coming! To celebrate the growth of our Discord channel, we’re organizing a PVP event this Thursday evening European time. The game mode will be announced later! Here’s the change log for 1.53’s tweaks and fixes: Changelog v1.53: maps: minor changes here and there invasion: player faction swapped to Greenbelts dominance: "Islet of Eflen" (known from team elimination) map added to the map rotator as capture and king of the hill mode dominance: default PLAYER_AI_REDUCTION changed from 2 to 3. dominance: added mobile armory to the "Copehill Down" map dominance: fixed the deploy_gl resource to not deploy anything dominance: adding TOW in armory dominance: adapting the price of deploy_gl, deploy_minig and TOW resources deathmatch: FoV enabled on default deathmatch: minor resources tweaks fix: vulcan and mortar tank now don't spawn on a reserved slot anymore fix: fixed several item specific backwards crouch and walk animations fov: adjusted claymore detection offset in FoV mode fov: optimized FoV visualization some bit fov: fixed FoV visualization causing white blinking occasionally AI: fixed regression with boats travelling on ground occasionally when simulated i.e. far away from players HUD: changed how vehicle hover-over info works: now shows "stolen" when operated by other faction than owner, and spawnpoint vehicles show "disabled" when spawnpoint not usable modding: added USABLE_FOR_COVER for vehicles modding: added VISIBLE_HEIGHT for items, goes to the main tag weapon, carry_item, etc. modding: added PLAYER_AIM_TO_CROSSHAIR character parameter, 0 or 1 View the full article
  15. Hi everyone, Things are going well in the old Compulsion factory. We are working and planning the August update… and something else ;) As you know, the Joy related update will be the last major content update before the final release of the game. Some key features of that update are: new UI, new Joy effects, fast travel, AI overhaul and much more! But let’s not spoil it all, we need to keep some of it for the update release video :) Lately a lot of players have been asking us why we didn’t participate in the Steam sale, or in sales in general. The reason for this is because the game is currently already at a reduced price for Early Access, both because the game isn’t finished and also because we’re holding back the main story content of the game. We make a point to mention it periodically, but the price will go up as we get closer to the final release of the game. We also believe that discounting now would not be fair to the Early Access and Kickstarter players that have supported us so far, when the game had even less content than it has today. We want to be as open as possible with you guys about our decisions and always make a point to explain them. If you have any questions about why we do things, we are here ready to answer. Art Team Guillaume Today I can proudly show you what I have been working on for the past week. Tree variants! I know, I kind of showed you some WIP in another weekly but this time I’ve finished the different leaf and bark textures and they are spawning in the world. This is gonna change the way the Garden District looks and hopefully will make the game feel better and more alive. Marc-André These past two weeks, I’ve been doing the ground floor lobby of a very special upcoming encounter. It is my first time working with a brutalism interior and it’s been really fun to experiment with the architecture style! As we move into the new biome, buildings are much taller which allows us to create very nice shapes and composition. For the lobby, I created forty-five new custom meshes, including a new set of railing and new textures, such as marble for the floor. But… this location is so special I can’t show it to you guys. Be patient and one day you’ll get to discover it! Today I’m moving to the upper floors of said encounter. I have a good vibe about this! It will be one of a kind. Whitney Hi everyone! I don't post very much because my days generally consist of meetings, spreadsheets, reviews, feedback, planning, collecting references, crudely painting over 3D locations, and hastily throwing together concepts collaged from random photo sources that are purely for internal reference and in no state for public viewing. That’s the sad truth about so much concept art. Either that or the concepts are for unreleased, super secret and exciting locations that we can't talk about :( So I apologize, but rest assured, we're very busy working hard to make the game beautiful!! And soon, I promise, we'll have beautiful concepts to show. Sarah Well shucks, it's been a while since I've posted an update. I've been knee deep in UI mockups and meetings for what feels like an eternity now, but things are starting to take shape in a really sexy way. Here's the Map screen and Fast Travel screen Mock-ups I finalized not moments ago! I was featured with Michael in a video about the new Inventory Screen a couple of weeks ago, but what the video failed to include was Clara's heavy involvement in its development and realization. This is entirely due to the fact that Clara is the one making these videos, and is too camera-shy to take any credit for the great work she's doing, so shout out to Clara. You go, Glen Coco. Speaking of Clara, together we're juggling back and forth between the other UI screens AND some faaaaaaaancy fancy 2D animations (unrelated to the UI screens), so stay tuned! Engineering Team Chris and Rob Hi all! So we've almost finished the work to get a UWP build to QA. Right now, we just have to rebuild a few third party libraries to fix some app certification errors. Good news is that this means that we've begun working on our next task: HDR! There's lots of math involved to get this working properly, but luckily we have lots of Unreal examples to work from. Personally, I think that the art and style of this game is very conducive to the increased colour range and contrast of HDR. So I'm really excited to see how this turns out! But first things first... math and shaders. We'll keep you posted on our progress in the next updates! Serge Not much to say this week, I focused mostly on bug fixing and iteration of conformity rules ... it doesn’t sound like much, and it’s a little boring to look at, but trust me... it’s interesting. Take the behavior around corpses left behind by the player; we had prototype where you can make them sleep (rather than kill them) so they can wake up at some point later in the game. While in theory it looks fun, the lack of feedback make it near impossible for the player to understand plus it conflict with other gameplay so I had to cut that out from the code! Michael I’ve been working on improving the systems behind the different states of Joy. David had written up a design a long time ago, and we’re finally getting round to working on it. The idea is to get it so that you are more aware of whether you will crash, overdose or go into a withdrawal when you’re taking Joy, and to make those states more punishing gameplay-wise, because remember: Drugs are bad! Joy is a big part of the game, so you won't want to avoid it all together, but you’ll have to be smart about how and when you take it. I’ve started off by separating out each of the four states (Joy, overdose, withdrawal and crash) into separate Unreal blueprints, so that I can hand them over to Emmanuel to make the effects of each of them more distinct, beautiful, and scary. Narrative Team Alex I’ve been editing a series of encounters for Miss Thigh Highs’ playthrough. She climbs a foggy crag to find a young woman, a middle-aged woman, and an old woman. They seem to know quite a bit about her present and her future. They use the word “hurly-burly.” Sometimes they speak in unison. An encounter hub is an encounter you keep coming back to for multiple missions, like Johnny Bolton, the lad in the treehouse. One of the things I most enjoy about our game’s narrative is that we are in a town where everyone knows each other. Writers of games which start with the protagonist having amnesia don’t know what they’re missing. When people know each other, it’s easier to motivate quests. “I will give you this shiny new sword if you go to this dungeon and steal a goblet for me” becomes, “You owe me, you son of a bitch!” which makes for much more compelling television game writing, I think. Design Team Adam Well, I have been on paternity for 3 weeks now, but I still manage to check in with the team on slack every day or so. It’s actually been very nice to chat with the team about theory and rules without the backlash of actually being there. It gives me a new perspective on the whole thing. Eric Week 3 of Adam being out of the office. It’s been really good having him not be here. Jk. You know I love you Adam. This is essentially my weekly as I’ve been out of the office moving to Montreal most of the week. Either that or Quebec Holidays. I guess I did some bug fixing too, and I’m starting to work on a small boss fight. Since Roxanne isn’t here I’ll mention what she was working on. While ramping up she was also working on an encounter called Love Birds that David has wanted in forever. There were already 2 other attempts at getting it in that just never made it. Roxanne has done a full block in pass on this and it looks pretty good. Once art/anim spread their love all over it, it’ll be pretty awesome. Animation Team Vincent Ahoy! We spent some time this week doing some HR… Yup, we are going to welcome two new animators in our ranks… They’ll be presenting themselves in the coming weeks I’m sure. They will help us with all the animation needs for the next encounters, which will allow a part of the team to stay full time on cinematics. Speaking of cinematics, we are all three working on them at the moment, starting new ones and editing some on which the script has changed. To help with the latter, I worked a bit on a python script that allow to easily shift keyframes around on a whole scene and multiple animation layers… which is a pain to do by hand in Motionbuilder! Thanks for tuning in! Compulsion Game View the full article