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  2. Menu Bug

    When you die while in the menu to pick your class, it stays on the screen and lose the ability to use the core
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  4. Chat Bug

    When you die while typing you lose the ability to type anything while the chat bar stays on the screen mocking you.
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  6. Hi everyone, Breezy update this week. This weekend we will be at MEGA in Montreal. We will even have a photoshoot with some Uncle Jack props, so if you are around, come by and say, “Lovely day for it!” Animation Team - JR, Rémi, Vincent, Mike P, Jules, Raph And Franzi Jules Hi everybody! So this week I’ve worked on the Doctor’s bonesaw attack. I added the VFX and tweaked the animation for it a little bit to look better in-game. During the other part of the week, I’ve started to work on my new task, a new taunt and a death reaction. We want to add some custom animation for NPC’s death. At the moment it’s just a hit reaction with a ragdoll notify inside of the animation sequence. So basically more variant in combat for it to look better. I will share with you some gifs next week. Mike So this week I worked hard to deliver a cutscene that .. well won’t be used anymore. At least not for its intended purpose. Then I moved onto polishing up some animations I had to rush a few weeks ago, and then I finished a first person animation of talking on a Walkie Talkie. So this week has been a bit of a mixed bag, but fun nonetheless! See you next week, same Bat Time same Bat Channel! Vincent Ahoy, long time no see! I’ll just peek my head behind the curtains to confess that this week I took some off time to tweak and polish a bit the Mad Scotsman intro, a cinematic I worked on almost two years ago… daaammn, time flies. The game has changed so much since those days. The team and the office as well! Art Team - Whitney, Emmanuel, Tito, Marc-André, Sarah, Guillaume, Cary And PH Carylitz A lot of sculpting work lately! I have to create a new character variant which is really challenging, but a really fun process. I have also been doing the last touch ups to some maps so we can finish them for real, really small details like fixing lights intensity, arrangement of portraits and moving some props around. I worked in some ninja tasks assigned by Antonio, most of this work is just going back to props and separate them or add pieces. Marc-André and PH We are currently refactoring every single buildings of the Garden District (the procedural fillers as well as the encounters) by adding custom pieces of land. So far so good; we are quite happy with the results we have achieved so far. What this means is that the transitions between the plots are getting a lot smoother. Using vegetation also helps us blend everything together in an organic fashion. Instead of the rigid set of buildings we had, the new plots have a bit more chaos (broken stone walls, plants growing here and there, height variation) which makes the world feel, visually, less procedural. By blending custom-made plots and the procedural world generation, we’re getting closer to a hybrid every day. QA Team - Lee, Stephanie, JP and Alexina Jean-Philippe Rarely ever any interesting news coming from QA. This week has been spent largely regressing fixed issues and disseminating data from other QA testers and playtesters. With this kind of data, we can see potential issues, such as too much time in between two quests, unusually long quests, and it can also tell us roughly how much time it takes to complete our content. Alexina Hey everyone, I started here back in September but haven’t had much to say. There’s nothing beyond the usual (testing, regressing, test plan creating - you know, the usual) going on in the QA world of Compulsion. We had a playtest this week that Lee oversaw, besides that, “nose to the grindstone” as Arthur says (except we’re actually doing so, and not off our Joy). Engineering Team - Matt, Serge, Michael, Lionel, Rob, Evan, Maarten, Céline, Neil And Guillaume (Sometimes) Maarten Hi all! We have been hard at work getting the PS4 build up to par. While Unreal is pretty good at supporting console platforms, it leaves enough things for us to figure out. Those can be simple, like "How do I properly set up our savegames so they play nice with PS4's dashboard?"; less simple: "Where are those damn GPU faults coming from?"; or downright odd: "Why do our houses look like they're auditioning for a Tim Burton movie?" Michael Recently I’ve been going through all the NPC reactions for the naughty things you can do that make them mad, like climbing, stealing their stuff, murder etc. The goal is to make sure it is clear exactly what triggered their reaction, and what you can do to avoid being punished. The reactions consist of 3 elements, the NPC animation, their VO and then feedback through the HUD and status menu. It’s a lot of stuff to test, so my first step was create a level where I can easily spawn each type of NPC and switch outfits and weapons with a few button presses, and fill it with stuff like cupboards to steal from and locks to pick. Then I just have to press a button and check how each character reacts to a guy in a boiler suit and gasmask trying to jimmy bar a window. Are they angry enough? What if I start shoving them? Am I dead yet? ...success! Lionel There are things that make a city (or a hamlet) more believable. Among them is the structure of the road layout. It implies the flow of people over time, some kind of history. So this week, I focused on how to improve the diversity of our roads. The problem is not the roads themselves but when they meet. The crossroads are transition areas that are complex : they are the meeting points for different visual styles and different road width. I am not done but I already worked out the final model for crossroads the game will use. I implemented in a small prototype to see what it would be once on the screen. I made a mockup for our artists to validate (warning programmer art) : And now I am integrating it into the game. “What strange phenomena we find in a great city, all we need do is stroll about with our eyes open. Life swarms with innocent monsters.” Baudelaire, Best City Bro. Publishing – Steve, Jeff, Mike C, Mike R, Austin, Meredith, Elisa, Kat, Kelly, Nicole, Sean, Mike M, and Elliot (and more) Elliot Hey there! I’m Elliot, Gearbox Publishing’s Publishing Producer. What exactly does that (rather redundant) title mean? A number of things! I put together production schedules that incorporate timelines from Marketing, User Research, and Certification from Publishing, plus Compulsion’s development timeline. I coordinate with outsourced localization teams to get the game’s in-menu text and subtitles translated. I also put together the submission materials we send off to the ratings boards, which is what takes up most of my time at this point in development. Each ratings board has different requirements for the submitted materials, and different turnaround times. For example, ESRB’s turnaround time is 5-7 business days, so we can submit to them a little later- but turnaround time for DJCTQ (Brazil) is 30 days, so we submitted We Happy Few to them a few weeks ago and are waiting to receive our rating certification. Many boards require a gameplay video that shows pertinent content – violence, language, and sexual themes, among others – so we’re tasked with finding and recording the “worst” or strongest instances of these that are present in the game, and editing them together for submission to the boards. Kind of a highlight reel of things that might affect the rating of the game. For We Happy Few, we’re expecting to receive 16-18+ ratings with content descriptors calling out the dark themes, violence, sexual references, strong language, and drug (Joy) use. Some boards require a playable build of the game, and a few require a supercut of all the in-game cinematics (I’m looking at you, PEGI!). A few boards have special requirements. CERO (Japan) requires all communications and submission materials to be in Japanese, so we work with a third party (in this case, Neilo) for translation and guidance. IMDA (Singapore) and GCRB/GRAC (South Korea) do not allow extranational applications, so we secure local representation in order to be rated there. It can sound pretty dry on paper, but I enjoy it - both the work itself, and being part of the process of helping Compulsion get their awesome game out there where people can play it! Thanks for tuning in! Compulsion Team View the full article
  7. Update Notes

    Trunk Storage: The long, long requested trunk storage space has finally arrived! You can access it underneath the usual vehicle menu controls like door locks and passenger seating. I did my best to add it to every vehicle, but there are quite a few so some tweaking might be required. Update Notes: Additions: Added trunk space to all official vehicles. Added support for level configs to override mode configs. See the Destruction map config for an example. Added vehicle explosion force option for bicycles. Tweaks: Tweaked auth event for mods to only be called for pending joining players.Fixes: Fixed to force players off destroyed bicycles without killing them. Fixed using doors on car to boost through closed hatch. Fixed crash when zombie destroys bicycle. Fixed dropping throwable when killed while throwing. Fixed using chewing gum in safezone. Fixed chewing gum to explode after fully finishing using. Fixed Liberator lights not turning on/off. Fixed tutorial CCTV note NPC mixup. Next 4.x Devlog: Lots more progress this week! I've been excited seeing your responses to the first Devlog and taking into account all your feedback at this early stage. The next post will probably be sometime next week - moreso timed around milestones than weekly.View the full article
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  9. Conquest Update

    Hey! There are a lot of changes in this update, most noticably a new game mode, weapon and more performant collisions with large vehicles. New: -Conquest game mode -Sniper rifle -Ability to switch between different loadouts -1x1x1s axles -8x2x1s and 10x2x1s flat bricks Improved: -Performance improvements during large vehicle collisions -Reenabled player-vehicle collision in multiplayer -Vehicles do not get damaged from collisions with the player -Players do not get hurt when standing on a moving vehicle -Search bar in the workshop upload menu -Nicer looking glass -More contrasty ambient occlusion -Removed rough falloff around the train tracks on canyon map -Performance improvements on canyon map Fixed: -Fixed not being able to enter passenger seats in multiplayer -Vehicles bouncing when spawned with 0 suspension length -Fixed a bug where rotated bricks would not snap correctly in the editor View the full article
  10. Ban Appeal

    Your ban was removed. Please read the server rules and don't take matter in your own hands next time, just report them to an admin . Have a great day !
  11. Ban Appeal

    I will review your ban please allow me 24-48 hours to review and check with senior admins.
  12. Ship Core Names

    Definitely something we've been thinking about, we haven't decided exactly how they should be name-able yet, but we'll definitely experiment with this soon.
  13. Shield Generators

    We had a discussion about this on the roadmap a few weeks ago. Here are the prototype drafts we came up with.
  14. Guided Missiles

    Rockets are definitely on our radar, we just haven't decided how to do them yet. We could actually make it so rockets can be "built" by putting small blocks together. Not sure.
  15. Capital Core

    Hm, interesting thought. Might have to do that... different factory sizes. Good idea.
  16. Build scrap deposite

    Definitely something we've thought of doing, but just need to do it the right way. In fact we're thinking about overhauling the mining system entirely, where instead of credits... you have rock pieces inside your inventory, that you then have to go process by "selling" to a factory.
  17. Maneuvering Thrusters

    Already in the game =P
  18. Official Sea of Thieves #BeMorePirate Trailer View the full article
  19. Iron Armada (Open Pre-Alpha)

    does this game work on apple laptops
  20. Read our latest development blog to find out about new features that we're working on! Devblog[] Check out the latest community created art, videos, tools, and more our highlights post. Community Highlights[]View the full article
  21. Players could deposit build scrap into a core so some players would just mine asteroids in order to accumulate enough to buy a Capital Core and bigger components. Would make for more specialized roles, where you would have miners and ship builders as separate roles in order to build bigger ships, because it isn't viable for a single player to do it on their own.
  22. Capital Core

    Bigger core providing upgraded components for massive ships. Bigger engines, 2x2 armor blocks, bigger guns, etc. Costs a lot more, maybe 50,000, and would require a change so a team could accumulate build scrap to purchase it and more expensive components.
  23. 1.61 update released!

    Hello Runners! Today we bring you an update, which is for the most part about fixing stuff for the initial release of the PACIFIC DLC. Changelog v1.61 (Vanilla): vehicles: fixed reverse speed limiting modding: vehicles - added individual tire visual control with index keyword modding: vehicles - added character_leave_request_mode keyword, possible values any, friendly, none general: removed a few unnecessary savings and profile loads at start of match maps: few fixes here and there maps: lowered max pixel error for terrain lod handling to preserve full quality near beach areas bug: fuel barrel debris meshes expect a texture but no texture is given; ogre/opengl shows weird yellow/black checker texture when texture is missing visuals: added some margin for disabling water rendering to prevent water disappearing in certain cases ai: fixed a case of medic healing without request ai: added bots to request for a medic when wounded with a random time delay config: added option for using OpenGL on Windows config: added a resort to launch the config in OpenGL if there's a DirectX related error game: if there's a video mode or DirectX device name related issue when starting the game, config will run after dismissing the error dialog campaign: fixed back to main menu button in continue as new campaign menu to actually say back to main menu and go to main menu and not campaign selection (different campaign implementations are not compatible) dominance: fixed certain stages crashing Changelog v1.61 (Pacific DLC): General Bug Fixes: translations: several fixes here and there fixed southern tip of Saipan beaching landing craft fixed climbable netting on island5 attack ship fixed a building collision on Downfall fixed foxhole at Bougainville corrected Type 98 Autocannon Deploy price and xp requirements - 200 RP, 5k XP , 1 max carry fixed flamethrowers not giving a weapon name when killing players fixed Saipan pillbox placement fixed Saipan in IJA campaign starting with 2 bases added Type 2 Model A prone animations IJA at USMC Guadalcanal now surrender when final base is lost fixed M1903A1 Sniper not being unlockable by the IJA fixed Bougainville campaign map not showing faction colors xp of Veterans increased, may now spawn with all listed weapons Corrected faster Type 11 LMG reload while prone General Changes: PT Boat gunners and driver have shields Daihatsu driver protected by frontal shield vehicles: friendly units (only) can now be pulled out of a tank and pillbox added more armories and stashes to all maps map views more transparent adjusted Small Wrench animations added vehicle spawn points on maps added morphine to briefcase unlockable list bayonet variants no longer unlock in the armory removed artillery calls from USMC on Guadalcanal until Phase 6 made Veteran and Banzai vests droppable (30 second lifetime, only visible to player who dropped it) USMC Guadalcanal enemy counts tweaked maps: added more fortifications to The Heights objective on Downfall maps: ambient color tweakings (e.g. brighter nights) invasion: added the gold bar item in the armory ai: banzai charger behavior tweaked and improved smoothed and improved various animations added a check for being hidden in vehicles that it'll deny stabs and close range weapons made all reinforcement calls require a 3-block radius where no enemies are allowed vehicles: added character_leave_request_mode vehicle parameter, options are "friendly", "none" and "any" - applied to combat vehicles/pillboxes vehicles: AI will leave stationary weapons when the base swaps to the enemy faction Flamethrower Flame: gravity from 25 to 21 (should have a higher arc now, allowing it to fire more easily over certain cover.) Banzai (player vest) Layer 1 speed reduced from +0.18 to +0.15, Layer 2 speed increased from +0.12 to +0.2, hit success decreased from +1.5 to -0.35, detectability increased from +1.5 to +2.5 Banzai (AI troops) Layer 2 speed increased from +0.15 to +0.225, hit success decreased from +1.5 to -0.25, detectability increased from +1.5 to +2.5 New Content: translations: Russian language added ANM2 'Stinger' Light MG (rare) added Type 98 'MG-15' Light MG (rare) added M1928 Thompson w/ Large 100-round Drum (variant) added M2 Carbine w/ Bayonet (variant) added Weapon Balance: 5-Inch Gun projectile no longer affected by gravity Small Wrench repair amount increased from 1.0 to 1.5 Large Wrench repair amount increased from 1.5 to 2.0 Morphine weight reduced from 2 to 1, max carry increased from 2 to 4 depending on rank, price increased from 5 to 10 M1 Garand Field-Modified Launcher price increased from 50 RP to 175 RP, radius increased from 3.5 to 4.5, and damage increased from 1.5 to 2.0 M12 Trench Gun single reload reduced from 0.82s to 0.7s M1928 Thompson reload time increased from 1.80s to 2.0s (new animation) M1A1 Thompson reload time reduced from 1.80s to 1.34s (new animation), kill probabiliy increased from 0.6 to 0.65, kill decay start time decreased from 0.23 to 0.22 M1918A2 Bar crouching accuracy increased from 0.68 to 0.75 Type 11 recoil reduced from 0.182 to 0.165 M1 Garand + bayonet variant velocity increased from 120 to 125 M1903A3 kill decay start time increased from 0.2 to 0.5, sight range increased from 1.0 to 1.10, crouching and over wall accuracy increased from 0.915 to 0.925 Type 4 "Garand" recoil reduced from 0.3 to 0.28 Type 14 Nambu + engraved kill probability increased from 0.525 to 0.55 Type 38 Rifle + bayonet variant kill decay start time increased from 0.1 to 0.3, sight range increased from 1.0 to 1.10, crouching and over wall accuracy increased from 0.915 to 0.925 Type 96 LMG + bayonet variant kill decay start time increased from 0.35 to 0.4 Type 99 Rifle + bayonet variant kill decay start time increased from 0.2 to 0.4, sight range increased from 1.0 to 1.10, crouching and over wall accuracy increased from 0.915 to 0.925 Type 100/44 Bayonet price reduced from 50 to 20 M2 Flamethrower fuel capacity increased from 150 to 175 Type 93 Flamethrower fuel capacity increased from 125 to 150, jet fuel arc set the same as M2 Flamethrower all sniper rifles view range increased from 1.7 to 1.725 View the full article
  24. Small maneuvering thrusters would be a superb feature, especially for small more maneuverable ships, the same size as the small thrusters but consuming more power, and able to rotate to provide thrust depending on the direction the ship needs to go.
  25. Guided Missiles

    Missiles would be a great feature to have. They could possibly track engine heat signatures, great for disabling a ship's ability to move and maneuver. The pilot would lock onto a target and fire the missile, and the missile would have a certain thrust/burn time, after which it could no longer maneuver, and would coast for a few more seconds before expiring. If the ship you are targeting does not have an engine or the engines are off, the missile would not be able to track it at greater distance and could still be used more like an un-guided rocket.
  26. It would be great to have shield generators to protect critical areas of the ship. They could maybe come in a couple sizes/strengths, and cover a 120+ degree area in the direction they face. Shields would trade power for weight, consuming more power but having less mass, making them especially good for ships that need to go fast, providing protection that can regenerate and doesn't have a lot of mass. Armor gets quickly destroyed and is difficult to replace in combat.
  27. Ship Core Names

    Hi Propose you be able to name a ship core, in order to see the name when you re-spawn so you can go to the correct core. Currently each one displays coordinates, it would be much easier if they could be named.
  28. plants

    meant planets
  29. plants

    just wondering if you guys want new plants that are colorful or a dark palette i have been making plants for a bit now pretty much wasted money on a ton of paint stuff should have saved some money for the site to actually get the game iron armada should have listed to my brother i do a ton of stuff with pixel and other stuff that has to do with painting i would like to learn into sprites for future games.
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