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  2. Free Candy Van - Server Ruleset Mission: Create a server that provides both serious and laid back gaming, in the form of events, training & public gameplay, as well as a strong culture. Join us on Discord:
  3. Please use the following template when submitting a report. Username: Date: Reason for report: Evidence:
  4. P.S you should make this an app
  5. Where did you guys get your logos from ...they are all similar but they are different sips and blues and slammed and etc ..u can see what I am saying if you lol in discord and see all the profile pics
  6. We will investigate this issue and come back to you.
  7. We will investigate the issue and come back to you.
  8. I am not sure if "having" a brother will alleviate it. But if you provide a picture with a date stamp with yourself and your brother, with him holding 2 fingers up in a V form and you showing a fist, we should be able to unban you.
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  10. In-Game Name: Flare Steam ID64: 76561198363845068 Date of Birth (Age): 18 Country: Singapore Time Zone: UTC+8 Spoken Languages: English Time Playing Squad: 600+ combined over two accounts Other admins you have played with: Uh... A few of them? Anything else? I might be the only applicant in this timezone, which may or may not be good for the server.
  11. In-Game Name: gjjyui STEAM 64 (Identifier): 76561198047548647 Date of Appeal: 7/20/2017 Date of Infraction: 7/20/2017 Administrator on Duty (if Applicable): N/A Additional Information: A squad claimed a BTR and was teamkilling/ramming other vehicles during an entire match of the game, Eventually they managed to teamkill almost an entire squad. Me and 2 friends were blamed for it and immediately banned despite us only having been driving a logi truck/on foot that entire match.
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  13. Official Sea of Thieves Inn-side Story #18: Riddle Quests View the full article
  14. Greetings, If not already known, Twist is a team communication hub program that recently came out, operating with the idea one doesn't always have to be "on"/ "plugged in". It is free to utilize, so I figured I'd share its existence should it prove useful to any dev teams in the community. YouTube video overview
  15. Hey folks, Name is Chad. Pursuing a degree in communications with a minor in leadership. Finding myself interested in project management more and more (depending on the project of course...) and communications in strategic planning. I enjoy kayaking, disc golf, mountain biking, and am definitely a fan of music as well, including the likes of Tesseract, Periphery, Twelve Foot Ninja, Johari, Mastodon, Zack Hemsey, Gojira, Katatonia, Saosin, and Wardruna. I've enjoyed video games since the original Xbox and Windows 98 were active on the market. Halo, Fireblade, Mech Assault, Phantom Crash, and an Earth 2140 demo come to mind. I've since enjoyed games such as Arma 2/3, Battlefield 2/2142, Blacklight Retribution (earlier in its lifetime), Command and Conquer Generals ZH, Company of Heroes, Door Kickers, Ghost Recon 2, GRAW/2, Rainbow 6 Vegas, Sin of a Solar Empire, Supreme Commander, Warframe, Wargame: Red Dragon, and World in Conflict. *catching breath* I'm interested in Project Reality for Battlefield 2 and Arma 3, Battlefield 2142's revival, Mech Warrior Living Legends, Iron Armada, SWAT 4, and Hostile Intent; the hope being to play such when time and my computer allow as well as following the developments of those being worked on. So cheers, here's to smooth days to follow.
  16. Please reach out to either Slammed or I to set up an interview.
  17. In-Game Name: Slaxin Steam ID64: 76561198028571384 Date of Birth (Age): 08/03/1999 Country: USA Time Zone: EST Spoken Languages: English Time Playing Squad: 497 Other admins you have played with: Misstoxic, Vedler, Austin,Tacticalhippy,moldycrumpet,apollo. Anything else? Previous admin experience on several games, Dayz overpoch , ark, minecraft. play often normally on FCV server would love to help moderate or admin the server.
  18. resolved

    Thanks. How long will it take for the ban list to be updated. As of 7/19 11:45pm EST I'm still banned.
  19. Last week
  20. In-Game Name: Midas{GRW} STEAM 64 (Identifier): 76561197977736539 Date of Appeal: 7/19/17 Date of Infraction: 7/18/19 Administrator on Duty (if Applicable): N/A Additional Information last time i played? well i don't remember that much. i played different servers every two games i think. so i don't have any idea how i got banned? if i'm correct last time i played i remember playing in the new map i dont know what server it is i dont really remember that much of info. on the the other hand i'm playing like a normal guy call out enemy contacts never team killed ppls on the server intentionally, and most of all i dont remember being an ass to other people.(now on the new map as i was saying i played as squadlead did a fairly not good but not bad job i'm still kinda new on being SL so i find my self under pressure when engage by the enemy contacts) thats all i guess. if you can say what i did or being accused with id be glad to listen.
  21. In-Game Name: Kennanjk STEAM 64 (Identifier): 76561198113209385 Date of Appeal: 7/18/17 Date of Infraction: 7/18/17 Administrator on Duty (if Applicable): Beer , Burns Additional Information Dumb ass brother was dumb and racist on my account
  22. I had placed it outside of the building near a wall to stop the enemies advance. I had thought that I placed it far enough not to kill any teammates, as this was not my intention. When I had gotten shot, I thought it was from close range and panicked. Looking around, I did not see allies outside and set off my IED. Clearly I was mistaken and killed some teammates as a result. I sincerely apologize for this mistake and I will take more precaution in the future.
  23. Could you explain why you detonated the ied on the hab? You killed everyone on the hab and no enemies were in the building,
  24. In-Game Name: [bD] travycrack CD Hash (Identifier): 99804309dd5e92e1a97d8f0378dcb38f Date of Birth: 11/21/90 Country: United States Time Zone: Eastern, Next month will be Mountain (UTC -7:00) Spoken Language(s): English, some Spanish How long have you been playing Project Reality?: 2 years Additional Information: I am a twin
  25. Thank you for the reply, I appreciate the quick response.
  26. I've contacted the banning admin in regards to your ban. You were banned (not kicked) for mass tk with an ied around a hab. I will respond to this thread when I have more information to make a determination. In the meantime please read our server rules here
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