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    projectrealitybf2 Online Project Reality Burning Sands
    Burning Sands
    55 / 100
    Player Name Score Time Played
    [TZ] FFG 1454 frags
    [TZ] Cleavetester 1207 frags
    Aux.| Submox 964 frags
    |69th| singh408 892 frags
    Foshinator 764 frags
    DudeofDeath 755 frags
    ]SOD[ [VN].SLATuAn 745 frags
    NZTwo_Sheds 727 frags
    Roy1 673 frags
    CaptainPellaeon 673 frags
    [bD] GroovyGuru 640 frags
    MilesdeColwell 632 frags
    SuitDuck 627 frags
    =DRK=SLAMMED 624 frags
    Scipio 583 frags
    StanTheMeatMan 538 frags
    [R] InfratorVanileiro 482 frags
    NordicWarrior 440 frags
    Sphek 417 frags
    run_away 399 frags
    Robinnoob 377 frags
    Nya~ bigbthebabyeater 339 frags
    magnet6868 332 frags
    Damonsalvator 325 frags
    Tashad 277 frags
    Dracul_tha_Ragnar 260 frags
    SAUR Gamingsaur 259 frags
    Dorian2203 227 frags
    oniebancale 222 frags
    Shoooooter 177 frags
    =]H[= n0name-55 177 frags
    Decoypig 172 frags
    War_Face 162 frags
    [bD] YAK 127 frags
    NP RainbowStalin 124 frags
    DrRobert 114 frags
    Sledging 107 frags
    Gewehr 65 frags
    GuYing 58 frags
    [bD] FIow 31 frags
    MahirKara 20 frags
    Pogranichnik 0 frags
    =Maluka=].M.[ 0 frags
    Firas_IQ 0 frags
    BigGucciSosa 0 frags
    AlCamus124 0 frags
    Cake213 0 frags
    YoungDeal 0 frags
    PLA=007 0 frags
    DoomSirens85 0 frags
    PLA+TKY 0 frags
    [TZ] Snapdragon 0 frags
    Tukier1 0 frags
    [BFK] Lunnar 0 frags
    axelpradana6 0 frags
    arma3 Online Project Reality: ArmA III VR
    0 / 64
    No Players
    zps Online Zombie Panic: Source zps_town
    0 / 10
    No Players
    Fill servers: 32%
    Total Servers: 3 Online Servers: 3 Total Players: 55 Total Slots: 174 Most Players: 103 Last Updated:


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  • Posts

    • where do I download 1942 i cannot find it anywhere
    • where do I download 1942 i cannot find it anywhere
    • I told u in local several times to stop did i not? I told you we could not attack the cas, and that they needed to be out of main. 10m is not a distance that is an acceptable distance to engage on an enemy DOD. The asset had to be making his way to the cache or far enough from the main that I and the other active admins deemed acceptable. Attacking a asset 10m out of DOD is still considered base rape. They had no chance of ever getting out of main if we allowed this behavior.  You were banned for exactly that, making a point in all chat. All chat is not a place to complain about an issue you may have with an admin or player. This should be done via discord, DM, or here on the forums. You have not played PR in months and FCV has changed drastically with more processes to ensure that the admin team is successful and can adapt to any opinions/reports sent to us. You complaining in all chat does not help us grow and become a better server all. It creates in game drama, that no one wants to hear. This is why you were banned.  Hostile gaming environment basically meaning that your create drama and unwanted issues in the server when you complain via all chat. Players want to have fun and enjoy their game play not have to read you complaints in all chat. The server stops complaints in all chat to prevent someone from triggering the players and creating unwanted drama and conversations that don't need to be in game. This term is not used to create a "Safe Space" but to ensure that our community and players are able to play on the server without someone making "a point" in all chat. My main concern is the server and its community. If you feel that this is disappointing and the issue at hand is garbage that's your opinion. We have rules on this server which has changed over the last few months please read the rules and refresh yourself with our standards.   https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jhDGqsfb7QVkugGOHzK7DnLmKMXFiGfA0qb9srnCKIw/edi
    • He was high and clear of main (the Korengal DoD ends literally 10m outside main). I wouldn't call it "mic spam" that I was telling him to engage, unless the definition of "mic spam" is now you disagreeing with somebody's input. And I was told once to stop spamming all chat, and banned the instant I made my final point, which I'm not debating anyway. To kick me in the first place was petty in itself to say the least, and is the root cause of this "hostile gaming environment". If you don't want a "hostile gaming environment", then please bring some sanity to the table when it comes to being an administrator. If you're going to define that as mic spam then I am going to give you flak for it. Preventing a "hostile gaming environment" sounds an awful like the language used for creating a safe space. Please just tell me how long my ban is going to be if you're really going to stick to your guns on this, the first time playing PR in almost two months just to deal with this garbage is pretty disappointing to be honest.
    • Heres an updated Quarék, with some much needed character