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My name is Anthony Winters. I am currently the Community Manager at Oblivion Entertainment. We are a gaming community striving on community member satisfaction and quality roleplay.


What is Oblivion Entertainment?

Oblivion Entertainment focuses on their players, We listen to what every player wants from our community and tailor it to them. We take pride in listening to what the community wants and providing nothing but the best and we like to think that we can be the best. We are a community that offers a lot


What do we have to offer?

Currently what we have to offer as a community is;

  • Arma 3 Life


Our projects later down the road to offer to gamers are;

  • Grand Theft Auto Roleplay

  • King of the Hill - Arma 3

  • Space Engineers


Community Outreach

Our official website can be found here;

Our official discord can be found here;




Anthony Winters

Community Manager

Oblivion Entertainment