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    teamspeak3 Online Teamspeak ---
    1 / 50
    { {
    Player Name
    arma3 Online Project Reality: ArmA III Altis
    0 / 64
    No Players
    projectrealitybf2 Online Project Reality Jabal Al Burj
    Jabal Al Burj
    0 / 100
    No Players
    squad Online Squad Chora AAS v2
    Chora AAS v2
    12 / 80
    { { { { { { { { { { { { {
    Player Name Score Time Played
    squad Online Squad Gorodok AAS v2
    Gorodok AAS v2
    0 / 62
    No Players
    zps Online Zombie Panic: Source zps_town
    0 / 24
    No Players
    unturned Online Unturned Washington 25 Yea…
    Washington 25 YearsLater
    0 / 24
    No Players
    Fill servers: 3%
    Total Servers: 7 Online Servers: 7 Total Players: 13 Total Slots: 404 Most Players: 414 Last Updated:


  1. Development Projects

    1. Iron Armada   (2246 visits to this link)

      Inspired by Faster Than Light and Rimworld, Iron Armada is a standalone spiritual successor to the Shiprekt modification.

    2. Project Reality: ArmA III   (1323 visits to this link)

      Project Reality: ArmA III is our open source spiritual successor to the discontinued Project Reality: ArmA II modification.

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      Here you can post technical issues, report server outages, or request general help from the community. Many of our most helpful members and staff subscribe to this forum, so assistance is generally not far away.

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      Servers hosted and maintained by our community.

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    • What do community forum owners get? All server, unit, project, and community owners receive their own sub-forum which they have complete control over. This includes your own customize-able forum, event calendar, image gallery, video channel, and (when applicable) file hosting service. Each sub-forum has its own user management system, complete with group assignment, user banners, member moderation, and administration roles. If you are interested in having these systems available to you, consider applying to one of the above departments!
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    • I will review your application. Please reach out to myself or burns via discord for an interview... you may also reach me via steam (same name) to schedule an interview as DMs tend to get lost in all the messages I receive on a daily basis.
    • Free Candy Van - Server Ruleset Mission: Create a server that provides both serious and laid back gaming, in the form of events, training & public gameplay, as well as a strong culture.                                        https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YNRdsrFG0wHwYH8VJWd9d7fnAtk6ZhftQMxIUaIMGC4/edit Join us on Discord:  https://discord.gg/7fcbWXb   
    • In-Game Name: [ŢNS] Demon Steam ID64: 76561198249638558 Date of Birth (Age): 7/15/98 (19) Country: United States of America Time Zone: EST Spoken Languages: English Time Playing Squad: 292 Hours+ Other admins you have played with: I know I've played with a few like; MiSsToX1c, StrikerC123, Brotherrrr, and others that I unfortunately can't remember the names of. Anything else? I'm a laid back gamer who enjoys having fun within the rules, speaking of which I have read the rules thoroughly. I'm usually available to help seed, but there will be times where I'll be unable to. I can get along with just about anyone. If approved, I will need a bit of training as it would be my first time being a Squad Admin. Thanks for reading friend.
    • Please use the following template when submitting a report. Username: Date: Reason for report: Evidence:  
    • P.S you should make this an app