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  3. @cody_laws1 The mod is all server side, it's been stated since the beginning of development that the goal is to use vanilla assets to create something truly unique and special. This potentially allows more players to access the mod without the need to download any extra files.
  4. i cant remember is this a download mod, or server side stuff.
  6. Look I will lift your ban but if i hear that your a problem again I will perma ban you with no exceptions. APPROVED
  7. Yesterday
  8. i have read the rules and i understand
  9. This might be fixed by the new fob system update but currently in the server the drag crate option (white text) is bugged with vehicle loading. when using that option crates seem to de-spawn when loaded. If using the load/take options (blue and red text I think?) they will load normally. drag seems to work fine for just moving objects though
  10. Don't know if this has already been addressed but during an informal playtest (just about 12 people without any admins or devs) on the version currently running on the server there were two scroll wheel options for the squad menu. both worked mostly normally but empty infantry squads did not de-spawn. tested with the CAS squad while the server was empty and that squad would delete itself after becoming empty. Screenshots below
  11. Same with the armed ifrits. Can't move the turret but you can fire the gun and change ranging.
  12. Please read our rules and acknowledge that you understand.
  13. In-Game Name: saw4141 CD Hash (Identifier): 8dd227103e35d922eae3c6d752ef99f1 Date of Appeal: 3/26/2017 Date of Infraction: march 19th Administrator on Duty (if Applicable): vedler Additional Information: I was really stupid and tired so i was screwing around in main, teamkilling. I'm sorry and it will never happen again.
  14. In-Game Name: saw4141 CD Hash (Identifier): 8dd227103e35d922eae3c6d752ef99f1 Date of Appeal: 3/26/2017 Date of Infraction: march 19th Administrator on Duty (if Applicable): vedler Additional Information: I was really stupid and tired so i was screwing around in main. I'm sorry and it will never happen again.
  15. Will the fix work with the demo version of the game? and I also can't seem to find the demo's version number.
  16. Do not sass me, I am trying to do my job and that will get you nowhere. That being said, thank you for your reply. Please note that this is the first instance that we have received of this and had no idea who you were other than someone who evidently glitched their way into a building. We had no idea if you had changed over the year. Frankly, your response is evidence to say that you have changed or are at the very least are sorry despite what you say. No hacker or exploiter would go through the trouble of getting unbanned. You know the rules, I see no reason to keep you banned as long as you continue to not break them. Approved.
  17. Jester, First of all, this occurred on NWA a year ago. I was forced into the building after another squad leader placed a barricade. Furthermore, what I did on NWA a year ago has nothing to do with how I play on FCV. I am a solid player and have been playing PR since its inception. Additionally, since the latest updates, I don't think anyone can do this anymore anyways. But there is a bigger issue here. PR is a dying game. Less and less players are playing the game every day. Moreover, the new players that are playing now are in need of guidance and direction. I give the noobs and Drakelings the needed direction to not only keep the game great, but make it more enjoyable for all players. Many of the newer players have no idea how to play the game and many of my friends that play PR see the decline in knowledge and leadership necessary to maintain a growing, enjoyable, and inclusive gaming environment. If you want to see videos (which apparently you like to watch videos) check out Vio-Noob "Frags and Noobs". This is a series of videos promoting the game: unlike the video you have posted. If you are looking for an apology on what I did on NWA a year ago, then I AM SORRY. I haven't even tried to "glitch" through anything on your server. I am not looking to do that but to have an enjoyable round with my friends once in a while. If you would like, I can donate some money to the server - if this will please the DRK gods. I know that you are a reasonable administrator Jester and this appeal will be viewed under such conditions.
  18. Just wondering if the actual nodes have some flexibility of placement, to help with optimal placing of all node points(with rotation), given terrain, environment(urban/suburban/rural/mountaineous/...) and etc... if possible... node point placement flexible, but all five nodes must be placed within 100m of their respective FOB, for example, if possible
  19. We are planning to implement invisible interiors similar to the way Airships does it, where you can only see the interiors if the ship is allied to you or if an ally has boarded the ship.
  20. Last week
  21. In-Game Name: PF|MAJ Jotads Cd Hash: d3cda34dd251dc152d97881ada7dfe22 Date of Birth: 08/13/1999 Country: Portugal Time Zone: GMT Spoken Language: English,Portuguese I've been playing PR for 6 years. I am a good fair player who likes to see justice done and not have people punished for nothing and also very capable man with no problem with following the rules.
  22. Thank you Bluedrake42
  23. Keep in mind they already do... nodes are simply expansions of the FOBs you deploy. You can deploy FOBs anywhere. So if you would like to have a helicopter pad somewhere different, than simply build another FOB and place it where you would like the helicopter pad to be.
  24. All the games you get you get for good, if you choose to continue being subscribed to get games in the future or just continue supporting our work then that is up to you. Re-subscriptions are automatic unless you decide to cancel, which you are able to do at any time.
  25. Absolutely loved B-D's recent Arma3 posts.... RE: Airfield Simulation in ArmA? Update on Project Reality: ArmA III! (ON YOUTUBE) It would be awesome sauce if the node placements were flexible, perhaps upto 1km/500M circular placement(distance from central hub), with placements being a mere suggestion. This would be awesome as it would enable true/tactical placement of asset posts, adapting to the terrain, realistically. That said, I am most pleased by the fact that you've continued development for this gaming arena, for the benefit of the culture/brand/community that finds value here-in. So, can the nodes have some ranged flexibility of placement...? Best regards, Jas
  26. website: Realitygames tutorial: Tutorial 100% credit to
  27. I think you do it manually, not sure if there is a way to do it automatically.
  28. So Stoked! I'm ready for the playtest bossman!
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