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  2. In-Game Name: BioEthereal CD Hash (Identifier): ??? Date of Appeal: 26/05/2017 Date of Infraction: 6/05/2017 (I think; I cannot remember the exact date) Administrator on Duty (if Applicable): None that I know of Additional Information I was in an Infantry squad when the Squad Leader decided to make us Mechanised Infantry; and I became the Designated Driver for our APC. I had just arrived up next to our squad to transport them when I saw a yellow warning (the first I had seen; my Squaddie had not asked me to disembark either) saying that I had to return the APC to the APC squad and was immediately kicked before I could react. Thank you for your time and Consideration P.S. If the warning before being kicked could be more noticeable, and have a bit more leniency in it's timing and permanency could be toned down, I would be grateful, as the APC squad had not appealed to either myself or my Squaddie (That I knew of) for the return of the APC. Also leaving the APC in the middle of a combat zone would have also been a tactical mistake, so I would have needed time to return it to main, or time to hand the APC off to the APC Squad. P.P.S. I am aware that APCs belong to the APC squad, however I was under the impression that Mechanised Infantry Squads are a legitimate squad and therefore are allowed to have one (to be fair my Squaddie had not changed the Squad name, but I was driving it under orders after being told we were being changed into a mechanised infantry squad) If this presumption is in error please inform, Thanks.
  3. I will review your application please reach out to me on discord
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  5. In-Game Name: Schwider Steam ID64: Date of Birth (Age): 13 May 1998 (19) Country: USA Time Zone: Pacific Standard Time UTC-08:00 Spoken Languages: English (Learning Russian) Time Playing Squad: 52 hours or so. Anything else? I am an 11B (Infantryman) in the US Army. I have also applied to become an instructor.
  6. Alright, if you aren't back on at any time tonight I will be around tomorrow.
  7. Nick: Burns Age:17 Relevant Work: I stream, create videos, and create music for fun
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  9. Relevant Work( I can't edit my previous post): My channel: Join Suicide Squad [Project Reality]: Music Track:
  10. I might not be on tonight. We can try tommorow.
  11. Nick: Dennisz125 Age: 18 Relevant Work: Compose music, making scripts and basic editing.
  12. I will when I get released for the day!
  13. He is working on stuff behind the scenes.
  14. Get on discord for an interview:
  15. Propaganda Team: If you have the ability to make videos, make 2d art or stream Squad, apply here to become part of our Propaganda Team: Nick: Age: Relevant Work: (Please link your work) If you are accepted you will receive access to a channel where you can write @everyone, and post your work as long as it promotes FCV. Currently CYCO is leading this team. And will be taking interviews Just reply to this topic with the proper information.
  16. Propaganda Team: If you have the ability to make videos, make 2d art or stream PR, apply here to become part of our Propaganda Team: Nick: Age: Relevant Work: If you are accepted you will receive access to a channel where you can write @everyone, and post your work as long as it promotes FCV.
  17. In-Game Name: Schwider Steam ID64: Date of Birth (Age): 13 May 1998 (19) Country: USA Time Zone: Pacific Time Zone UTC-08:00 Spoken Languages: English [Learning Russian] Time Playing Squad: 52 Hours or so Anything else? I am an 11B (Infantryman) in the US Army, and have been learning my job through training of battle drills and feel as though I have some knowledge to share when it comes to infantry tactics. I specialize in mounted urban ops using primarily strykers, or any wheeled ICV/ ICV variant.
  18. O. Ok then. Last time I saw something, of him, was on the 5th, I think. O well. Thanx for a reply.
  20. It's been a little over a week. Give him some time. There are a lot of projects going on right now and nothing really that exciting happening in the realm of new games. I'm sure he will be dropping a PSA very soon.
  21. Simple Formations Use two formations: Column for quick movement, and Line for preparation of attack. Find out where the enemy hard spots are and then engage these targets, before moving across open fields or spaces. Column (quick movement) Line (attack) The formations should not be adhered to if there are other more important terrain features that hinders it, or if the squad wishes to avoid being seen. Follow the terrain and cover primarily. 2-Man Teams: (Buddy) vs. Fireteams The 2 man team is sent out to deal with threats or to clear buildings. The fireteam is used as a more permanent part of the squad. Squad Basic fireline In this example, the squad leader in front and center along with the most powerful anti infantry weapon system, the automatic rifleman. Flanked by medics, rifleman and breachers. The LAT functions as a runner/flanker which can react to contacts by either falling back or advancing unnoticed on the far flank. In the rear you keep the grenadier, which by default needs a large area between himself and the enemy to have any form of ability to fire his grenade. The grenadier can also function as a runner & flanker. The reaction to contact must be fast, with each member either advancing to cover, or being near cover. You can also set up an ambush in this style. Generally, you can also organize each of these groups in buildings, covering a more complicated area instead being out in the open. Each squad can decide how their fireline should look, but they need to have at least 3 fire points that are spread out by some distance to ensure a line is made. Fireteams When setting up your fireteams, make sure that you have a certain objective or plan for each fireteam. For example, setting up your fireteam in two (2) different distinct roles: Strike Teams and Security Teams. Usually, you have players who have the ability to maintain sustained fire of any type in the Security Team, such as a grenadier or automatic rifleman, and in the Strike Team, you put the riflemen, riflemen AT or breacher that strike at a target. The easiest and most straightforward way to use fireteams is in a covering and maneuvering style. Have one (1) fireteam cover an area that the other fireteam will cross. Similarly, you can plan for actions, such as advanced maneuvers where you give each fireteam multiple waypoints and objectives to ensure they cover or take out certain objectives when attacking. The natural spread of the squad in these situation might increase the survivability of the squad and give you the ability to strike the enemy from multiple locations. The mission or composition of the fireteams should be organized based on what the squad leader thinks is best for that situation and not adhere to this example. 2-Man Teams 2-Man Teams can also be a way to organize your squad, in either offensive or defensive postures. When you encounter an enemy who is hard to locate, but is causing your team great distress, simply select two (2) players with appropriate kits or skills and have them find the threat and eliminate it. Similarly, in quick decisive movements, you can secure a larger part of an area by splitting up fireteams to cover different sectors. In a small context, infantry combat in urban or close-quarter areas usually have enemy strong points or attack vectors, which can be easily countered with 2-man flank teams, or with grenadiers striking the corners or sides of objects close to the enemy position. A squad leader can delegate a medic and a breacher, or just a breacher to take care of a FOB. Bounding Overwatch and Successive Bounding Overwatch As one fireteam of the squad covers or provides security, the other moves up either to the same spot as the other fireteam or beyond it by about 20 meters. One fireteam takes an overwatch position while the other team bounds (a bound is a 3–5 second rush) to a new covered position. This way there is always an overwatch team that can react instantaneously to enemy fire (the bounding team would have to stop, take cover, locate the enemy, and aim before they could return fire). Once the covered position is reached by the bounding team, they now assume overwatch positions while the other team then becomes the bounding team. By using bounding overwatch, this unit is able to effectively move through a hostile urban street and intersection, without unnecessarily exposing themselves to enemy fire. If enemy contact is made, the overwatch team opens fire and the unit takes up a process called fire and manouver which is very similar to bounding overwatch in that teams alternate firing and maneuvering. During fire and maneuver, the commander takes more direct control of team movements and positions. Kits & how to use them Medic Automatic Rifleman Grenadier Light Anti Tank
  22. Create a new thread in this forum, and title it "Instructor application". Fill out the following information: In-Game Name: Steam ID64: Date of Birth (Age): Country: Time Zone: Spoken Languages: Time Playing Squad: Anything else? Thank you Wicca
  23. Could not help but notice that BD42 is not releasing any content on any of his social platforms, for a while now. Did I miss something?
  24. In-Game Name: MedicSoldier CD Hash (Identifier): 1e1df33dd6000405367fbbb0cd85f0b3 Date of Appeal: 5/24/17 Date of Infraction: 5/24/17 Administrator on Duty (if Applicable): N/A Additional Information: I was playing on the insurgents side on Lashkar Valley. I hopped into the driver seat of a newly spawned SPG techy at main and someone else jumped into the gunner seat. During this time, i was on the phone so my headset was sitting on my desk and so i continued driving away from main and then I got banned. I did not destroy the techy nor did i have any intentions of stealing. It seems like someone such as an admin was waiting for it to spawn and i didnt realize it. I've been playing since 08' and, i've never been banned before on a server. I apologize for my actions and will make sure to have the volume on. Thank you. ***Edit- for some reason i couldn't post on the ban appeal page? sorry!
  25. Sorry for the delay you ban appeal got lost in the appeals..... Please review our rules.
  26. Please review our rules Do you acknowledge and understand our server rules?
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    Temp ban please wait till server restarts and ban will be lifted
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    I will review your ban
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