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  2. Found out that shit was temp. You can go ahead and close this. Thanks.
  3. In-Game Name: _kai CD Hash (Identifier): 40601e4c94d3bc3234bce7f12539c3b3 Date of Appeal: 4/24/17 Date of Infraction: 4/24/17 Administrator on Duty (if Applicable): idek Additional Information: Decided to pull an all nighter and have been playing PR since I had gotten off work. Horribly lost the game beforehand due to autistic "recon" and "sniper" squads. Literally stuck leading the only combat effective infantry squad. Dealt with constant autists in my squad not listening to orders. Squads running around with valuable kits such as HAT, LAT, and combat engie and dying over nothing while the tank beats at us. At this point, I'm pretty irritated (putting it lightly) and want the round to end (Gaza) so at main people were like, "Let's just blow the cache" in local. So in the interest of ending the game, took a combat engie and went to the cache. Planted the TNT and told everyone to go away from the cache and people we're mixed. Some said "sure whatever do it" and others we're hesitant. I heard maybe one out right refusal and that was from NP hannibal-something. First TNT didn't work and then hannibal reported me. While I was planting the second one, I was shot in the back and got banned while wounded. Thinking back on it now, it was pretty fucking stupid considering how they were steamrolling us and if I wasn't so impatient the IDF could have easily taken the cache anyway. So yeah, I apologize for losing my cool. Just a bit peeved off with having autistic squads, stacked as fuck teams, and shit tier maps no one else wants to play. We might not be able to have map votes, but can we have some goddamn say? Like even saying "Oh if you guys want a map go ahead and pop it in chat so we can get an idea!", would be great! Once again, sorry about that, just lost my shit and it won't happen again. Next time I get annoyed, I'll just log off. _kai
  4. LET'S BLOODY DO THIS! Okay so I'm gonna try this out, and if it doesn't work, too bad I'll make it work The Plan: Step 1: Make the art for Zombies walking, Zombies attacking and Zombies Dying Step 2: Convert knowledge of other programs into Java (Learn Java) Step 3: Program basic randomly generated "ship-wrecks" for the Zombies to walk around on Step 4: Create basic AI for Zombies to use Step 5: Hopefully once personal servers are released I can implement it in my own server or something Step 6: Play The plan is for this to be something to work on in my spare time by the way And yes, help would be greatly appreciated
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  6. Some other stuff The explosion was just a test for me to figure out how to animate in photoshop Explosion Screen
  7. In-Game Name: ThermalPanda CD Hash (Identifier): 8e06f18fae06b6cf1ed6340676b8e440 Date of Appeal: 4/23/2017 Date of Infraction: 4/21/2017? Administrator on Duty (if Applicable): idk it was end screen Additional Information Pretty simple story was playing if I remember Ramiel ins when we barely pulled off a victory as the US. So in celebration of a close victory I played a short clip of "We are the champions" by Queen at the ending screen. Then at the start of the next round I was banned even though its not like I was playing ear rape music or anything.
  8. Love it all! The first Quarék Is amazing. He looks so horrified! I want to run around looking like that
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  10. resolved

    Thank you for the report. This issue has been logged and will be in consideration for any future issues with the player reported. I will continue to monitor this player and observe the behaviors of said player as an ongoing investigation. Thank you for your communication and time to fill out this report. The server can either fail, or continue to grow. We can only achieve this with players such as yourself taking the time to communicate with the admin team. See you on FCV SLAMMED
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  12. resolved

  13. approved

    Approved Appeal has been approved via discord discussion with management. See you in on the server.
  14. approved

    I will review your ban...Please give me sometime to discuss this matter with all Senior Admins. This may take up up to 24-48 hours after appeal has been submitted. SLAMMED
  15. Please review the following 1.1 - Admin Orders You must follow all admin orders while playing on the server. If you fail to comply with an admin’s order, or complain about an admin’s decision, you may be kicked and/or banned from the server. If you have an issue, bring it to our attention on our forums or on our Discord. 2.1.1b Disagreeing With an Admin Ingame. Any player who openly disagrees with an admin ingame will be kicked. This includes vocally disagreeing over Mumble, as well as expressing your complaints in All Chat. Any such behaviour will be responded with a kick or ban. 5.1 - The Dome of Death The Dome of Death (A.K.A. the DoD) is defined as the area surrounding any of the following: 5.1a Main “Uncapturable” Base 5.1b Immediate Areas Surrounding the Main “Uncapturable” Base 5.1c Vehicle Repair/Resupply Station 5.1d Airfield and/or Runway 5.1e Aircraft Carriers 5.2 - Base-Raping Shooting and/or moving into an Enemy Team’s DoD is dependent on gamemode, but is otherwise forbidden: 5.2.1 Insurgency Cannot be attacked under ANY circumstances. 5.2.2 Assault And Secure Can ONLY be attacked if either: 5.2.2a The DoD is represented as a “capturable” point in the current level’s layout. 5.2.2b The final Capture Point proceeding to the DoD has been captured, and a presiding admin permits the dominating team to continue. 5.3 - Base-Camping Camping from within the Dome of Death is universally forbidden. This is further defined as: 5.3.1 Shooting at enemies from within your team’s DoD zone. 5.3.2 Deployment of FOBs and/or related FOB assets inside the DoD zone. 5.3.3 Usage of fixed main base Anti-Tank or Anti-Air positions are forbidden. 5.4 - Runway Camping Camping another team’s airbase or runway is forbidden, and is defined as: 5.4.1 Intentionally placing anti-aircraft weaponry near the flightpath to the runway of the enemy Main Base. 5.4.2 Attempting to shoot down enemy aircrafts as they take-off within their air corridor.
  16. If 10m outside main is still considered base rape, then maybe you should write that in your rules instead of arbitrarily declaring it as such right now when it fits your case. For the third time, I'm not arguing the all chat thing. If you don't want unwanted drama then don't jump to kicking people without warning for disagreeing with what they say in local chat, which is something so petty in itself I can affirm that the issue at hand is indeed garbage.
  17. approved

    In Game Name: DatMadDuck Tag: NP|CPL (forgot to change it) Date of infraction: N/A Date of Appeal 23/04/2017 Extra info: got banned for messaging BD42 to try and get wicca removed, apologized to wicca and everything was sorted just wanted to be able to play on my fav. PR server again.
  18. where do I download 1942 i cannot find it anywhere
  19. where do I download 1942 i cannot find it anywhere
  20. I told u in local several times to stop did i not? I told you we could not attack the cas, and that they needed to be out of main. 10m is not a distance that is an acceptable distance to engage on an enemy DOD. The asset had to be making his way to the cache or far enough from the main that I and the other active admins deemed acceptable. Attacking a asset 10m out of DOD is still considered base rape. They had no chance of ever getting out of main if we allowed this behavior. You were banned for exactly that, making a point in all chat. All chat is not a place to complain about an issue you may have with an admin or player. This should be done via discord, DM, or here on the forums. You have not played PR in months and FCV has changed drastically with more processes to ensure that the admin team is successful and can adapt to any opinions/reports sent to us. You complaining in all chat does not help us grow and become a better server all. It creates in game drama, that no one wants to hear. This is why you were banned. Hostile gaming environment basically meaning that your create drama and unwanted issues in the server when you complain via all chat. Players want to have fun and enjoy their game play not have to read you complaints in all chat. The server stops complaints in all chat to prevent someone from triggering the players and creating unwanted drama and conversations that don't need to be in game. This term is not used to create a "Safe Space" but to ensure that our community and players are able to play on the server without someone making "a point" in all chat. My main concern is the server and its community. If you feel that this is disappointing and the issue at hand is garbage that's your opinion. We have rules on this server which has changed over the last few months please read the rules and refresh yourself with our standards.
  21. He was high and clear of main (the Korengal DoD ends literally 10m outside main). I wouldn't call it "mic spam" that I was telling him to engage, unless the definition of "mic spam" is now you disagreeing with somebody's input. And I was told once to stop spamming all chat, and banned the instant I made my final point, which I'm not debating anyway. To kick me in the first place was petty in itself to say the least, and is the root cause of this "hostile gaming environment". If you don't want a "hostile gaming environment", then please bring some sanity to the table when it comes to being an administrator. If you're going to define that as mic spam then I am going to give you flak for it. Preventing a "hostile gaming environment" sounds an awful like the language used for creating a safe space. Please just tell me how long my ban is going to be if you're really going to stick to your guns on this, the first time playing PR in almost two months just to deal with this garbage is pretty disappointing to be honest.
  22. Heres an updated Quarék, with some much needed character
  23. That could be used*
  24. Wasting your time ? I will appeal your appeal after I was the one that banned you....I told you to stop spamming local mic telling us to attack their little bird that was in main....I was handling the situation well and controlled my squad to ensure that my squad would not attack DOD with the cache being so close to their main. You were told multiple times to stop arguing in all chat and continued to do so even after being kicked. I had nothing to investigate due to seeing your mic spam first hand and arguing in all chat. You created a hostile gaming environment and that is something we do not tolerate.
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  26. FlashGordon 70e8e0d42cddad47f8040c90d0646bca 4/22/17 4/22/17 Flash187 and others I spawned near Taliban cache on Korengal and watched a group of team stalking a Little Bird with MANPADS, they waited until Little Bird was fairly far outside main before firing and missing, leading to the other team incorrectly asserting a DoD lock on. Within 15 seconds I was kicked, despite literally having nothing to do with the shootdown attempt. I joined back and began admonishing the admins for being shit investigators and kicking me without even figuring out what was going on. I "spammed" all-chat, that I understand, but if you're going to go around kicking people without reason, please don't expect that you're not going to get flak for it. They told me to take it to the forums before banning me so here I am. I'm not mad, just please stop wasting my time.
  27. approved

  28. I guess I'll hop on this bandwagon too.. So here are some characters that could used for like some kind of customising or something. On the left there is an Android (Pale Blue), Then there are 3 different hairstyles for Humans, then on the far right is a Quarék (Orange) Some backstory: Androids were created by the Humans and carry the nickname Silicones due to their "skin" being made of silicone. The Quarék (Kwar-ake) are an amphibian species that thrives on the rainforest planet of _____ (eh). Many years ago some were taken from their home planet and used as man-power for the growing need for interstellar travel.
  29. everytime I join apc squad on wanda shan the game crashes, but my k/d is still positive wtf.
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