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  2. Rain's Infantry 102 Class Prerequisites: None Preferred: Infantry 101 or equivalent experience View event details.
  3. SOCOM training led by NeroTheHero111 Requirement: tbd Preferred: Advanced infantry tactics or equivalent knowledge View event details.
  4. I sent you a friend request on Discord Ethik Off to work I go now
  5. Thanks guys! I'll do some test designs today while I'm at work. Due to timezones it may be difficult for me to get on VOIP but i could definitely leave discord running in the background and listen. Just no speaking while I'm at work, hahaha. I'll jump on in the next few hours. Cheers.
  6. I'd be down to give this a try.
  7. i just dont know if modelling is the right thing for me..
  8. Thank u... Yeh ill try my best to model and texture as many as i can and as high 👌🏼 quality as it is
  9. Btw it can take like 5 mins if some one just messes around at engineering or atmospherics or if the captain is like fuck it and calls the shuttle or the HOP.
  10. Holy shit i used to play that shit a lot, i used to get banned from a lot of servers because i used to make a bomb from heated plasma tanks and a oxygen tank, stick a timer or remote signal sender thing. Bing bang bosh you get yourself a bomb it is way more complicated than that i used to that so much i pretty much remember the recipe. Basically if you have the knowledge to play this game from experience then that is a huge advantage as you know how to make certain things like stun gloves if you get some gloves,wire and a power cell you can combine them to make stun gloves so whoever you punch they have a chance to be stunned, not as effective as a stun baton but good as you are going to get. That game is so detailed you could make a flame thrower if you have the knowledge or blow up the reactor crystal if you have the knowledge(No skill to it really just put a hazmat suit and mess with the wires in the reactor room) i am what you could call a veteran or a OG SS13 player.
  11. Sounds like you'd be a good addition to Harsh Doorstop, love to see work done by you in the future
  12. Very nice, love to see a logo done by you, or ideas of some (teasers maybe)
  13. Love to see your portfolio as well
  14. I think we're mainly focusing on world props in the modelling side, but do anything you enjoy
  15. Looks like a lot of really good idea, which are well thought out, thanks for the suggestion!
  16. Looking for three to four other people to play missions on Swat 4 remake with. Please post time zones and make sure you have the game ready to run.
  17. Thanks. Ill try to take on some other stuff
  18. They look good to me, although I'd love to see you take on other styles.
  19. Welcome to the Swat 4: Remake forum and I hope you enjoy your stay! The current version is 1.3.1h and the full changelist is attached to this thread post. CHOOSE ONLY ONE! Mirror 1 (Google Drive) Mirror 2 ( If you choose to use you may to get the extension for your browser to download. Also make sure you always choose 'Download through browser' to get the file. TO INSTALL: To install just run the .exe file as administrator then type in where you have Swat 4 installed. (Example: C:\Program Files\Sierra\SWAT 4\SWAT 4) After installation just run Packages.MD5.bat, as admin, it's located in the 'system' folder of the mod. Once you have ran that file you are ready to play! HOW TO PLAY: Just launch Swat4X.exe located inside the mod's 'System' folder. FAQ: Why do I have to run this Packages file? -- The packages.MD5.bat file verfies all files inside the mod folder and allows you to play multiplayer with other players without issue. It finished extracting but I don't see the mod folder? -- First double check where you installed the mod. If the folder isn't there then ask yourself if you ran the .exe file as admin. If you did and you still don't see the folder then check your antivirus. I get an error when launching the mod what now? -- Make sure this is what the directory looks similar to this: C:\Program Files (x86)\Sierra\SWAT 4\Swat 4 Remake Mod. If it does then make sure you have the expansion to Swat 4 installed and that you are running Swat4X.exe, else just post your issue through private messaging me or go to the troubleshooting thread SWAT 4 REMAKE Readme for post.txt
  20. Hey Ethik, I've been pretty well. I use adobe illustrator because it is vector-based. All of these are based on my simple style but I could possibly learn a new style.
  21. Hey If you want to get into modelling programming we are always happy to help and show you in the right direction. Most people here don't have much to show or didn't when they started but have improved. Experience doesn't really matter here so long as prepared for a long hard slog!
  22. They look great, will have to check it out once the server is up
  23. Hello Lemon, thanks for introducing yourself. You have a nice collection of work, if you'd like to pitch designs for a logo I'd love to see them. I would personally like to have custom forum role banners done. The one I'm using now is temporary. Be sure to come say hello in our community discord, you can find a link in my signature.
  24. Greetings Kyle, thanks for introducing yourself. Scouting for developers is extremely helpful. There's loads of undiscovered potential all over the place, I find that YouTube is the best place to look yet the UE4 forums are a great spot as well. I'd also encourage you to fiddle with UE4, from personal experience I'd say it's newbie friendly. In regards to your background in moderation and support, I value that and would like to discuss that more with you personally. Please be sure to come say hello in our community discord, you can find an invite link in my signature.
  25. Hey Guys, My names Evil_Lemon hailing from the great land of Australia. I'm a full time Graphic Designer with 5 years in the industry, I specialise in both Photoshop, Illustrator and indesign and do everything from logo design to making icons for the web from vectors to rasters. When the time comes and the project has a title and everything is finalised perhaps I could work on the logo? Make some icons for guns etc, 2d art such as transparent buttons etc. I have no experience in UE4 but I do have a wealth of experience in my own field. If there's anything you think I'd be useful for feel free to shoot me a message! A sample of some of my work can be found here: HERE
  26. To whoever cares to read this, My name is Kyle "White". Don't have a whole lot of experience in developing although it has always been something of interest. While I wrap my head around learning some basics I will be looking for and messaging UE4 devs and linking them to the Project Page in hopes that they will come on board. Saw Blue's video and thought it would be fun to get back into community projects. I was a Mod and Head of Support over at NerdsRPG, an ARMA 3 Life mod for a while, so if anything is needed in terms of a support system or anything that you think I can help with just let me know. Happy to help with anything I can. Best Regards, Kyle
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