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    projectrealitybf2 Online Project Reality Yamalia
    77 / 100
    { { { { { { { { { { { { { {
    Player Name Score Time Played
    [LAUN] ModizLT 0 frags
    SparkleSparkle 0 frags
    <(00)> CarlosCastaneda 0 frags
    Mmgssc 0 frags
    SemiGod 0 frags
    CRAZYTim25 0 frags
    nuqman 0 frags
    MOHAN 0 frags
    semGod 0 frags
    Cpt.FireEagle 0 frags
    Lt.Musti242 0 frags
    NP Hanniballektor 0 frags
    leqer 0 frags
    TjemniyUA 0 frags
    TitoTheThug 0 frags
    Turki_ksa_Turki 0 frags
    Reymar 0 frags
    Zabuza 0 frags
    chupachup 0 frags
    b|ackadder 0 frags
    privatetehryan 0 frags
    HQ Bartimeys 0 frags
    Ayyman 0 frags
    Laboetie 0 frags
    nukeliar 0 frags
    |69th| singh408 0 frags
    Heavensrat 0 frags
    ERNEST-GOES-TO-WAR 0 frags
    [bD] travycrack 0 frags
    ]SOD[ [VN].SLATuAn 0 frags
    Boomkoko220 0 frags
    l|l teunvd 0 frags
    [F|H] HokutoNoKen 0 frags
    TGmcice 0 frags
    11B-Morgan 0 frags
    Greek_Lizard 0 frags
    Binextdoor 0 frags
    OP z_OP 0 frags
    (Lv.3) ^o^|*YuKi* 0 frags
    D.Rider 0 frags
    CyCalone 0 frags
    hasanagir144 0 frags
    namarrkon 0 frags
    F|PRTA Buttermilch25 0 frags
    Petar97 0 frags
    FoxhoundOz 0 frags
    MONGOL jybbe 0 frags
    Solid.Av8. 0 frags
    NiLSFiSh. 0 frags
    me_snipaGR 0 frags
    Bigblack 0 frags
    Fang910 0 frags
    Smichal 0 frags
    Aux.| Submox 0 frags
    NP Max22 0 frags
    [tO] AEDarkside 0 frags
    xlethallukex 0 frags
    Giraffe*inAlaska 0 frags
    MONGOL K-Massive 0 frags
    kornjaca 0 frags
    [bD] [R-DEV]camo 0 frags
    :HALIBAVG:[TH] 0 frags
    [LTU]~Nonpresumer~ 0 frags
    squires990 0 frags
    arma3 Online Project Reality: ArmA III Altis
    0 / 64
    No Players
    zps Online Zombie Panic: Source zps_town
    0 / 10
    No Players
    Fill servers: 44%
    Total Servers: 3 Online Servers: 3 Total Players: 77 Total Slots: 174 Most Players: 119 Last Updated:


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  • Posts

    • Found out that shit was temp. You can go ahead and close this. Thanks.
    • In-Game Name: _kai CD Hash (Identifier): 40601e4c94d3bc3234bce7f12539c3b3 Date of Appeal: 4/24/17 Date of Infraction: 4/24/17 Administrator on Duty (if Applicable): idek Additional Information: Decided to pull an all nighter and have been playing PR since I had gotten off work. Horribly lost the game beforehand due to autistic "recon" and "sniper" squads. Literally stuck leading the only combat effective infantry squad. Dealt with constant autists in my squad not listening to orders. Squads running around with valuable kits such as HAT, LAT, and combat engie and dying over nothing while the tank beats at us. At this point, I'm pretty irritated (putting it lightly) and want the round to end (Gaza) so at main people were like, "Let's just blow the cache" in local. So in the interest of ending the game, took a combat engie and went to the cache. Planted the TNT and told everyone to go away from the cache and people we're mixed. Some said "sure whatever do it" and others we're hesitant. I heard maybe one out right refusal and that was from NP hannibal-something. First TNT didn't work and then hannibal reported me. While I was planting the second one, I was shot in the back and got banned while wounded. Thinking back on it now, it was pretty fucking stupid considering how they were steamrolling us and if I wasn't so impatient the IDF could have easily taken the cache anyway.  So yeah, I apologize for losing my cool. Just a bit peeved off with having autistic squads, stacked as fuck teams, and shit tier maps no one else wants to play. We might not be able to have map votes, but can we have some goddamn say? Like even saying "Oh if you guys want a map go ahead and pop it in chat so we can get an idea!", would be great!  Once again, sorry about that, just lost my shit and it won't happen again. Next time I get annoyed, I'll just log off. _kai
    • LET'S BLOODY DO THIS! Okay so I'm gonna try this out, and if it doesn't work, too bad I'll make it work The Plan: Step 1: Make the art for Zombies walking, Zombies attacking and Zombies Dying Step 2: Convert knowledge of other programs into Java (Learn Java) Step 3: Program basic randomly generated "ship-wrecks" for the Zombies to walk around on Step 4: Create basic AI for Zombies to use  Step 5: Hopefully once personal servers are released I can implement it in my own server or something Step 6: Play The plan is for this to be something to work on in my spare time by the way And yes, help would be greatly appreciated  
    • Some other stuff

      The explosion was just a test for me to figure out how to animate in photoshop Explosion Thing.mov Screen Recording.mov
    • In-Game Name: ThermalPanda CD Hash (Identifier): 8e06f18fae06b6cf1ed6340676b8e440 Date of Appeal: 4/23/2017 Date of Infraction: 4/21/2017? Administrator on Duty (if Applicable): idk it was end screen Additional Information Pretty simple story was playing if I remember Ramiel ins when we barely pulled off a victory as the US. So in celebration of a close victory I played a short clip of "We are the champions" by Queen at the ending screen. Then at the start of the next round I was banned even though its not like I was playing ear rape music or anything.