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In-Game Name: ThermalPanda

CD Hash (Identifier):8e06f18fae06b6cf1ed6340676b8e440

Date of Appeal: 5/17/17

Date of Infraction: 5/17/17

Administrator on Duty (if Applicable): either FAJ, Hanniballektor, or Justice

Additional Information:

Idk this is one of the most stupidest bans I have ever received. It starts with me driving a T62 on Grozny only to get one hit killed by a bmp and so I respawn back at main only to get bitched at by some random blueberry who gets so mad at me he fires and shoots me so I returned fire and killed him. Not only is this ban really harsh its just way out of line for example not to long ago on Khami my trans chopper was shot down at main on the airfield with a full squad inside. Not only did the enemy get away with killing a trans heli and a full squad at main they received no punishment whatsoever and if I did that I would have been perm banned which is ridiculous. Another example was on Al Basrah again I was flying trans to have enemies fire rockets on multiple occasions into the British DOD in which one was able to hit me at the airfield and again I reported the incident only for the admins to slap them on the wrist in which again if I did that I would have been perm banned. But no when I killed one friendly who was shooting at me I get perm banned? This is ridiculous and extremely harsh.

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Slammed    24

I will review your ban.....

Thermal we meet again :P so basically what i am getting is that you got shot at in main and then decided to kill the troll....well in the future what i want you to do is report the incident to the admins on duty. You have a bad reputation and you must understand that with that type of rep you have to be very careful on what you do....this is a temp ban and i will not enforce a perma ban but let it be know if you continue to be an issue you will be delt with and not be allowed on the server. Just remember to report any trolls or tks dont take care of it yourself with the risk of admins thinking your doing it on purpose and you should be good. Now for the other incidents did you report these issues?  i mean we dont have admins in the server 247 as much as we try to it isnt always the case. Use discord we have a report section or even here on the forums we have a report section.....


Just remember you need to be careful and be mindful of your actions





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