Mechwarrior: Living Legends is a combined arms standalone multiplayer mod for Crysis Wars. Taking place in the late Jihad era, Living Legends brings a full compliment of Battletech assets to bear.

Whether it's defending your allies from aerial threats with a Partisan anti-aircraft tank, finishing off a limping enemy with an Epona hover tank, scouting the enemy's position with a Donar VTOL, hunting down bombers with a Corsair aerospace fighter, sieging enemy strongholds with the Mobile Long Tom
Artillery piece, swarming unsuspecting targets with Clan Elemental battle armor, or obliterating the competition with a pair of well placed Improved Heavy Gauss shots from a Fafnir assault mech... Living Legends brings a more complete Battletech experience than any other video game ever has.

Currently available are the Team Solaris Arena and Test of Strength Deathmatch modes, the solaris Arena Free-for-All mode, the spawn-ticket-based Terrain Control mode, and community warfare in the weekly event: Chaos march.

Will you be a forgotten casualty or a Living Legend?



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    3. Chaos March

      What is it:
      An ongoing planetary capture campaign. Initial round will be  16:00- at least 0:00gmt. Multiple factions, led by faction leaders, attack one of thirty planets in a best of 5 map campaign. The event utilizes asset pools to provide asset persistence during a campaign. The drop commences with even numbered teams led by a drop commander. All campaigns add up to one turn of the event. The event continues on weekends until interest fades or a winner is declared. The faction with the most planets at the end will be declared the victor.

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