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  1. We're trying to make this more public but hopefully you can understand half of that battle is legal. There is a lot of EULA and distribution agreements we need to spend time to completely understand so when we DO release all our work to the public (and push it) we do it in the most impunable way possible.
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    Artist(s): Bluedrake42
  4. Dude honestly any grid inventory style inventory makes me super hard. Anyone who knows me should know this by now lol
  5. ye. stroke that flashlight. stroke it good.
  6. I'm colorblind so idgaf
  7. Dude holy shit wat, this is fucking amazing
  8. Thanks for reposting =) <3 sorry I never got those old forum posts migrated
  10. So you and me are gonna make a mech game right? ;D
  11. but we would get sued so hard by EA if we did a C&C remake in HD
  12. dude...
  13. In fact the game Battlegrounds already employs a similar system, which is why their terrain is so expansive =)
  14. It is TECHNICALLY possible. Technically 0.o but hasn't been done yet. Should be totally possible though, but might take some creative thinking to accomplish.
  15. We actually have someone looking into procedurally generated terrain as well, which could drastically increase map size to ArmA levels of scale <3 =D