Welcome to our community partner program; building our community by growing together.
If you are not a partner and are interested in applying as one, please contact @Bluedrake42

As a partner, for every referred community member you are able to:

  • Earn 3$ from every purchase (above 6$) on our community site, including all successful supporter renewals.
  • For purchases below 6$ earn 50% of every transaction (such as small donations, or coupon sales.)
  • Referrals for each customer you refer are active one week after using your link, or until the customer visits another referral link.
  • Revenue can be withdrawn using Paypal whenever your account reaches 25$ or more.
  • You can enter any standard forum link into the link generator on this page to convert it to a referral link for your account.
  • This feature is currently in beta and issues are expected, please report all bugs to @Bluedrake42


  1. If you bring 100 sales to our community, you will earn 300$
  2. If you bring 100 monthly subscriptions to our community, you will earn 300$ every month (as long as no members cancel)

If you are currently a partner, and would like to withdraw your earnings please VISIT YOUR ACCOUNT PAGE HERE.


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