Read our rules as they are a guideline to how we want games to occur on our server.

Join our discord, we usually announce events, manage players and other things there, not to mention coordinate our admining and seeding.
We also give players the ability to help us manage our maplist, as we do not usually setnext.

Ban Appeals
Create a thread in this forum, copy and paste the following and fill it out:


In-Game Name:

CD Hash (Identifier):

Date of Appeal:

Date of Infraction:

Administrator on Duty (if Applicable):

Additional Information

If an admin has made an error, a player is violating a rule, or there is anything else that is bothering you with the server, make a thread in this forum, copy paste this:


What is the issue?

How should we fix it?

When did it happen?

Anything else?

Admin Applications
If you think you have what it takes to be an admin, please fill out the following information in a thread on this forum:


In-Game Name:

CD Hash (Identifier):

Date of Birth:


Time Zone:

Spoken Language(s):

How long have you been playing Project Reality?:

Additional Information:

Training Server
Our training server is currently called Free Candy Van 2, the password is 1234


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